1 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

I always knew that Singapore will not be easy on my pocket and yet I wanted to visit this glamourous land. It was hard for me to decide and plan the whole itinerary as I was a first-time traveler.


But once a traveler said it best that “traveling is to learn and unlearn things”. Hence, here my boring life ceased, and the new chapter of world tour began.


I am like any other traveler who loves to travel on very less cost. However, travelers like me need to go through a lot of resources and this is what I did during my first journey.


This blog is all about the budget-friendly approaches that I have applied to spend a wonderful time in Singapore. Perhaps, by the end of the blog, you will encounter an amazing tool that will help you to plan your budget-friendly itineraries. Stay with me till the end.


Budget Tip #1



2 300x200 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

The first thing that comes to our mind while heading toward a new land is about accommodation. I was even concern about this matter.


There were many accommodations that I found on the internet but all of them were very expensive.


However, I could not think of staying in a place where I will have to pay $100 for a night. Then, I came across “Travel Gooru”. It is an online platform that provides best deals on accommodations around the world.


Budget Tip #2



3 300x200 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

The next concern on my itinerary was about “budget-friendly place to eat”. The best advice that I can provide to any first-time traveler is that “street foods won’t hurt you”. Yes, you got me right.


If you are on budget travel to Singapore, then try out the street food stalls rather than going for any good-looking restaurant.


You will find the authentic taste of Singaporean cuisine in the stalls because the meals prepared in many expensive restaurants have a fusion taste to it.


Budget Tip #3


Getting Around

4 300x199 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

Many first-time travelers fall into the trap of extra transportation cost. The cab drivers in Singapore charge more form the tourist compared to locals.


I would have even fallen into the same trap if I didn’t find “Travel Gooru” at the right time. Along with amazing accommodation deals they even provide rental cars too.


With the help of the rental cars, you can save a lot of money and even head towards your desired tourist sight only with the help of a map.


Moreover, it is a win-win situation because it is budget-friendly and unlike any other transportation, you can move and plan according to your desires.


Budget Tip #4



5 300x200 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

Singapore is filled with shopping malls as far as your eyes can reach. But some malls are ridiculously expensive.


On my itinerary to Singapore, I wanted to buy things for my friends and family which would not rip off my pockets.


Perhaps, for that, I headed to the tourist market around Chinatown and Little India. I found amazing souvenirs from these spots. However, do not forget to haggle for the products that you want.


Budget Tip #5


Getting In And Out

6 300x300 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

The start and end of a journey are very vital. Most of us tend to spend most of your money behind the flight tickets but this isn’t the case anymore.


With the help of “Travel Gooru”, you can now avail amazing deals on air tickets. This amazing platform searched and compared various prices and then allowed me to save my money by providing an outstanding deal.



Traveling has no boundaries and it is something that you should always pursue. I was always skeptic about traveling to Singapore as it isn’t easiest on pockets.


But an online platform like Travel Gooru has always been a helping hand. Let money not stop you from dreaming and reaching too far away lands.


Happy Traveling, Laura …

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