1 1 - Traveling Tips to Bali

Traveling Tips to Bali

Bali has always aced while giving thoughts about visiting any Southeast Asian country. I always knew it is a place that will grant me peace and tranquility.

However, the bonus point was that it is a very budget-friendly place to visit. As a travel newbie, I was certain that I can enjoy every moment in this sumptuous land without worrying about breaking my bank.

While I first decided to visit Bali, I had a certain plan and these plans will be the best traveling tips for you. Perhaps, this blog is all about the traveling tips to Bali.

I had searched for many traveling tips over the internet before starting the itinerary some worked like wonders and some were a complete fail. However, these tips listed below are my own experiences in Bali.


Traveling Tip #1

Crowds Are A Must

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If you think that Bali is all yours, then I would like to break your unrealistic bubble. Bali is one of the world most popular tourist destination.

Therefore, you should surely expect crowds in this corner of the planet. Bali is not an untouched paradise and you will be disturbed by traveler now and then.

But if you are desperately seeking for some alone time then head towards the secluded corners. Such as the central mountains or the north and west coasts.

Traveling Tip #2

Tons of Accommodations

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I always thought that I will surely have a hard time regarding accommodations in Bali. Perhaps, little did I know that it is so untrue. There are tons of accommodation in Bali.

However, the problem was that most of the accommodations were costly. It is very appropriate to state that the accommodation cost is pretty high in Bali apart from any other costs.

Whereas, I did not have to worry about it a lot because “Travel Gooru” is always by my side. It is an online platform that accumulates accommodations with amazing amenities with the best price for you. moreover, this was my savior.


Traveling Tip #3

Keep an Eye on Transportation

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On my itinerary, I thought about traveling by taxi so that I could communicate with the locals. But later I realized that it might rip off my pockets if not break my bank.

Taxis are expensive in Bali because there are many tourists and most of them opt to hire taxis. After hiring one en route to my accommodation, I thought that this cannot be the only way as it was costing me so much.

Then, I realized that Travel Gooru even provides rental cars as well and at amazing rates. Hence, without any second thought, I hired a rental car for the whole itinerary.


Traveling Tip #4

Respect Their Culture

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Religion is deeply rooted in the culture of Bali. Do not be surprised if you find out that the main roads are blocked due to any religious ceremony.

The most interesting part of my journey was that my driver pulled over a mid-trip to make blessings at a ceremony that was taking place by the side of a street.

It is truly the magic of this sumptuous island. However, I acquired a lot of knowledge from the locals about their culture which I assume I could not gain it from any online source.

Therefore, when you are in Bali dress in a modest way and respect their beliefs.


Traveling Tip #5

No Best Time to Visit

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If you are just waiting for the right time to visit Bali, then I would say that there is none. Bali is a place where you can visit around the year.

There is no best or worst time. However, travelers like to avoid the rainy season but according to my opinion, the rainy season even has its own beauty.

I visited Bali during the rainy season and as well as the so-called peak season. However, each season has its essence and you should experience both.

PRO TIP: Book your tickets with the help of Travel Gooru and stay carefree about peak and off-peak ticket fairs.


Happy Traveling, Laura …

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