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Budget-Friendly Trip to Greece

Greece is a destination that always stays on the top of the traveler’s bucket list. This magnificent nation has 6000 islands, mesmerizing turquoise water, and the unique Greek Mediterranean cuisine. Apart from these Greek is even famous for intriguing archeological sites and wonderful infrastructure.

The list of wonders is very long and I can keep on mentioning till the end of the blog. But this blog is not about the reasons to visit Greece rather it is about how to visit Greece with a twist. There is a common misconception that Greece cost a fortune to explore. But is that so?

Trust me, it is a myth that Greece is a high-end destination. There isn’t anything like the high end when it comes to Greece. Moreover, you should think about your tours and plans rather than your pockets. Perhaps, if the beautiful country of wonders is your next destination, then follow the budget-friendly tips given below and save your pockets from getting ripped off.

Visit During the Offseason


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Cheap Flights

If you want to save some money on your airfares, food, transportation, and accommodation then off-season is the best time to visit. Greece is beautiful all year long, therefore, there won’t be a much of a difference if you visit during the off-peak season.

Summer is the peak season in Greece and during this time you will witness crowds everywhere. Hence, traveling in the offseason is a better option for wallets and even mind. However, you can attain complete satisfaction if you book your tickets by Travel Gooru because it is an online platform where you will find air tickets for the cheapest rate.

Search for Free Tours

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Yes, you heard me right. You can find a free tour of Greece. If you plan on visiting Athens then there are a plethora of free walk tours available. You can explore the neo monuments and historical landmarks in Athens just by going on a walking tour.

Athens will offer you the pure form of history that is 3000-year-old. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Greece then spend a good amount of time in Athens and explore the city by walking.


Reach Out to The Less-Traveled Islands


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Greece is the synonym of vibrant islands. There are many islands in Greece and they are beautiful too. But just think out of the box and reach out for the islands that are less traveled.

Islands like Corfu and Milos are less traveled once but they are among the most beautiful once as well. However, you won’t find maddening crowds there. On the other hand, visiting these islands is even cost-efficient because fewer people head towards these islands.

Try Out Dining at Seaside


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Street foods are always easy on the pockets. Apart from that the street foods even provide the authentic taste of the cuisine. You can surely try out some very good posh restaurants but dining there every day of your itinerary won’t be a good option.

Many travelers state that they have enjoyed the street food in Greece compared to restaurants. According to them the chefs in the posh restaurants add some additional flavor to bring a variety.


Happy Traveling, Laura …

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