1 - Rome in Italy

Rome in Italy

Rome is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the face of the earth. You can even call this place a ginormous museum. Before visiting Rome, I have only read a few articles about the beauty and history of this city. But little did I know that this city will give me a plethora of experiences and memories.

Every step that I have taken on the roads of Rome had made me feel that I was breathing history and the Ancient Roman culture. Rome not only welcomes you with its beauty but even a huge crowd in every spot.


What you see in Rome today is the result of 3000 years of history. The exhilarating sights in Rome have different stories related to it. However, the history of this city is so dense that it will surely grasp the attention of any individual. This capital city of Italy was once known as the “caput mundi” which means the capital of the world and it was purely of that standard.


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In Rome, you will find the finest evidence of the golden age, such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. Moreover, the monuments speak a lot about the Catholic church. But as you travel to Rome and get occupied with other monuments, do not forget to visit the St. Peter’s Basilica. It is part of the ambition of Roman Renaissance Popes.

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The itinerary of Rome is like relishing the “dolce vita” lifestyle. It is full of art and culture everywhere. But the best advice is to roam and wander around the streets of this exuberant city as in every turn and corner you will find a new Roman experience. But the most beautiful time in Rome is during the evenings, this picturesque city becomes even more vibrant with people and music that lingers around the streets.


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The best time to visit Rome is June, July, and August. The summer season is the peak time as it is the ideal time for sightseeing, dining in the outdoor cafes and eating gelatos. But if you are a person who does not prefer crowded surrounding then it would be best to travel during spring.

Tourists visit Rome during spring but not in the same ratio as in the summers. No matter what the time is, if you are interested then you can head to Rome with the help of Travel Gooru.


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You will find both low end and high-end hotels in Rome. Therefore, the trip won’t be a hard thing to execute at all. The low-end hotels range from 24 USD to 60 USD per night. On the other hand, the high-end hotels range from 60 USD to 400 USD per night.

There are many other alternatives too. Such as you can book your accommodations with the help of Travel Gooru and travel in peace.  You can either book a hostel room or even go for a shared apartment as well.


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This gorgeous city in Italy is filled with inspiring art, mysterious ruins, and vibrant streets. It is not just a charismatic city but even a romantic one. This place has many faces and what you gain out of the city completely depends on you. If you are aiming for a tour that is adventurous, mystic, mysterious and romantic as well, then head to this gorgeous city named Rome.


Happy Traveling, Laura …

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