Find Cheap Flights from Seattle

Cheap Flights from Seattle

The city of Seattle is back laid by diverse neighborhoods and constant cloudy weather. Moreover, this place in United States is the home to some of the country’s best coffee shops, art galleries. History and culture. But! be sure to find cheap flights from Seattle before packing up 🙂 Travelers who visit this city can even indulge into outdoor activities if the weather permits. Surrounded by water surfaces this city is famous for hiking, kayaking and camping. But it does not end here as you can even view the nearby Olympic Mountain from many spots of the city. So, if you are planning to head to Seattle and booked cheap flights from Seattle and to the city. Then this blog is just for you. 

Seattle is even known is the Emerald City and you are not a outdoor activity person then you have nothing to worry. This city has everything for everybody and there are many things to do as well as see in this pretty place. You will find different information in this blog that will help you to travel in a flexible way in Seattle. We have covered all the aspect that a traveler should know before heading to this sumptuous place. Stay till the end of the blog to know more and have a wonderful journey. 

Best Time To Visit Seattle

cheap flights from seattle - Find Cheap Flights from Seattle

The best months to visit Seattle is from September and October. The summer season is Seattle is very busy and during this time the hotel and cheap flights from Seattle fares are at peak. However, winter seasons are the opposite but it mostly depends on tourists. 

Apart form summer, early fall is even a sumptuous season to visit the Emerald City. On the other hand, you will find cheap international flights to and cheap flights from Seattle. The hotel rate even reduced during this time of the year as well. But no matter which season of the year you plan to visit Seattle take the appropriate attire with you. Moreover, do not forget to carry an umbrella with you. 

How to Save Money In Seattle?

Although Seattle is an inexpensive city to visit compared to any other cities in USA. Whereas, you can always save money in your itineraries. However, if you are a backpacker then these tips will be a great help for you. Here it goes: 

  • Don’t Rent A Car from Airport: there are many transportation options in Seattle and public transportation are even cheap as well. Rather than renting a car from the airport you can just wait. The rental cars from airports are way too much expensive. 


  • Buy A CityPASS: Seattle City-pass is a good way to save money in the city. With the help of the pass you can visit some of the famous places in Seattle in discount prices. 


  • Take Advantage of Free Entry: there are handful of attractions in Seattle that you can visit for free. For instance, Ballard Locks, Olympic Sculptures park and Discovery Park. On the other hand, if you visit at the right time then you can visit Museum of Flight and Seattle Art Museum for free. 

Things to Do

Pike Place Market

This is a buzzing market since 1907. This market is located near the downtown waterfront where you will find many local produces. Apart from local produces there are even stalls that sell local artworks. You should definitely see the flower market of Pike Place as it is a must-see location and every traveler admire different variety of flowers. This place of Seattle is always crowded. During the peak season, it is crowded with tourist and during the off season it is filled with locals. Do not forget to buy souvenirs for you friends and family from the Pike Place Market of Seattle. 

Space Needle

One of the famous attractions in Seattle is the Space Needle. It is 605 feet tall and was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. The observation deck of this tower offers the spectacular view of the whole city and even of the Olympic Mountain. The latest addition to the Space Needle is the Loupe which is a revolving glass floor. Also, on the top of the tower is a café and even a wine bar as well. You can even find a gift shop in the Space Needle. 

Olympic Sculpture Park

If you want to find glimpse of culture in Seattle then Olympic Sculpture Park is the best place you can visit. It is a 9-acre section of the Seattle Art Museum and entering it is completely free. In this park you will find works of Roxy Paine, Claes Oldenberg and Alexander Calder. After you have had your dose of arts then you can even roam around the park and even stretch a little as well. Travelers say that the ambiance of the park is wonderful and it becomes more charming during the warmer seasons. 

Discovery Park

If you have visited the places mentioned above want to head to a place that looks somewhat different from Seattle then head to the Discovery Park. This is a 500 acres land in Northern Seattle. Moreover, this is the largest green space in the city where you can hike and even camp. In the Discovery park you will even find beaches as well as sand dunes too. But if you are not interested to hike then you can even head to the tennis facility area and cultural center. This huge park even has a kid’s section where they can spend a good amount of time. 

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum features some of the most beautiful art collections. It displays European masterpieces and contemporary sculptures. The Seattle Art Museum and Olympic Sculpture Park is in the same premises. Perhaps, if you head to the one you can eventually visit the other as well. This museum has always received mixed views from traveler regarding the collections. The you should definitely check out the recent collections as they are from Northwest Coast Native American artists. 

Pacific Science Center

With more than 200 indoor and outdoor hands-on exhibits, two IMAX theaters, a Laser Dome, a butterfly house and a planetarium, this science center is a must for families. Everything from dinosaurs to giant robotic insects to a tide pool will excite the kids. The Tropical Butterfly House is an especially popular exhibit, with colorful butterflies from South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Many recent visitors said this center is geared more toward children, though plenty of adults said there is enough fascinating exhibits to interest everyone. There are a variety of interactive experiences and shows to take in at the center, including the Tinker Tank, where you can design, build and test experiments; the Studio, where scientists discuss cutting-edge innovations in health-related research; and the Science Playground, where can learn how things, such as an electric motor, work through experimentation.

Get Around Seattle

It is always a matter of concern about which transportation option should a travel opt for. There are many transportation options while it come to Seattle. It is you budget that will help you to choose the right one. 


The easiest and most efficient way to navigate Seattle is by car, especially if you want to explore the mountains, lakes and surrounding towns. To avoid the steep airport rental car surcharge, consider waiting to rent until you’re in town. It’s also a good idea to reserve your car at least a week in advance to ensure the lowest price. Be warned: Seattle has a reputation as one of the most congested cities in the U.S. Rush hour can be rough – many of the downtown streets suffer from bumper-to-bumper traffic and a limited number of parking spots – so try to avoid driving during this time.


Steep fares could be a deterrent from riding the King County Metro bus, which operates routes throughout the city, however it still beats rental car costs. A single ride costs $2.75 for adults. Keep in mind that exact change is required or you can purchase a re-loadable ORCA card. Schedules vary by bus line, so be sure to check the King Country transit website before venturing out.


The Seattle Streetcar operates two routes currently, the South Lake Union Streetcar and the First Hill Streetcar, but is expected to eventually offer four routes through different neighborhoods in Seattle. One-way rides cost $2.25 for adults and $1.50 for children ages 6 to 18. Hours of operation vary by the two lines, but generally run from early morning to 11 p.m. Or 1 a.m. At the latest. You can purchase a day pass for $4.50 ($3 for kids).

Light Rail

The Link light rail operates one line in Seattle from the airport to the University of Washington, with stops downtown as well as popular neighborhoods and the suburbs. The light rail runs from around 5 a.m. To 1 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and around 6 a.m. To midnight on Sundays and holidays. Fares vary depending on how far you travel, but are generally around $2.25 to $3.25 depending on the length of the ride.

Seattle is a wonderful place to spend your holidays. Recently this city of United States is gravitating a lot of travelers. On the other hand, if you have even planned to visit the city then this is surely the right time to do so. This blog might have given you a clear idea of the city. So, without any more ado just pack your back and head to the city that has a lot to offer you. 

Happy Traveling!!!

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Cheap Flights from Nashville: Budget-Friendly Travel Tips

Cheap Flights from Nashville

Nashville, a city perfect for music and party lovers. This city is even known as the “Country Music Capital of The Worlds”. But the capital city of Tennessee is not only popular for country music but also other genres of music as well, what are you waiting for? go and find the best cheap flights from Nashville. On this note, if you go out in Nashville at night you will find people are getting crazy about hip hop, rock and electronic music.

However, it doesn’t mean that the people of Nashville do not appreciate the country music whereas, they do and you will even find pubs and restaurants playing old country music. This genre of music tells a lot about the culture of Nashville. Apart from that, you will encounter the presence of country music in Country Music Hall of Fame and Jonny Cash Museum.

Many tourists head to Nashville to learn about American music. Nashville has become one of the trendiest cities to visit in the United States. Perhaps, the music industry is not only the sole reason behind it. whereas, the sustainable tech, health care, and tourism industries even play a major role as well.

In order to attract more tourists, Nashville has adopted many schemes. You will find many tourists offers such as the cheap flights from Nashville and vice versa. Hotels even provide amazing deals as well.

Nashville is a booming city in the united states. If you are planning to visit Nashville then this is the right time to do so. This blog is a travel guide that will make your journey to the Music city amazing. We have come up with the most essential things that a visitor should know.

Here we go!!

How Much Will the Whole Travel Cost?

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We all know that traveling to American cities is costly but this isn’t the case with Nashville. Compared to other cities in America traveling Nashville is cheap. This city offers several options for backpacker accommodation, free activities, and cheap transportation.

You can travel to this beautiful city by only spending $50 to $60 per day. But in this case, you will have limited access to the sightseeing as you will either have to find a friend’s place. there are even very inexpensive accommodations as well but they are away from the main city.

On the other hand, if you can expand your budget to $90 per day then you can have a flexible stay as well as explore more. In this case, you can book a bed in any hostel that is near to the attractions of the city. this budget is surely less than what you would spend in San Francisco or Chicago.


Some Budget-Friendly Travel Tips

jeshoots com mSESwdMZr A unsplash - Cheap Flights from Nashville: Budget-Friendly Travel Tips

You can save money on your itinerary. We know that cheap flights from Nashville is affordable to any other city in America. However, it isn’t a bad idea to even save some money from the affordable side as well. After all, it is your hard earn money.

Here are some tips:

  • Go for Hostels Than Hotels: There is immense development in the tourism department of Nashville. Due to this reason, backpackers can find good places to stay for less cost. Hostels are one of the best options while it comes to a budget-friendly stay. Skip staying in a posh hotel and save money by booking a bed in a hostel.


  • Take the Bus: You will find many ride-sharing companies in Nashville. But you can save some money for music and drinks by taking going for bus rides. Moreover, you will find many friendly locals on the buses who can suggest your great places to visit. So, it is a win-win situation.


  • Search for Deals: While you are on budget trips deals are life saviors. Research for flight deals such as a cheap flight international to Nashville and cheap flight from Nashville. On the other hand, you search for “happy hour” as well. This is a deal that ensures that you can enjoy your time in a restaurant when the prices of drinks will be less than usual.


  • Search for Free Activities: There are many free activities do in Nashville. You can either catch up a free concert or even roam around beautiful parks which do not demand entry fee. In this way, you will get entertain without spending a fortune.

Things to Do In Nashville

Enjoy the Live Music

Nashville is called the “music city” for a reason and that you can enjoy live music on any night of the week. You will find a lot of places where shows go on and people enjoy them with drinks in the hand. But if you think that live music concerts are just nighttime activity then you are wrong. There are even day time programs as well as the music of every genre. This city is truly a land of music and enjoyment.

Walking Tours Are the Best

The best walk to explore a new city is by walking around. Nashville is a beautiful city to explore on foot. All you need to do is put on your best hiking shoes, grab a camera and explore the music city. do not forget to carry a water bottle and a map. You can even take the help of the internet as there are many walking tour information available.

Grand Ole Opry

Visiting Grand Ole Opry is the best and must thing to do in Nashville. This amazing attraction is the oldest continuous radio program. It dates back to 1925 and it is now called the “Home Of American Music”. This place hold shows every Friday and Saturday nights including Tuesday night from March to December. However, you can even visit this place on other days as well if you are interested to learn more about it.

Know More About Country Music

Indeed, Nashville is not all about country music recently. But you can learn a lot about it including the history and culture of the music city. you will find plenty of places and shows that still has the gist of country music in it. Johnny Cash Museum and Country Music Hall of Fame is the most visited places by the tourists who want to enjoy ancient trends. Moreover, your Nashville itinerary will be incomplete if you do not get indulged in some country music.  

Tennessee State Capitol and Museum

It is hard to know about the history of a city without visiting the museum. Tennessee State Capitol and Museum has even a lot to tell to the visitors. Before moving on to any other thing in your to-do list in Nashville, you should first head to this museum. The most interesting part about this museum is that it is free. So, now you have no excuses for not visiting.

Munch on Hot Chicken

Every city and place have its signature dish and so does Nashville. When you are in Nashville don’t forget to treat your taste buds with the delicious hot chicken. if the term “hot” is freaking you out then don’t worry as the medium spicy ones even have great taste. But take on a new challenge in the new city and have the real ones.

Go to The Hermitage

If you are a history buff then you will definitely love the hermitage. It is the former house of the seventh president of America, Andrew Jackson. He retired here and died in the year 1845. You should take a tour of this historic mansion and experience a glimpse of history that lingers here.

Enjoy A Game

You should see a game in Nashville on your things-to-do list if you are a sports lover. This city is the home to the two-sport team – the Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Predators. People of Nashville are passionate about sport and do not miss any opportunity of seeing any match. You will find the whole city and people from different states as well.

Say Yes to Nightlife

Nashville is all about music and party and it has always been so. This city knows how to lure people with amazing dive bars, breweries, cocktail lounges and anything that will make the nightlife lively. You will find a lot of tourists during the night than the daytime as most people visit Nashville for nightlife enjoyment.

Free Things To Do

Our guide will not serve the true purpose if we do not include this section to it. The Music City is for all and don’t worry if you are a broke backpacker. The music city has everything for everybody and here it is:

Free Concerts

Not accomplishing all of our dreams need to be paid by money. If you have headed to Nashville to enjoy live music then you can surely do it for free. You will find many live concerts in the city that are held free round the week. All you need to do is buy a drink for yourself and enjoy the music.

Local Parks

Need some fresh air after boozing? There are many parks in Nashville where you do not have to pay any entry fee. Just get in, walk around and breathe some fresh air.

Walking Tour

Why would you waste your money on transportation while you can walk? Explore the city with a local guide and enjoy your day. Bear in mind that guides work on tips so you can definitely tip them, after all, you have saved some money by walking.

Nashville has a lot to offer to the explorers whereas all you need to do is head to the city. this city is a place of music and if you are a music lover then you should immediately start packing your bags. 

Traveling to Nashville will not require a lot of planning as this isn’t an expensive place to travel. All you need to have is a mindset as well as cheap flights to and cheap flights from Nashville.

Happy Traveling!!

Cheap Flights from Phoenix

Cheap Flights from Phoenix

Are you planning to visit Phoenix but in a cheapskate way? If yes, then you need to find cheap flights from Phoenix first to ensure the budget stay in. Phoenix is a beautiful city in Arizona which is in the southwest region of the United States. This city is well known for its warm temperature and year-round sun. 

If the winner is not your thing and you want to head towards a warm and cozy city then nothing can be better than Phoenix.

Due to the year-long warm temperature, this city is even known among the tourist as “The Valley of the Sun”. However, if you are a cheapskate then it won’t be a hard task for you to travel around as it is not an expensive city. But for a first-time traveler with a low budget, Phoenix can be challenging.

However, you have nothing to worry about in this case. Here is a whole guide about traveling in Phoenix in a budget-friendly way. In this guide, you will find about the things you can do in Phoenix, cheap flights from Phoenix and even cheap tickets to the destination along with some other pivotal aspects of exploring the city as well.

cheap flights from phoenix 300x200 - Cheap Flights from Phoenix
cheap flights from phoenix

When To Visit Phoenix?

Winter is the best time to visit this Arizonian capital city. During the winters Phoenix isn’t too cold neither too hot. It is the perfect time to get along and travel. Moreover, it is the best time to relish the desert environment and roam around the city.

The perfect sunshine and low humidity attract a huge number of tourists in the winters. Perhaps, if you are planning to visit Phoenix during this time of the year then be sure to find a huge crowd and high-priced accommodation.

As cheapskates, we hate anything that rips off our pockets and it is a big no for us to visit this place during summers. Therefore, the next perfect time of the year is mid-February and mid-April. It is the end months of winter. If not a very comfortable weather you will at least come across a colorful desert and near-perfect weather than the winter.

During the summers the temperature is above 105 degrees and, at this time, it is better to avoid Phoenix. But even though if you plan on visiting then you will find the accommodation is cheap international flights during this time of the year. However, you will even find cheap flights from Phoenix too, therefore, you won’t have to worry about airfares at all.

Things to Do

You do not have to pay tons of money in order to roam around the city. Phoenix has many places where you can visit for free. This might sound so unreal but it is true. Here is a list of things to do at free cost in the Valley of the sun.

The Botanical Garden

The weather details of Phoenix give every traveler a mere idea that the city is dry and has no greenery. But is it so? The answer is NO. You can find the finest glimpse of greenery in Papago Park of Phoenix. There is a botanical garden in this park and it has the world’s largest collection of desert flora.

This garden is a treat to the eyes who imagined Phoenix as a desert city. Apart from the huge variety of flora it even has an informative ethnobotanical walking trail as well. This trail explains to every visitor how the plants found in this garden survived the harsh climate.

On the other hand, you will feel that you are in a different world that is far different from the city. Even the locals head towards this park on the weekends to have fun and relax. The good news for budget-friendly travelers is that you can enter the garden for free on community day and second Tuesday of the month.  

Phoenix Art Museum

If you are an art lover then the Phoenix art museum is the best place for you. This museum in the middle of Phoenix represents Asian, American, European and Latin artworks. Apart from artworks this museum even features ancient Thorne miniature rooms and fashion artifacts.

It isn’t a small museum whereas it consists of 18,000 modern and contemporary works of Asian, American, Western American, Latin American and European. But while you visit this museum don’t forget to check out the vibrant and magnificent hall.

This museum even hosts many major exhibitions and if you are lucky enough then you might come across one. Moreover, do not forget to check out the gift shop which is a part of the museum to get some souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. This world-class museum offers free entry on Wednesday along with several other times of the month.

Mesa Art Center

After spending some good time in the art museum, you can then head to the Mesa Art Center. This art center was completed in 2005 during the spring. Moreover, it is the largest art center in the state. The Mesa Art Center comprises four theater, numerous studios, the art gallery, workshops, classrooms, and offices.

This art center holds many performances of various arts companies like the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and the Sonoran Desert Chorale. If your itinerary timing matches the schedule of the performances then you can even buy tickets and have a new experience.

However, the price of the tickets varies from one another. The Mesa Art Center is a museum and a gallery that promotes only contemporary art and artists. The most interesting part of the art center is the Mesa Art Center Store. It has a huge collection of artworks and unique gifts for the visitors.

As a beautiful memory, you can buy artwork to take back home. The Mesa Art Center offers free entry so you do not have to think about spending an extra penny apart from other costs.

Arizona Capitol Museum

It is an impressive stone building that was once the state capitol building and now a museum. The Arizona Capitol Museum exhibits about the statehood and the time when Arizona was a territory. It is one of the finest pieces of architecture.

On the top of the roof, the building is covered with copper dome and a zinc wings victory statue. Moreover, the flags inside the building describe the state history and include the flags of Spain, Mexico, and Confederacy.

Once the offices and congressional chambers are now restored to exhibiting some of the wonderful paintings of the past by famous artists. The interiors of this building are wonderful and hold an ancient look to it.

While in the museum you will feel that you are in a different era. This museum even has some of the artifacts of World War II displayed. Hence, it has a wealth of information that id worth exploring. This museum in Phoenix is a family-friendly museum and the best part about it is that you can enter it for free. So, if you are a history buff then you have got no reason to miss it.

South Mountain Park

Museums might have bored you by now and if you require recreation then the South Mountain park of Phoenix is here for your rescue. This park in downtown Phoenix is a great place for hiking. It has crisscross routes and it is the largest municipal park in the world.

Sounds interesting right? The spectacular view of the city from Dobbins Lookout Point will make you crazy as you will gaze to the city form 1200 feet. After relishing the wonderful view head to the Happy Valley which is a magnificent place to stroll around the springtime.

The greenery at this point of the mountain due to the wildflowers will enchant your mind and you will surely want to reside in this place forever. However, if walking isn’t your cup of tea then you can head to the mountain by car.

But for that, you will have to thereby early morning. Perhaps if you are planning to visit Phoenix during the summertime then do not forget to carry plenty of water due to the hot weather.

Where to Eat?

If you are a foodie then Phoenix is a perfect destination for you. Gastronomy has exploded over the past decade. If not for history and culture you can visit this sunny city for food as well. The city is filled with top-rated restaurants along with the best chefs.

Apart from the high-end restaurant, you will even find local food stores too. The interesting part is that they serve the best authentic food compared to the top-rated restaurants. If you are in search of places where you can find authentic food in Arizona then local restaurants are the best pick.

By this, we don’t mean that the top-rated restaurants do not offer the real taste of Phoenix whereas, it does but with a twist. The chefs of the high-end restaurant mostly offer fusion food there they mix the real cuisine of Phoenix along with other tastes.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget-friendly trip then try out local restaurants. It will be good for your pockets and your taste buds too. It is mostly seen that the tourist prefers the local restaurants over the high-end ones.

However, you can check out the food of any high-end restaurant once on your trip to know the difference. Apart from the traditional cuisine, Mexican food even prevails in Phoenix. You will find many Mexican restaurants in this part of the country. Due to this reason, Phoenix is called the Pizza capital.

It isn’t a hard task to visit Phoenix if you are a cheapskate. All you need to do is plan your trip in a good matter. Moreover, you need to keep an eye on the cheap flights from Phoenix and to Phoenix in order to start your journey. Don’t let money be the barrier anymore while you travel. Phoenix is a wonderful place to visit and it is waiting to offer you with all its beauty.    

Happy Traveling…