Best Travel Deals In 2020 And Best Places To Travel

Traveling is not bound by seasons, especially if you are a solo traveler. But when you are planning a family vacation, there are numerous things that you consider before opting for your destination. Cheap flights make one of the most contributing aspects in selecting the destination while flying internationally (besides visas and other legal formalities). If you are looking for the best travel deals 2020, you need not be dependent on your travel agents alone. Be your own master!

Look (read search) and book with and find the cheap flights to your favorite destinations across the world.
How You Have Searched For Your Favorite Destinations Earlier?

Besides your kids’ holiday schedule, earlier you have considered the best destination (irrespective of it being national or international) that renders both travel and leisure on your vacations through words of mouth or suggestions from some travel agents. But now change this perspective.

You can go through various online informational portals, check out new flight routes, and search for hotels and events, car rentals available at your destination all through single flight search engine.

Nowadays a fad of scrolling Instagram and Pinterest posts for the places you are planning to visit is gaining grounds too. People take suggestions of their travel agent as well as traveling pals to know the best destination so that their time and money spent during the trip is worth every penny. But its utility was limited to getting information alone. With technological advancements, lay your hands booth on searches and getting bookings done instantly for you via numerous search engines available online that reflect the rates and prices that would have to pay (actually).

As a result, a whole list of must-visit vacation destination pop-ups in front of you. Now, you have to choose the destination that matches your interest in shopping, cultural heritage, history, natural beauty, and food. There are numerous traveler favorites like Philipines, Ethiopia, Peru, Austria, Mexico, China, Hawaii, Boston Australia, Israel, Chile, Costa Rica, Qatar, Dubai, South Africa, India, Istanbul, Mexico, Denmark, Malaysia, France, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Palawan, Oklahoma city, Greece, Rome, Rwanda, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Tasmania, Georgia, Turkey, and the list continues.

Depending upon your budget, the ‘where to go’ list can be shortened. Choose the destination based on your preferred activities ranging from hiking, water sports, biking or shopping. In this article, we are giving details of a few out of the league vacation destinations in the Philippines. And we bet you haven’t been to these places earlier.

So, Explore Them With Us To Make Them Your Next Flying Destination:-

1) Boracay

boracay - Best Travel Deals In 2020 And Best Places To Travel
best travel deals 2020

Located in the Philippines, it is a small island perfect for vacation. 7 km long and 1 km wide, this is is situated in the western Visayas, south of Manila. The population of the island is very scant and in 2018 April it was closed for tourists as it was to be renovated. In October 2018, it reopened after the rehabilitation period, restored with its beauty and glory but with restrictions on numbers of daily visitors to the island.
The white beach of the island spread in kilometers is lined with sand send. This beach makes a picturesque location. Right from the hotels, bars, restaurants and diving accessories shop, you can find everything on this beach island. To sail in the ocean, there are available paraws (outrigger sailboat). For flight lovers, there are parasailing facilities. During January on the Bulabog beach, enjoy in the week-long Boracay International Fun Board cup competition. Dragon boat race, parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, diving helmet, kiteboarding, cliff diving, scuba diving, and horseback riding are spheres of the leisure activities available on this island.
After the sunset enjoys live music sessions and fire dancing along the beachside.
Boracay is served by two airports in Aklan. Board a flight to any of these airports, Kalibo International Airport and the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport.

Palawan - Best Travel Deals In 2020 And Best Places To Travel
Best Travel Deals In 2020

2) Palawan
It is an archipelagic province in the Philippines located in the region of MIMAROPA. In a magazine, it has been titled as Philippines “Best Island” for three years in a row for its serene water bodies that render the look of paradise to the place. It is famous for its gorgeous karst limestone geographical features.

Being the largest province in the Philippines, it is stretched between Mindoro in the northeast and Borneo in the southwest.
Palawan is an island stretched across 450 km in length and 50 km in width. Its capital city is Puerto Princesa.
Fly to the island for enjoying its mesmerizing beach beauty, caves, mountains and jungles, Filipino bear, Filipino cuisines and a lot more. All these activities clubbed together, make it a perfect getaway destination whether you are visiting here as a solo traveler or with your family.
The Cabayugan River flowing down the Saint Paul mountain range in Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is the world’s longest navigable underground.

If you are the type of camper, you can travel in a small outrigger canoe in the Iwahig River. Enjoy having a glimpse of fireflies flitting from mangroves and presenting a light show as you to sail past them.

For the bird lovers’ delight, Palawan has 15 endemic bird species found nowhere else including Palawan hornbill, Palawan Scops -owl, the Palawan cave-dwelling swiftlet ( check out their scientific names for more precision) among the rests.
Also, located in Iwahig is a prison without walls (one of its kind) which is a panel farm. Prisoners here can choose to farm on their plots of land and they create products which they sell to the tourist.

3) BoholBohol - Best Travel Deals In 2020 And Best Places To Travel
This is the first provincial income class island province of the Philippines which is located central Visayas region. Consisting of the island itself and surrounded by 75 minor islands, the province has capital named Tagbilaran.

The oval-shaped Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines. Panglao international airport here serves as a gateway to the Panglao islands and the rest of the Bohol mainland. Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia all service this airport. And there are seven daily flights to this new airport (which opened in November 2018) from Manila daily. Get the best travel deals 2020 for the flights to and from here via flight search engines such as

It is not famous only for its island but also for coral reefs present on surrounding minor islands. The lush chocolate hills here are the must-visit destination on your trip to Bohol.

Indulge in activities like diving and snorkeling, biking, and hiking! Pamper yourself on vacations at spa & wellness retreats, and enjoy kayaking. Bohol is known for its bee farm and getting honey from here is a popular treat.
White sand beaches and the rice terrace in Bohol make it the heaven of natural beauty. Watch out for the dolphin and the whale on your water sailboat tour in the sea.

Spot the world’s smallest tarsier in the wild in Corella. There are various heritage sites and old stone churches in Loboc which is the river town.

Have a mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset in Dimiao. If you are looking for romantic karst rocks, waterfall hike, tide-pool, and other fun activities, Dimiao is the place perfect for you.

Tubigon is the port town that connects you to Cebu. And the loom weaving cooperates here are not-to-miss. Buy handmade T-shirts as souvenirs from here.

Chocolate hills are the most famous tourist destination here which looks like a giant molehill and is unusual geological formation. During the dry season, green grass of the mountain range turns brown giving it a look of a chocolate mound.
You can easily access the place from Carmen City with the tricycle or a scooter.

4) CebuCebu - Best Travel Deals In 2020 And Best Places To Travel
Cebu one of the most highly urbanized cities of the Philippines, again located in the central Visayas region. It is one of the oldest cities and first capital of the Philippines. It is believed that it is a birthplace of Christianity in the Far East. Cebu is a long island city stretching 196 km from north to south and 32 kilometers width wise.

The city has countless coves and beaches and tiny islands whose natural beauty will capture your heart.
You can sail on the sugar-white beaches and explore the coral reefs. It is a holiday brochure perfect destination, only that you will miss the crowd.

Bantayan Island is one of the most famous white beaches here. Camotes Island around the Mangodlong and Santiago offers numerous activities for the visitors’ fun.

Nalusuan Island is perfect for divers and snorkeling where you can come across colorful fishes and neon coral.
As the diver’s paradise, Cebu is an exotic place that you would never wish to leave. Swim along with sea turtles and get close to hammerhead and white tip sharks, if you are daring enough. Whale sharks are found in great numbers in Oslob on the southern tip of Cebu.
The rainforest here accommodates numerous spectacular waterfalls namely Kawasan falls which is the most beautiful with an extraordinary shade of blue.

Tumalog fall is a must-visit for a therapeutic water massage. Enjoy Chinese inspired cousins and local Filipinos staple food in Cebu.
Delightful trekkers’ can climb onto the highest point here called Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete. Sira is the most challenging and scenic trek.

Why Flying To Philippines
Having explained these you must have understood why the Philippines is one of the preferred holiday destinations for people who love water sports and have a penchant for heritage sites. It has bagged the various titles for being tourist-friendly, namely: the traditional capital of the world’s festivities, the capital of the western Pacific, the center of Hispanic Asia, the Pearl of the Orient Seas, center of the Coral Triangle, and the capital of fun.

Assisting You Flying To The Philippines
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