List of cheap hotels in New York

List of Cheap Hotels in New York For Your Budget Stay

Flying to New York and want to stay in budget? List of cheap hotels in New York City will come handy for you, surely.

List of new york hotel - List of cheap hotels in New York
Although booking cheap flight tickets is a good measure to save your money, but what if whatever you manage to save booking cheap flight tickets vanishes with a single night stay at your chosen Hotel?

You must be having an idea that full-priced or highly rated accommodations such as luxurious 5-star hotels, villas, bungalows, etc. in this premium city would burn a big hole into your pocket. And, if you are traveling on a budget, maybe these full-price lodging is not apt for you. The simple reason being, the stay might render you short of money for indulging in other recreation activities in New York City.

Undoubtedly, you may be able to compare the prices of cheap hotels on multiple sites. So, we are here providing the list of cheap hotels in New York so that you are search is quick and flexible.

Our suggestions would provide you an enjoyable stay in this busiest City in the US. Additionally, you will be saving on your hotel room after all hard-earned money is not meant for giveaways at hotels, at least.

We are here providing you some rules to find out cheap hotels in New York. You may apply the rules for cheap bookings in any other major cities in the world too. So, let us start our mission saving with simple tips and tricks.

Remember, the money saved is money earned!

1) Compare Hotel Rates or Deals on Booking Sites
Before you start your journey towards New York City, make sure that you check booking sites for the best deals.

But make sure not to rely completely on these sites’ information. Besides, you should check with the hotels’ sites for the best offers. Try clubbing promotion codes and perks such as breakfast, free parking, and Wi-Fi offers from the best hotels. And your stay will be much more comfortable and memorable.

2) Select a few Hotels to choose At Last
It is always better to select a few hotels to start with and then have a conversation on the information desk of the hotels. At last, finalize the best Hotel that offers the maximum benefits. Bargaining directly with the Hotel often renders a better room or rate cut, which is not offered on the site or with search engine sites.

3) Room Biding
Bidding on a room also helps to save a lot because mostly luxurious rooms are highly-priced. And, if you are willing to give away with little things you can save considerably. Numerous online sites offer features of letting you select the neighbourhoods and star levels of the hotels and then you can bid price for the hotel room. Subsequently, if the Hotel agrees to offer the room at that price, your bid would be accepted.
Although this is risky and dependent on chance kind of opportunity, you can lay hands on some of the best deals. Also, there is no scope for the cancellation of the reservation. The booking amount is immediately deducted from your credit card as soon as the bid is accepted.

3) Search for Alternative Accommodations
Although cheap hotels can fit in most of the budgets, yet there are different alternative accommodations such as HomeAway, Air BnB, hostels, shared rooms, etc. Such budget rentals make great alternative accommodation where you can save a good amount during your budget travel. Especially if you are traveling in the US, most of the hotels in the list of cheap hotels in New York may still not fit in your budget. These accommodations make a pocket-friendly choice.

4) Try Using Affiliation
If you have some affiliations with government employees (politicians, military personnel), reputed citizens of that country, or other high profile members of that hotel chain, you can also fetch discounts on hotels rate while traveling.

Additionally, using your credit card benefits is also a way to fetch some discount on your stay in New York City.

5) Compromising with the Location of the Hotel
Sometimes hotels located in the prime location, in the center of the cities, charge highly for their accommodation facilities. So, you can cut on the cost of your stay in big cities overseas, if you choose a hotel that is slightly away from the city center. But make sure there is nearby public transportation for easy access to the town.

Now let us proceed with the list of cheap hotels in New York, now that you are aware of how to lay hands on best deals in this City:-

1) Kirby
This is one of the best Budget hotels in New York, where you would have a unique experience of staying as the Hotel is a blend of past and present designing and amenities.

There are guest rooms and suites that offer relaxation in the sophisticated City. The interior of the hotel has been constructed with a unique connection to the heritage and present-day ideology. Luxuries and economy of price work wonderfully here to make the stay memorable and shareable experience.

The Hotel is offering Special Winter deals so you can book selecting dates and save 15% on your staying bill. Amenities like continental breakfast at Black Tap, free Wi-Fi, and more can be enjoyed at guest rooms and suites of the Hotel.

2) Hotel Shocard at Times Square
This is a very affordable hotel which is located within the walking distance of every amenity that you would have been looking in Times Square. The proximity to the Broadway theatre district with the Hotel would help you search the front row seat in the theatre. It is situated in midtown Manhattan. This boutique hotel offers an excellent atmosphere in the designed rooms and luxury suites. You may enjoy a Cocktail at the pub of the Hotel before surfing the City outside.

3) Ace Hotel New York
This designer boutique hotel is the replica of historic buildings and imaginative radical new designing and structure so that the guest here year has an entirely different experience of stay with positive energy and great vibes. The Hotel is inspired by an affinity The Love for the tourist and is fuelled by the hyper local’s affection. Ace Hotel is a big chain of hotels spread across the US as there are Ace hotel Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Toronto, New Orleans, Portland, Los Angeles, etc.

4) Skyline Hotel
Securing a place for itself in the list of cheap hotels in New York, this hotel is ideal for a relaxing stay at the center of New York City. The Hotel keeps on floating exclusive deals for the tourist delight that you can fetch if you book directly with the Hotel’s site. It is located at the heart of Hell’s Kitchen and is at the convenience distance of Times Square, Central Park, and many other prime destinations. Most of New York City’s famous landmarks and attractions are a step away from this Hotel, which renders a quiet and friendly environment to the travelers to the City.

There are numerous guest rooms and suites, an on-site restaurant and an indoor rooftop pool offering a spectacular city view so that your visit to the City is worth cherishing.

There is a full range of travel amenities and services comprising of a concierge to complimentary such as Wi-Fi, heated indoor pool, fitness center, discounted parking, and more.

5) La Quinta Inn and Suites by Wyndham New York City Central Park
During your visit to the big apple (New York City), you can stay in the heart of this City at the reasonably priced hotel room, coupled with a variety of facilities and amenities that you would have long for. The La Quinta Inn and Suites by Wyndham New York City Central Park hotel has all the benefits such as unbeatable location, walking distance from Lincoln Centre for performing art, the American museum of natural history and Central Park and much more so that you stay is pocket-friendly and time saviour. Exploring the prime and the cultural landmarks of New York City are no more headaches whether you are on your sightseeing trip or a business trip to New York City. For the shopping spree in New York, there are The Shops at Columbus Circle and Fifth Avenue. While history buffs can tour around the City’scity’s most fascinating landmarks and museums.

Your stay at this hotel is a guarantee for fun and frolic besides being light on the pocket.

6) Holiday Inn Express New York City Times Square
This Hotel is located in the middle of Manhattan. The Hotel offers comfortable accommodations near New York City’s biggest tourist attractions. If you are in search of affordable comfort in the heart of Manhattan, then this Hotel is an excellent choice.

Amenities here include free Wi-Fi, disable friendly, free breakfast, and a lot more.

7) The Hotel @ New York City
Comfort and convenience are always the priority at The Hotel @ New York City. The Hotel is the newly-renovated boutique-style accommodation in the heart of Manhattan, Murray Hill neighborhood. It is a short walk from Fifth Avenue boutiques, Macy’s, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Gramercy Park, and Union Square. For exploring New York City, have easy access to Grand Central Station, Penn Station, and Port Authority Bus Terminal.

So don’t wait for your booking! Check out the best prices from the Hotel’s desk.

Cheap Ways to Travel in 2020

Deep inside, everybody is the lust to explore some of the unique and the best places in the world. But owing to financial, health, and other issues like language problems, traveling overseas becomes difficult. We can’t help you with the health issues (consult medical practitioners for the same). However, for the language issues, we have some respite from the best mobile apps. Through language conversion apps, you can resolve language barriers when you are flying overseas (they translate one language into the other with the blink of an eye).
Additionally, for cheap ways to travel in 2020, we can help you to fetch cheap flight tickets online so that you can book cheap flights for your international destinations.

Cheap Ways to Travel in 2020 - Cheap Ways to Travel in 2020
More is the Merrier
The icing on the cake is that besides booking cheap flight tickets from online flight search engines, you can also book cheaper accommodations like hotels, Vilas, bed and breakfast, budget hotels, shared accommodations, hostels, and much more from a single web page. Search engines fetch discounts on the bookings done via these sites.

In addition to this, get the booking done for car rentals at your destination through search engines at the discounted prices. This means you have a whole package available at your disposal at the click of a button, with multiple choices and options, to ensure that your traveling is cheap and within budget. Whether you are traveling internationally or domestic, now saving on traveling expenses is the right of every traveler.

Now, exploring the world would be easier and never before experienced, even for novices, as you would be saving a lot on your traveling expense if you follow our tips and tricks. Follow our blog suggestions for cheap ways to travel in 2020 and make your overseas traveling experience an outstanding one with a lot of leisure coming your way at considerably low prices.

Tips for the Cheaper Traveling Experience
Even if you have enough money, there is no harm in curtailing the unnecessary travel expense. And if you are on a budget traveling, you have to do the same with no exception. The bottom line is; you can afford to travel cheap following a few workable tricks.

And here we are listing the same for you.

Start with prioritizing what is important to you during your traveling and what all you can skip, staying within the budget.

If you have to travel cheaply, your experience would be the biggest asset.

  • Try staying in a hostel (if it appeals to you) because most of the time you would be spending on sightseeing.
  • Alternatively, you can also find a free place to stay surfing the internet as a lot of option exists which can avail you free couch, bed, or the space on the floor to sleep. After all, you are traveling to explore the world and just to sleep and eat. So, surf through your destination city.
  • While you are traveling, make sure not to leave your living space empty. Take advantage and list your space with Airbnb so that you can earn a good amount of money renting your vacant home. If you are lucky enough, you can cover your travel costs while you are away. Eventually, there are a lot more nomads in search of cheap or free accommodation on their traveling spree. What a wonderful idea to fund your traveling dream? I hope you won’t agree any less.
  • Make sure you invest proper time in searching budget airlines that fly to your destination so that you can lay hands on cheap flight tickets.
  • Check out for the best rental pickup and drop cars at the economical prices available at your destination. Now, you are saving on your commuting expenses too.
  • Try to pack light so that you don’t have to check for your bags. Moreover, you would be able to save on your flight freight if you are baggage is light enough.
  • Provide space for last-minute deals. Last minute deals are usually real-time money grosser (if you are not particular about your timing and destination). You can save money with the last minutes’ deals on hotel rooms, airfare, and rental cars. Numerous online portals flash discounted hotel rooms for the same day, next days, and following-week stay. Many search engines display flight deals for the upcoming week and the weekend.

P.S. – You have to be a risk-taker to fetch such discounts. There is no surety of winning in these scenarios.

  • You can save a lot on your food and drinking bill while you are traveling if you try to enjoy restaurant meals and drinks at lunchtime. This is because even most fancy restaurants offer reduced prices during lunch. You can go with the rule of eating breakfast like a king, lunch like rich and dinner like a poor. This rule surely works magically. Or you can try cooking yourself at your accommodation to save on your dining bills.

Booking Cheap Flights
Now they let us dive deeper into finding cheap ways to travel in 2020 by listing the tips on how to book cheap tickets online for international flights.

There are numerous flight search engines available that introduce travelers to the best flight booking experience.

Cheap flight tickets are a great help in making your traveling expenses fit in the budget.

Reasonable prices can be searched easily by travelers themselves with the help of advanced flight search engines. To have both the hands full, most of the search engines have a mobile app that maximizes the cost benefits. Using the app eases the booking process and makes keeping track more convenient.

Extra discount is available on international flight tickets via mobile apps.

Flight Search Engines- A Great Help
The basic aim of a flight search engine is to synchronize cheap flights information and ticket booking process at discounted prices for the benefits of travelers. That is why these search engines’ user interface is kept simpler so that traveling is merrier even for non-tech geeks.

Score Bigger Discounts on Your International Flights
International flight bookings are usually an expensive affair. And if you are ignorant about the right flight search engine, you will end up with huge bills on your flight tickets. The right search engine offers a few biggest discounts on flights without burning a big hole into your pocket.

Set an alert for the notification and unlock discounts and offers, which will flash on your desktop and mobile screen as soon as they are announced by the airlines.

Mobile apps of good travel search engines eliminate all the hustle and confusion with the travel agents. Now you would be updated with the latest coupons and offers floated by the airlines. So, you can easily schedule and reschedule your trip anytime according to your wishes.

See! Now flight ticket booking is economical than ever before. Technology bliss!

Even the booking process is so easy. It is continuously innovated to cut down the efforts.

User-friendly interface and easy flight comparison make booking child’s play and the payment much more convenient and secure.

The best budget options and customer support eases all the queries and doubts. Additionally, you can get the latest booking updates available on your mobile handset. All you have to do is download the app for the flight search engine you are using. It doubles your delight of cheap ways to travel in 2020.

Also, book cheap rental cars at your destination through these search engines.

Hurray, for all your traveling needs, you have pre-booking done at discounted prices!
You can book flight tickets through a travel search engine,, that instantly sought out international airlines as well as renowned international air passenger carriers. This is a search engine designed by I.T.I.T. professionals with many years of experience in this industry. It helps fetch you the best results instantly. And, your travel dream comes true with the least investment of time, effort, and money. This free global travel search engine provides its users with a one in all solution in order to find the best travel deals online in a very easy, efficient, fast, and secure way.

Benefits with This Search Engine
Compare prices from different websites on this single webpage and find tour travel deals at best and least prices. Now, cheap flights, hotels, car booking can be done saving anywhere up to 60% of your traveling cost.

There are no extra charges or hidden fees for getting your booking done through the portal.

“The price you see is exactly what you pay” is the motto here.

Searching and comparing deals from over 700 airline companies with one easy search, and you will lay your hands on best deals for flight booking.

Want Compensation For Your Flight Delays?
Make use of exceptional feature use on the search engine, AirHelp, that helps to know the exact compensation for flight delays that occurred to you in the last three years.

Now, calculate the claim for your flight delay, overbooked, or cancellation reasons. And ask for compensation from airlines responsible for the same. Just fill your date of departure and destination with the return date along with the number of passengers and search.

Whoa! You can make good your losses.

Explore simple yet effective tips for booking cheap flight tickets online that would work non-failing

Opting for the right flight search engine doesn’t guarantee cheap flight ticket booking to make your mission of cheap ways to travel in 2020, a great success story. Follow our suggestions to make sure that your search engine works in your utmost favor and get you the best prices for your flight booking:-

1) Search for the flights staying in incognito or private browsing mode as when you keep on searching for the same destination, and the flight prices tend to increase.

Role of A.I.A.I. in favor of airlines and ticket booking portals!

2) Make Sure the Flight Search Engine Is Best That Does Not Inflate Flight Costs
Do you know that the search engine takes cut from airlines on the bookings made through them? Yes, that is true, so invest proper time in finding out the best flight search engines for international flights such as, Momondo, airfare watchdogs and Skyscanner, etc. These search engines, with a few more options, display the best deals on flight tickets.

3) Try and Identify the Cheapest Days to Fly To Your Destination
Although various theories are available regarding the cheapest flying days, yet they are not appropriate and applicable to all flights. You have to be vigilant and keep an eye on the cheapest traveling days to your destination to save your hard-earned money.

4) Collect Your Flying Miles/Points To Fly Free
Renowned airlines offer travel rewards. You may invest in travel rewards credit cards and make the minimum spending as prescribed in the rule book. And nothing is going to stop you from landing with the major bonus points or rewards. Usually, these are sufficient to fetch your free flight ticket. Airline reward cards are a great asset when used wisely. Moreover, these credit cards can be used for everyday purchases, which will again add to your credit points.

5) Opt for Budget Airlines
You may save significantly opting for cheap air tickets rather than full-service counterparts. Undoubtedly, you have to compromise with some aspects such as a lesser leg room and no free drinks or food on-board.
But you can save through budget airlines only if you have a comprehensive list of these airlines in hand. Many of these airlines are plentiful, and there are a lot of fine prints that you must acknowledge before booking tickets with them.

6) Book Early
This is an age-old way to save on your flight tickets. Book at least 30 days before your flying date, and you can surely fly cheap to your destination, even in 2020.

A Roundup
If you are looking for cheap ways to travel in 2020, hope our suggestions that focus on the cheapest booking for flights possible, cheap hotel and rental car booking at your destination will provide you with an insight into the matter.

And you would know about the budget flying requirements and restrictions in a better mannerism.

All That Will Come Handy To Book Cheap Flights from Boston

Boston, the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is one of the most populous cities in the United States. The city with narrow and crowded streets around the city center is more suitable for walking than driving. This made Bostonians fall in love with jaywalking and exploring places on their feet. To extend their joy for exploration, Bostonians love to fly too, to destinations like Florida, Fort Myers, Orlando, Miami, Caribbean, and other cities.

Cheap Flights from Boston - All That Will Come Handy To Book Cheap Flights from Boston

Vacationers can save on lots of their expenses incurred on flight tickets if they can lay their hands on Cheap Flights from Boston to their favorite destination. In this article, we’ll explore the best and the cheapest flights, and best destinations for flying from Boston.

  • Airlines Flying From Boston
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Spirit Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • TAP Portugal
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Qatar Airways

Major airports around and in Boston include:- 

  • Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT)
  • Provincetown Municipal Airport (PVC)
  • New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB)
  • Theodore Francis Green State Airport (PVD)

Boston airports 

1) Logan International airport is the busiest airport in the Boston area serving as a hub for flights like Cape Air, JetBlue Airways, and Penair.

Also from this airport, many major domestic airlines and international Carriers take off and land.

Some of the favorite destinations from this airport preferred by travelers’ include places like:

  • Chicago
  • San Francisco in the United State
  • London
  • Paris
  • Frankfurt
  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta
  • Toronto
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia, and Africa

2) Manchester Boston regional airport (MHT) is located at a distance of about 50 miles towards the north of Boston City. The airport became popular in 1990 when Southwest Airlines began flying from this airport.

Today, Delta Airlines / Delta connection, United Express, and US Airways Express also use this airport services for their arrivals and departures.

If you are looking for cheap flights to destination in Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa or Atlanta don’t forget to search for flights flying from this airport.

3) T.F. Green Airport (PVD) is located in Warwick, RI, about 60 miles southwest of Boston. This is an alternative airport to Boston Logan, particularly for Massachusetts residents living around the south of Boston

Numerous flights taking off and arriving at this airport include:- 

  • Delta
  • Jetblue
  • US airways
  • United / United Express
  • Southwest

Cheapest destinations to fly to from Boston

Everyone loves to enjoy vacations and this enjoyment can double up if you can save a significant amount of money on your air tickets.

Air tickets can cost you less if you book them smartly. Also if you choose the cheapest places to fly to, from the city of Boston during a particular season like summer, it will render you the pleasure of exploring new locations without burning a big hole into your wallet. Airfares would come at a reasonably lower rate during non-peak season.

Let us explore a few cheap destinations from Boston where you can plan your vacations:-

1) Chicago

With the flight distance of less than 3 hours, Chicago is the perfect destination for a vacation. You can fly with the low-cost flights here. This will leave you with the extra room in your budget that you can utilize in other areas like food or shopping.

Driving to Chicago from Boston will take you around fourteen and a half hours which is neither economical nor time-efficient. So, save both on your money and time efficiently and book cheap flights, following tips mentioned later in the article.

2) Orlando

Flights are available from Orlando ranging from 105 dollars to 150 dollars depending upon the flights. Flights from Boston to Chicago take only 2 hours against the driving distance of 18 and a half hours. So, you have all the justification by your side to bargain for the cheapest flight tickets which you can find with a little search online assisted by the flight search engines.Explore beautiful theme parks in Orlando especially around summers, saving upon your traveling expenses.

3) Atlanta

Flight to Atlanta, GA for as little as approximately $90 from Boston ( the price 2 fluctuates depending upon the flights).Choose wisely on your flight it option and the days when you are flying so that you can buy tickets at lower prices.

Make sure you invest proper time in searching ahead of time before your flying day so that you can catch up with really good deals ahead of crowded peak season.

4) Québec city, Canada

This French-speaking city in Canada is famous for its historical and scenic beauty. Fly from Boston to the city for around $200-$300 throughout the year. This affordable trip to Europe with shorter flight distance will give you the benefit of no jet lag.

5) Madrid, Spain

This is one of the cheapest places to fly I from Boston and is worth visiting. Flights to Madrid are reasonably priced from the Boston City making it a perfect vacation destination. you can choose from less than $600 to a high as $ 400 to this city in Spain.

6) Miami

Travelers may find the cheapest round-trip tickets with Delta (for around $91), American Airlines (for around $91) and Frontier (as low as $97) for Miami from Boston. The prices are variable depending upon the circumstances and time. As flying between Miami and Boston does not require a passport, look for the cheapest days to make your trip more lucrative. Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly on average from Boston to Miami, whereby Friday is the most expensive.

While flying back to Boston from Miami, land with the best deal available on Wednesday and Thursday being the most expensive.

Also, you may choose destinations countries like:- 

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Reykjavik, Iceland

Booking a direct flight from Boston within the very affordable price range to explore the natural scenic beauty E and picturesque you locations of these places to make your vacations memorable.

As an Icing on the cake, look for cheap flight tickets using below listed hacks. These hacks will help you save on flights rent from Boston so that you can enjoy more, travel comfortably, and paying moderately:-

1) Join loyalty programs of renowned flights

It is always advisable to join loyalty programs of the flights and earn points Every time you travel with them. You can redeem these points on plane tickets from Boston.

2) Try off-season traveling

As peak tourist season commands for higher travel fair, it is advisable if you can shift your vacation plans to off-season traveling. This will help you fetch the best deals not only on the flights but also on the hotels, food bills and other amenities. Low seasons traveling renders enjoyment with the peace and there are greater chances of fetching unbelievably cheap flights from Boston.

3) Subscribe for newsletters and set alerts

You can subscribe to the newsletter of airlines and aggregator sites which keeps on floating frequent updates on flight deals from Boston, on their portals.

4) Go for booking beforehand

It is always advisable to book in advance for your traveling plans because airfare keeps on fluctuating. With pre-booking, you would be avoiding last minute hassles. There would be no need to accommodate for unexpected price hikes.

In case you have to book at the last minute, you have the option of choosing from the last-minute deals offered by carrier flights. Since this is a miss or a hit methodology, take chance only if there is no alternative left.

5) Red-eye flights – An Option

If you want to save on traveling expenses you can choose wee hours for flying and save money on airfare. During these hours, airfares are the lowest due to their lesser demand.

6) Choose from the budget Airlines

While choosing for the flight from Boston, look for the budget airlines that offer comparatively lower airfare as compared to major flights.

7) Book round trip tickets

Booking round trip tickets is a cheaper option than a one-way ticket because you got to save traveling expenses from this traveling scheme.

Need assistance in finding cheap flights from Boston

If you think you need assistance in booking cheap flights from Boston, you can simply call your travel agents or contact the online portal’s customer care which is available 24/7. These people take care of your traveling needs right from the booking of the flights to the packages including hotels, sightseeing, and car rentals. You may ask for details about deals available on flights from Boston. Sate all your travel-related inquiries and have assistance from these customer care executives.

These tips would come handy for affordable booking of flights

  • Book at least 2 weeks before the departure date. This will help you fetch a below-average ticket price.
  • Although no specific rule applies, March, April, and May are considered as high/peak season for tourism. January is considered as the cheapest month to fly.
  • On average, early morning departure is around 8% cheaper than an evening flight.
  • Nonstop flights from Boston to your vacation destination with leading/major airlines like American Airlines are costlier than flights with stop/s and carrier flights (like Delta Airlines offers economically priced flight tickets).

Now that you have a lot of information regarding destinations and how to get the cheap booking done for your flights from Boston, enjoy hassle-free vacations anywhere around the world!

29 - Where to Go in Vietnam: 5 Cool Places You Won’t Want to Miss

Where to Go in Vietnam: 5 Cool Places You Won’t Want to Miss

Vietnam is popular as a country with a rich and troubled past that has been consistently attracting more and more international tourists since the cessation of hostilities that took place in the ‘70s. The place is well-known for its diverse cultures and a wide array of ethnic groups who reside within its borders. This is the safest destination to travel to Southeast Asia, and also one of the most beautiful one. Having a lot to offer, both in natural and cultural beauties often makes Vietnam quite an overwhelming location for first-time visitors. 

So, here are 5 cool places you must not want to miss when out exploring Vietnam:

  1. Hanoi 

For the first-timers in Vietnam, Hanoi is always the best base to begin a tour in the north. The capital of Vietnam has burst into the 21st century as one of the world’s major tourist destinations. There will be no trouble reaching this incredible destination. 

What to do

If you’ve often watched tourist shows on Travel Channels, then a guided street food tour in Hanoi is always the first watch. The tour lasts three to four hours and treats the tourists to a dizzying and exotic collection of authentic dishes that are the mainstays of the locals. 

  1. Sapa

Encircled by unbelievable beauty on all sides, the rice paddies of Sapa are world popular and are a vision that tourists are sure to never forget. Located high in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains, Sapa is used as a starting point for trekking tours. Also, mountain bike tours are well-renowned here, with routes that explores one through waterfalls, rice paddies, and around local villages. 

  1. Hue

If you love culture or have some historical flair, then you certainly can’t go wrong with the former Vietnam capital and modern-day city of Hue. The Imperial Citadel here is UNESCO-listed and is definitely worth exploring and realizing the grandeur of the former royal family. A night here is undoubtedly one of the finest things to do in Vietnam if you feel like relaxing. 

  1. Hoi An 

Situated on Vietnam’s east coast just south of Da Nang, Hoi An is a picturesque town of more than 1 lakh people. The six-hour market tour and cooking class is famous and led by an English-speaking guide and also includes a boat ride along the waterways. The place is also popular for its textile industry, where one can have a very own tailored suit made to fit perfectly. This is a perfect souvenir to take back home. 

  1. Halong Bay

One of Vietnam’s many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Halong Bay is really something that shouldn’t be missed. The only means to visit Halong Bay is by taking a tour. In Hanoi, there are numerous companies that offer that service. Beautiful limestone karsts burst out of the water every which way one looks, making Halong Bay a paradise of our world. When it comes to bucket-list ticking, this is absolutely one of the top things to do in Vietnam as a tourist. 


With this list of major places to visit in Vietnam, you now have a small base for an itinerary. Vietnam is a land that will fill you with wonders at every turn and you must definitely go explore it. If you desire to see all of these amazing places in Vietnam, connect with us at Travel Gooru today. We help clients search for cheap hotels and rental cars at their vacation destination. We instantly compare prices and provide precise details to make it easy for our clients.

List of Cheap Hotels in the U.S.

The vast landscapes of the United States make some of the best and grand tourist destinations that can cater to every kind of traveler’s requirements. Whether you are on adventure hunt, sightseeing, wellness tour, or budget travel tour as a solo enthusiastic or in group packages, there is something for everyone. For lifetime mesmerizing experiences, the country is no short of options. Many travel destinations in this country are often cited as the places to must-visit before you bid bye to this planet Earth. As listing all of them here is not feasible, we will give you the idea about the top travel destinations and the cheap hotels in the U.S. at these destinations that can make up your stay more economical.

The living cost is exorbitant in this most flourishing and developed country of the world. So, saving upon your living cost in the United States will render an opportunity to save more for leisurely spending on foodstuff and exploring other untraveled venues.

The icing on the cake is you can book any and many of these cheap hotels across the country through various travel search sites that offer the facility of online booking of best cheap hotels. Also, many travel search sites are providing promotional codes on these hotel bookings, which ensure that you get the booking done at most reasonable prices throughout the country.

Some Of The Best And The Top-Rated Attractions In The Country That You Should Include On Your Itinerary Are:-

1) Grand Canyon

Cheap Hotels in the U.S. - List of Cheap Hotels in the U.S.
This is one of the most visited places in the Southwest of the United States that has been carved by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon creates amazing cliff walls and ledges spread across two hundred miles. This deep ravine is located in the state of Arizona. It is also one of the most popular U.S. National Parks. Amid this wonderful geographical feature, a lot of lodging, art galleries, and shop options are located for the traveler’s delight.

List of the cheap hotels in the U.S. located in Grand Canyon includes names like:-

a) Mountain View Inn

It is a Flagstaff located motel that provides numerous amenities at the most reasonable prices. Some of the landmarks in the proximity include Heritage square and Riordan Mansion. Enjoy fitness activities like Bicycling, Golfing nearby, hiking/biking trails, or mountain biking in the nearby locations of the motel.

b) Budget Inn

It is also located in Flagstaff. The inn has an area with good shopping facilities. Thorpe Park, Buffalo Park, flagstaff Symphony orchestra, and Doris Harper White Community Playhouse are at the walking distance of this motel, which is centrally located in Grand Canyon. A short stroll from the hotel and you can reach to Northern Arizona University and Riordon Mansion.

c) Days Inn by Wyndham Bellemont

Located in Bellemont, this cheap hotel is located in a rural location near the airport. The area’s landmark includes Riordon Mansion and Kaibab Petroglyphs. There are different types of air-conditioned accommodation available in this smoke-free motel. A few minutes of travel from the hotel can make you reach Bearizona Wildlife Park and Arizona Snowbowl. The Grand Canyon National Park can be reached within an hour from here.

2) New York City

Hotels in the U.S. - List of Cheap Hotels in the U.S.
New York City is decorated with iconic structures like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square besides many other attractions. It is America’s most popular and populous city, which is also known as Big Apple.

Enjoy leisurely walk on the High Line, or check out the cultural heritage of the country visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Frick Collection. Indulge in shopping at Fifth Avenue, check out Washington Square, Greenwich Village, Rockefeller Centre. And if you are on the longer holidays, book a trip to Brooklyn.

Some of the best budget hotels in New York City include names like:

a) The Evelyn

Rated as one of the best budget hotels in New York City, it is located in the NoMad Neighbourhood, former historic- Tin Pan Alley. The decor of the hotel has been inspired by Madison Square Park. In the proximity are Midtown Manhattan and the Flatiron District. The rooms and suites of the hotels are well suited for today’s travelers.

b) Skyline Hotel

Located at the heart of Hell’s kitchen, this hotel has nearby destinations like Times Square, Central Park, and many more. One of the ideal family hotels, it offers travelers a full range of amenities and services. There is an infinity indoor pool. Enjoy every day in this city of New York at the Skyline Hotel, which offers numerous options in spacious guest rooms, suites, and onsite restaurants. Have a spectacular city view from which rooftop pool to make your visit to Manhattan, the most pleasurable Experience.

c) Cambria Hotel New York – Times Square

Your stay at the Cambria Hotel will be appreciated for its closest to top attractions as it is located in the heart of Manhattan, near the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre. The stylish, modern, and friendly service providing hotel has been perfectly designed to fit in the budget of travelers.

3) Los Angeles

Affordable Hotels in the U.S. - List of Cheap Hotels in the U.S.
Topping the charts of the U.S. top tourist destinations, Los Angeles has attracted all. Be it Hollywood and its celebrities or common masses, the visitors to the city of USA must-visit Los Angeles for its famous beaches like Malibu or Santa Monica. Enjoy the scenic beauty and the pristine beaches with the same enthusiasm. The most famous beachfront neighborhood in Venice Beach.

If you want to check out cheap hotels in the U.S. particularly in Los Angeles, check our list that includes:-

a) Famous Director’s 1926 dark Arts Castle of Oddities

This bed and breakfast hotel in Los Angeles is located at 2.8 km from Hollywood Bowl. The proximity of hiking destinations to this hotel has contributed greatly to making it equally famous among adventure site hunters. The airport near the hotel is Hollywood Burbank.

You can reach Universal Studios Hollywood traveling 3.5 km.

b) La Boheme Living

Book your next vacation in Los Angeles if you are looking for a cheap hotel in the U.S. in this La Bohemia Living. This offers accommodation in the tents having a garden and a patio. Located at the distance of only 9 km from Los Angeles, it is close to Staples Centre. The airport nearby is Hollywood Burbank.

c) Glamorously Furnished Hollywood Home – Central

It is located at a distance of 4.5 km from Melrose Avenue. Have quick access to Bob Hope airport located at a distance of 15 km. It is the place on-Airbnb and hence provides the highest standard services and amenities. This temporary house has cool restaurants in the west of the vine. For hikers delight nearby is world-famous Hollywood Sign. Walk onto the stores on famous Melrose Avenue or enjoy the tour of Universal studios located closely.

4) Washington DC

cheap hotels U.S - List of Cheap Hotels in the U.S.
The capital city of the United States has miles of museums, beautiful landscapes, sightseeing destinations, and monuments. Get in touch with the U.S. history at the places like Mount Vernon, George Washington’s plantation, Ford’s Theatre, The White House, The capitol, Georgetown, Alexandria, The National Museum of American History, The National Museum of African – American History and Culture and The National Museum of American Indian. Try to plan your visit during the cherry blossom festival celebrated from late March to early April month, in the city of Washington, to have the feel of walking into heaven on Earth itself.

Have A Look at A Few of the Most Reasonably Priced Hotel in Washington:-

a) Hyatt Place Washington DC /National Mall

Explore the capital city staying at this Hyatt Place Washington DC. Located at steps away distance from the Museum of the Bible, Smithsonian Museum, and District Wharf, there are a lot of advantages of staying at this hotel where rooms have been designed to offer you feel, fuel and function. For the overall well-being of travelers, the rooms are spacious here. Enjoy swimming in the indoor saltwater pool or assess the fitness center if you are game for it. Reasonable in cost, located at the walking distance of the mall and the museums and offering fine dining experience along with various other amenities, this hotel can be easily counted in a few of the cheap hotels in the U.S. that offer world-class facilities to its members without any compromise.

b) Capitol Hill Hotel

This boutique hotel in Washington, DC, is one of the most centrally located hotels. Located in the heart of the nations’ capital, you can visit important sites like the Capitol Building, the National Mall, and many others with the short walk.

The hotel offers a classic blend of feudal style residency created with modernity. Enjoy cherry blossom motifs, vintage-style political cartoons art, and wainscoting drawings from the historical provenance of the city on the hotel walls.

c) HighRoad Hostel Washington DC

This is a 2-star hotel that is located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Newly renovated, this spacious hostel has all the modern facilities and luxurious design, which will offer you a feel of Home-away-from- home. Make your memorable stay in D.C. here. With the staff assistance, you can plan your must-see attraction tour of the city. It makes a very good accommodation for people who are on budget trips: be it students or vacationing families. It offers the most authentic Experience of the culture of Washington City.

5) Las Vegas

cheap hotels - List of Cheap Hotels in the U.S.

Las Vegas is the famous destination for casinos, and people visit the city to try their luck. The city host blockbuster shows. There are world-class shopping centers and top-notch restaurants that together make the city a travel destination for visitors from across the world. You can take a walking tour on MGM grand or visit the Neon Museum, the most iconic Las Vegas signs.

For your budget accommodation needs, you can choose the cheap hotels in the U.S. here. The list includes names like:

a) Flamingo Las Vegas

This 3-star hotel is an all in one casino and resort. There is a tropical wildlife habitat, Go- pool (stretched in 15 acres and is a Caribbean style water playground), and much more.

The hospitality and the service in the hotel room and suites will catch your heart. Arrays of options are available in accommodations in this hotel, which includes newly renovated rooms too. It is located next to the High roller Ferris wheel on The Strip. The vibrant casino within the hotel has been operating since 1946.

b) The Link Hotel + Experience

The link hotel + Experience is famous for hosting pool parties. Choose from ziplining, bowling, virtual reality sessions, Rock and roll, Graffiti artist’s game-play, comedy, jackpots, high roller, and many other interactive games at this hotel to make your stay memorable for the lifetime in Las Vegas. The fine dining experience does not need separate mentioning at the LINQ Promenade.

The hotel offers action-packed vacations. Try your luck at the casino within the hotel or do away from your height phobia at the 550 feet height above the center of the Las Vegas strip on the High Roller observation wheel. Be a game for the activity that can call upon your courage anytime.

c) The Westin Lake Las Vegas

This is a non-casino hotel located at a distance of 30 km from the airport. Located along man-made Lake in Las Vegas, this hotel has been given a Middle Eastern feel with its hanging lanterns, terracotta tones, and ornate tile work.

It is located at 101 Montelago Boulevard in Henderson, Nevada. The hotel offers an unparalleled dining experience made from locally grown products and farm-fresh ingredients.

There is a lot to indulge in this hotel, like water sports, concerts, etc.

Now, the list of top destinations and cheap hotels is in-exhaustive in the U.S., create your bucket list. Choose offbeat and trendy spots that are not included here. Make your Experience unique at each destination; take advice from locals for more authentic information. Come prepared with travel tips, and knowing what to expect in this country will help you make your way in the U.S. Book beforehand the cheap hotels in the U.S. for a memorial stay.