Travel Gooru Blogs 1 - The Top 10 Travel Bloggers you should already be following

The Top 10 Travel Bloggers you should already be following

Becoming one of the most famous travel bloggers is not an easy task, as a travel blogger has to travel around the world to collect content for their writings, spiced up with their personal travel experiences. Travel blogging essentially involves traveling to the destination country or series of countries to have an insight into an exciting experience. This is then expressed in words and hosted on a blog site accompanied with good quality photographs.

Travel Blogging is driven by the strong wanderlust of the blogger. No academic requirements are there for becoming a travel blogger. Some of the most renowned travel bloggers have opted for this option as a career because of a lack of sufficient qualifications and lust for traveling and gathering experience. Once opted as an experiment to explore becomes a full-time passion for travel bloggers that glorifies their CV and bank balance. An essential aspect of travel blogging is that it is more informative for readers and less of personal experience sharing as the main aim is to influence people to come out and travel.

Listed below are the top 10 travel bloggers who have created a niche for themselves in the world of blogging over the period:-

1) Dan (

Dan, British by birth, is one of the most renowned travel bloggers of the world who is obsessed with exploring territories, meeting new people and clicking perfect pictures with his camera. He is known for traveling more than 1000 + (precisely, 1467 days between the year 2014 to 2018) days on the road to pursue his career as a travel blogger, chasing adventures and inspirations.

He has been engaged in every aspect related to travel; travel writer, creative director, designer, videographer and photographer, etc at his media company in Portugal. Dan works with Sky-scanner and lonely planet regularly and has amazed travelers with tons of his useful tips about traveling. His photographs are published in various magazines namely Beautiful Destination, Travel and Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Matador Network.

His travel blog is popular by the name of “Dan Flying Solo”.

2) Melissa Giroux (

She is a Canadian travel blogger originally from Quebec. She started her journey around the world at the age of 25 and moved cross border countries to satiate her traveling and exploring lusts. On her way, she discovered Australia, UK, Southeast Asia, and various other countries. Her works are published on Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalogue and lot more.

Travel blog title “A Broken Backpack” truly justifies her solo female backpacker spirit and inspiration. You can catch her on Snapchat or YouTube where she uses her talent and hard work to travel sharing or hitchhiking

3) Gregory George (

Originally from Canada, Gregory loves his weekend house in Saint Marys, Ontario. He is a world traveler whose travel blogs are designed to guide your exploration of the world. Besides being a traveler, he is a writer and blogger, co-founder and editor in chief of the “” travel blog. He has been a former actor, current show singer and non-hipster foodie.

He has traveled across the world, starting in the summer of 2004. He visited 26 countries in 12 months with two suitcases, a camera and a computer bag. Traveling according to him is about pleasure, curiosity, and education.

4) Lili (

She is a Belgian woman known to be a kickass travel blogger. She had created a place for herself at the 25th rank of top travel blogger to follow in 2016. Her travel blog “Lili’s travel Plan” has no filters and she shares her true to life traveling experience with the people she meets on her way. She believes in telling stories behind the places through words and in her pictures. Her stories belong to people and emotions. She hardly cares about seeing famous sites.

5) Gloria (Aka Glo) (

She is a native of Arizona and never afraid to express her opinion or raise her voice as a writer. She creates great content for readers. Her travel blog “The blog abroad” showcase her eye for perfection in words and photography. Her association with top travel photographers speaks for her passion and realism. Her writings have appeared in Huffington Post, Thought Catalogue and Matador Networks.

Her immaculate selfies have been a source of inspiration for selfie lovers and her pictures depict what life is. As a solo female traveler, her blogs inspired readers to jump out of their seats and book flights to the destination she propagates in her blogs.

6) Charles Mccool (

Charles Michel has a travel blog “McCool Travel”. He shows travelers how we can increase their happiness while traveling and reduce stress on every trip. He has been in the business of traveling for the last 20 years.  His articles, book, classes, and talks are a source of inspiration for potential travelers. He has visited 50 states in the US, dozen cross border countries and five continents.

His “McCool Travel” blog has been designed to work with destinations and brands to promote fun and unique experience to willing audiences.

His achievements include #1 on Top 1000 + travel blogs (Rising Market Insight), #1on 5 terrific travel bloggers you should follow on Flipboard, #2 travel expert in the world (Klout) and a lot more.

His famous book is “Winning of the Airfare Game: Save Money and Stress on Every Flight”

7) Alyssa Ramos (

A Cuban American Florida native, Alyssa is 30 years old self-made travel blogger and social media influencer, traveling solo full time for the last few years. She is an adventure junky who always tends to push her limits and opts for challenges. She has traveled so far to 85 + countries, 7 continents and her favorite places include Antarctica, Iceland, Japan, etc.

She has featured on major press outlets like The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, The Mirror UK and a TV interview on Inside Edition. Her writings have appeared on various sites including Matador Network, Geo Chic Magazine. She has started a program called the wanderlust workers which is a travel saving and making program for people who are willing to work hard to travel. She has also started a charitable foundation called to help bring items of need to the countries she travels. Her travel blog is “”

8) Drew Binsky (

Drew Goldberg, Drew Binsky (online alias) is an American travel blogger and vlogger who features his travel blogs on his YouTube channel and social media accounts.

By March 2020, he has visited 191 countries. He is a Guinness World Record Holder for most UNESCO World Heritage site visits in 24 hours. He grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. He started a travel blog in October 2015 by the name of “The Hungry partier” and later renamed Drew Binsky and begins documenting his travel on Instagram and Snapchat.

He has announced his upcoming documentary on his travels by the name of Border 197 in 2020. But due to the Breakout of COVID-19, his plans are on the hold.

He is a part of the GoPro family and writes for Elite Daily and The Huffington Post. He has worked with several brands and sponsors and is known as Snapchat genius who creates his travel shows through Snapchat.

9) Steph Be (

She is an award-winning travel blogger who has more than 280000 followers. Her travel blog’s name is “” which renders useful tips on taking the trip. She is an American Latina woman with a passion for meeting new people and exploring places. Stephanie Be has been globetrotting for more than 250 destinations. She has been writing for several media channels including The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Forbes, Matador Network and more.

She is a great photographer, a talented writer, and a content creator.

10) Stefan and Sebastian (

One of the cutest gay couples, these are travel bloggers from Europe and are currently traveling Argentina. Taking the travel industry by storm, the boys’ mission is to promote gay couples to travel and step out of their comfort zone. The travel blog is by the name of “Nomadic Boys”. It provides an insight into the local gay life, gay scene, where to stay, unique things to do, how to stay and other practical tips while exploring the world. They have been traveling the world since 2014.


Follow these travel blogger’s tips next time you are planning a trip or read our latest blog posts.

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