2 - 10 Best Travel Hacks for Flying

10 Best Travel Hacks for Flying

Traveling is exciting, but getting through the airport can be a tedious experience. Do you find traveling and making travel arrangements stressful? Are you confused as to how to go about planning your journey? Never fear, Travel Gooru has got your back. With some strategic planning and adequate preparation, there are many ways to get through the airport quickly. Here are the 10 best travel hacks and tips to try the next time you travel by air.



The best way to travel is in twos or as a couple, if possible, because that way if you opt for the aisle and the window seat in a 3 seat configuration, it is highly likely that other people will forego the middle seat, which, in turn, will give you all the space and comfort possible, without having to share it with a random third person.



Let us be real for a second here, checking-in physically at the airport is nothing short of a nightmare, what with all the people and lines and queues that seem to go on forever, it can be quite exhausting. So, what do you do? Check-in online, of course! Web Check-in enables you to go straight to your gate without having to bother with checking-in at the check-in counter.



Another advantage of opting for web check-in is that you gain an edge over those who don’t check-in online in terms of picking the seats you want. Web check-in enables you to choose the seats you would like after consulting the seating plan made available online. Now, is that great or what?



Honestly, there are few things as dreary and draining as having to wait for your flight at the airport. So, if you have to wait, might as well make yourself comfortable. Getting a membership to an airport lounge not only gives you a respite from all the crowds and the commotion, but you also get a whole lot of other benefits such as Wi-Fi access, numerous power outlets to charge your devices, and complimentary snacks!



Air-travel can be extremely exhausting and uncomfortable, which is why you should do whatever you can to ensure even the slightest bit of comfort, and honestly, nothing screams ‘Comfort’ quite like a nice little care package of knick-knacks and snacks.



Getting hungry during travels is a very common phenomenon, but thankfully it is one you can avoid by ordering yourself a special meal. Don’t want to spend extra on airplane food? Don’t worry! Just make sure you pick a seat close to the front of the plane so that you are served first.



If you are someone who worries a lot about disturbing a stranger every time you need to go to the washroom, or being disturbed by some who needs to keep going in and out, it is best that you opt for the middle seat. 



A lot of airlines offer premium seats for a nominal fee. Premium seats give you more space and leg-room which is why we highly recommend that you do your homework before finalizing your seats. It could make all the difference in terms of how comfortable your journey turns out to be.



Luggage mix-ups are the absolute worst! The best way to stop such a problem from arising is by carrying luggage that is easily distinguishable. It will save you a lot of time and trouble.



We all know that plane fares fluctuate a lot, depending on the day and season which is why it is highly recommended that you set up a price alert on Travel Gooru. We are an online service that can help you keep track of airline fares and help you compare and choose the cheapest flight option available. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets with Travel Gooru and save big bucks on your next flight!

1 - 8 Business Hacks for Travel to Make It More Comfortable

8 Business Hacks for Travel to Make It More Comfortable

While we all love traveling to the place of our choice, most of us do not necessarily prefer everything that traveling entails, such as long queues, crowds, and commotion, layovers that are hours long, and tedious airport security checks, which is why Travel Gooru has compiled a list of 8 hacks or tips to make your business travel more comfortable and less daunting and tiresome. 


1. Become a Member of an Airport Lounge Club

Let us be real for a minute here, nothing drains your energy and tries your patience quite like having to wait for your flight in a sea of humanity and all its incessant chatter. Well, what if we told you that you could secure a quiet reprieve for yourself while you wait? Yes, you heard that right! All you need to do to make sure your wait is quiet, peaceful, and comfortable is to become a member of a lounge club. Not only do you get peace and quiet and the chance to catch your breath away from all the commotion, but you also get access to numerous power outlets to charge your electronic gadgets, Wi-Fi connectivity, and complimentary snacks!


2. Accumulate Frequent Flier Miles 

It is true what they say, commitment and consistency really do pay off in the end. How so? Well, you can rack up your frequent flier miles by sticking to one or two airlines of your choice and traveling with them whenever you have to. What do you get in return? Well, loyal customers are offered all kinds of perks and upgrades such as complimentary drinks and priority boarding! 


3. Be Sure to Update Your Passport

This one really is a no-brainer. It is highly advised that you make sure your passport is updated so that you are not taken by surprise at the very last minute. It is best to stay prepared and update your passport well in time.


4. Travel Smart with Bare Minimum Luggage

There is nothing worse than having to stand in line to get your baggage checked-in. Wait…actually, there is; losing your luggage or becoming the victim of a baggage mix-up is much worse. So, why not make things easier for yourself and avoid all that hassle altogether. Travel light with only the bare essentials and carry them in small, compact, and easily identifiable bags. It will save you a whole lot of trouble later.


5. Comfy Clothing is the Way to Go

Airport wear is all about comfort. After all, you don’t want to be traveling for hours on end in clothes that are uncomfortable or unmanageable. In fact, the best strategy is to layer up when traveling so that you can shed or add to your clothes depending on how hot or cold it gets.


6. Arm Yourself with Munchies of Your Choice to keep Hunger Pangs at Bay

The food served onboard is not exactly what you would call appealing or appetizing, which is why we recommend that you carry your own snacks in order to keep the hunger pangs at bay. After all, good food ensures that a person stays in good humor. 


7. Take a Pass on the Free Drinks Served Onboard

As tempting as it may seem, trust us when we say that consuming the alcoholic beverages served on board is a bad idea when you are on a business trip. When doing business, it is essential that you have a clear mind, so resist the temptation to indulge yourself and opt for water or fruit juice instead, to stay hydrated.


8. Stay Committed to Your preferred Hotel

Being a loyal customer pays, even when staying at hotels as they get a lot of privileges such as personalized services, suite upgrades, free buffet lunches, and more such amazing perks!


In the beginning, business travel can seem exciting – a short break in the office routine, a chance to discover new places. But after a while, the stress of air travel and living out of a hotel room can begin to wear on you. Thus, go for the above-mentioned tricks to make some annoying bits more endurable. 


Are you looking to book a flight or hotel? Well, look no further. Travel Gooru is the best place to check and compare air travel costs, make hotel reservations, and find the most economical choice available!