10 Hotel Tips No One Taught You

10 Hotel Tips No One Taught You

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you’ve probably noticed some interesting tricks that you’re unaware about. Some people are aware of it and hence always seem confident when dealing with stuff at the hotel. These are most likely things that your hotel staff isn’t going to tell you, either because they don’t want you to know or they wouldn’t think to share them with you as you don’t seem like the curious one!

For this purpose, we have listed some 10 lesser-known hotel tips and information that no one taught you or is willing to tell you upfront. Here are a few of the tricks that you must definitely keep in mind the next time you book a room.


  1. Go for a corner room

If you feel claustrophobic in tiny hotel rooms, there is an easy way to upgrade without asking for a bigger room. In such a situation, ask for a corner room, where more space is for sure available.


  1. Remotes are dangerous

It is a fact that remotes are touched by everyone but are rarely cleaned! A quick swipe with some wet tissues or a damp towel can help a bit but make sure to be careful with each use.


  1. Join the Hotel’s Loyalty Club

Even if you’re planning a one-time stay, joining the loyalty club can have some benefits. It takes less than 5 minutes to fill out an application for a hotel’s loyalty program, and it can pay off in benefits that are only offered to loyalty members. In most cases, loyalty clubs are free to join, and since you’re staying there anyway, you might as well earn some points for it.


  1. Stars have no standing

When we see a five-star hotel, we immediately think that these are the best of the best, the fanciest hotels available. These stars in reality indicate the number of amenities available; for instance, the room size, pool, Wi-Fi, etc. Thus, you can stay at a five-star hotel, but you may experience what we would regard as one-star.


  1. Always offer a review

This always helps in all situations. Sometimes it leads to an upgrade, better rooms, or even a complimentary breakfast. Just say the word and get lucky.


  1. Ask to view different rooms

If you aren’t satisfied with the first room you get, ask if you can look at the other rooms available. In most cases, the managers try to fill the least desirable rooms first, so you may be surprised to find that other available rooms have a much better view, or even more space.


  1. Always check the drinking glasses in your room

In most cases, the drinking glasses are cleaned after every guest. But how are they cleaned? By hand presumably. That’s why in such situations, always give them a rinse and a sniff, at least, before use.


  1. A Hostel is a better option

Hotels are a great option, but they are invariably expensive. Hostels, on the other hand, are far better, in order to save money and meet new people while traveling.


  1. Never put your luggage on the bed

Bed bugs are like bad nightmares. Placing your luggage on the bed can give them a free ride to your next location, like your house. In such a situation, the luggage rack can be a good option, since it’s usually close to the bed. Even if the hotel is a posh one, always be aware of the fact that it can happen anywhere.


  1. Use the “Do Not Disturb” Sign for Security

If you’re staying in a hotel and do not wish to leave your expensive stuff alone with the housekeeping, keep the sign outside your door for the length of the trip. They won’t know if you’re out or in, and who really needs the room cleaned every day?


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