Top 7 Tips for a Healthy Travel

Top 7 Tips for a Healthy Travel

Travel is the best part of life. Experiencing new places, cultures, taking in new areas, interacting with new people, and seeing how the rest of the world lives is one of the finest blessings one can have. But traveling can be hectic and can take a toll on our health. It is never fun to get sick on a vacation.

Thus, to help you stay healthy and aware, we have listed some tips so that you can stay as healthy as possible when you’re traveling.


  1. Eat healthy while traveling

Travelers who desire to eat healthy when traveling must plan ahead. When heading out on a vacation, make sure you carry fruits and nuts with you. It may not always be possible, but try to ensure that you make eating well a necessity, rather than a luxury. Limit your portion sizes and foods high in salt, fat, and sugar.


  1. Plan well and travel light

Before a trip, always undertake comprehensive research. This must apply to all aspects of the trip, as a little bit of preparation goes a long way. Understand what you’ll need before you leave for your travel and make sure you’ve planned for all minimum necessities. Try to pack light so that the rest of the trip can allow for stress-free exploration.

Check advisories and warnings on the country’s government website, check out blogs or social media for up-to-date data, and visit the tourism board of the country you are planning to visit.


  1. Get good sleep

If you have a travel schedule of 8 to 10 hours, sleep is essential for mental and physical health. It is impossible to underestimate how important it is to get adequate sleep while traveling. Try to sleep as much as possible on the airplane. Also, if you are landing at night, try to be up during the flight and sleep as you reach the destination.


  1. Visit the doctor before you leave

Scheduling a visit to the doctor is highly recommended. Most nations need proof that you’ve received vaccinations to enter. Also, you’ll be able to get all the essential medications you need from the doctor, that may not be easily available in the destination you’re traveling to. You must also take a prescription from your doctor stating the medications you are on, their dosage, and the generic names to avoid confusion. Antibiotics and medicated creams are very vital to have on hand.

For general packing, you may include:

  • Cough medicine
  • Fever medicine
  • Throat lozenges
  • Motion sickness tablets
  • Nasal sprays
  • Medicines for constipation or diarrhea


  1. Vaccines and Medications

The ideal way to have a healthy travel lifestyle is to know what vaccines will protect you. Make sure you visit the doctor and get all the necessary vaccines and medications. This can include Yellow Fever, Cholera, Hepatitis A and B, and Thyroid Fever.


  1. Maintain personal hygiene

Follow simple hygiene practices when you’re traveling such as washing hands daily. It is proper to take with you some tissues, wet wipes, screen, sanitizer, face wash, and soap, etc to keep yourself clean. You can also carry extra undergarments and a towel in case you need to take a shower or change somewhere. More so, carry a good SPF sunscreen. This sunscreen will go a long way to take care of your skin texture.


  1. Stay hydrated

It is very easy to forget to consume adequate water when you’re traveling, and this can lead to dehydration. It is vital to remember to drink plenty of fluids, even if this means using an app to remind you. Carry your own reusable travel bottle instead of purchasing disposable plastic bottles. Also, make an effort to eat foods that energize the body, such as fresh veggies and fruits. It is also a good idea to take an electrolyte solution along with you if necessary. Make sure to have purified water, for that purpose, always carry purification tablets. They work well and if you let it stay for a while, you won’t even taste the chemical process.


Perhaps the most vital thing to remember is that when you take care of your body by eating well and exercising, you’ll feel better. You will have more energy and you’ll be more relaxed.

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