7 Unmissable Places to Visit in Japan

7 Unmissable Places to Visit in Japan

Japan, ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ is one of those countries which tempts almost every traveller. It is a warm, welcoming, and fascinating travel destination with something for everyone. This island nation presents a seamless combination of ancient traditional architecture with futuristic buildings. Amazing kinds of cuisine that originated in Japan surprise the taste buds of even the most enthusiastic foodies. You can also meditate peacefully overlooking expertly placed dry landscapes or slowly stroll along the meandering paths lined with lush green maples and cherry blossoms.

We at TravelGooru believe that your journey to Japan should leave a life-long impression on you. It takes a lot to create a truly memorable vacation. That’s why TravelGooru is here to help. For your convenience, we have listed 7 mesmerizing places to visit in Japan!


  1. Tokyo

This massive metropolitan is not to be missed out on when in Japan. Travelers who like to mingle with people would love Tokyo. Lying at the center of the world’s most populous metropolitan area, Japan’s futuristic capital is an incredible place to explore. Renowned for its skyscraper-filled skyline and cutting-edge technology, Tokyo is also home to some awe-inspiring temples and museums that showcase Japan’s rich history and heritage. Just walking the streets of this city can be an exhilarating experience.


  1. Kyoto

Known to be the most beautiful city in Japan, it is a treat to visit the nation’s capital for over a thousand years. Kyoto is a series of perfect moments, each to be relished. You’ll find wonderful palaces and idyllic gardens with 2000 Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples to checkout. Its historic district, Gion is also worth exploring where you can find lots of geishas and traditional inns. Kyoto is lovely to visit at any time, however, it is particularly magical when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.


  1. Nara

Nara is worth visiting especially for those who want to explore and know more about the traditional Japanese culture, history, and temples. Considered to be the birthplace of Japanese civilization, this ancient former capital has many historic sites for its visitors to enjoy. Do visit the gorgeous green Nara park home to the city’s tame deer that walkabout asking tourists for food. You’ll also find the multi-storeyed pagodas, stone lanterns, and beautifully landscaped Japanese gardens. The highlight is the Todai-Ji temple with awe-inspiring architecture and an enormous Great Buddha.


  1. Hakone

With beautiful scenery, relaxing hot springs, and a number of world-class art museums, Hakone is one of the most popular destinations in Japan located just a short train ride from Tokyo. It lies on the shores of Lake Ashi and one of the most popular things to do is take a boat ride on one of the pirate ships that sail around the lake. Enjoy the breath-taking views of the lake’s stunning scenery and the majestic Mount Fuji in the distance.


  1. Ishigaki

If you love beaches, Ishigaki is where you should go. It is perfect for visitors who want to go snorkeling, beachcombing, diving. Ishigaki also has the highest mountain Okinawa Prefecture and various hiking trails throughout the island’s hilly interior. You can also explore the other islands in the Yaeyama archipelago located south of Tokyo.


  1. Hiroshima

Hiroshima is located on Honshu island and is well-known for being flattened by an atomic bomb in World War II. It has been remarkably rebuilt and has transformed into a lively modern city. Some popular tourist attractions are the Peace Memorial Park, Mazda museum, and Hiroshima Castle. It also serves as a gateway to some beautiful islands including the famous Miyajima shrine.


  1. Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a popular sightseeing destination. Its most famous attraction is Kenroku-en which is considered to be one of the most beautiful landscape gardens in Japan. You can also visit the famous Samurai and Geisha districts and the Omicho market which is famous for seafood. It is a unique and worthwhile place to visit.


These were some of the best places in Japan which make it an ideal travel destination. If you wish to see all these stunning places in Japan, connect with us at TravelGooru today. Explore Japan in a unique and personal way. Our services open closed doors, putting you on the inside of Japan’s cultural world.

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