Top 5 Countries You Should Visit in South America in 2021

Top 5 Countries You Should Visit in South America in 2021

South America is home to the longest mountain range in the world, the world’s largest river basin, the driest place on Earth, the second largest river, and one of the greatest concentrations of biodiversity on the planet. It has a variety of rich cultures, history, traditions, food, and once-in-a-lifetime places to visit. Nature lovers will enjoy the amazing wildlife in the Amazon, while shoppers can choose between upscale boutiques in big cities or the colorful markets of the Andean villages.

You can explore the lost cities of ancient civilizations, enjoy the beautiful scenery or try out the local cuisines. The entire area is also quite cheap by international standards. South America is a continent that will leave every traveler wanting more.

After a year like this one, we all deserve a vacation. You should be happy to know that South America is open to tourism now. Here’s a list of 5 countries in South America which you must visit, in the year 2021!


  1. Bolivia

Home to the highest city in the world, La Paz, and the Amazon rainforest, Bolivia feels like a dream come true. Enjoy a historical education from the local people of Bolivia where many will recognize the name La Higuera as the Final Destination of one Che Guevara. You must explore the world’s largest salt flat, the Uyuni salt flat and if you’re lucky, you might also spot some flamingos. You must also visit the massive Andean Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake, and explore the nearby islands such as Suriqui. Given the Bolivian landscape, visitors can expect plenty of physical activity. If planned right you’ll find the ideal location to chill and let your mind process the thrill of it all.

Also, given the situation of the pandemic, the country, fortunately, has fewer cases and fewer restrictions. With the vaccine hopefully being rolled out starting in April 2021, there should be lesser cases the rest of the year.


  1. Colombia

The most popular destination of Columbia is Cartegena which has a rich cultural scene with festivals throughout the year, museums, and art galleries. You can find the walled historic center and the iconic fortress and experience how the Colombians share the collective wealth when it comes to their dynamic landscapes and cityscapes.

In Medellin, a city known for its annual flower festival, one can take a ride on a popular Metro cable or stay put on the ground at Laguna de Guatape and Parque Explora. Whatever your preference, plan enough time to explore from city to city especially considering the scenic elements of places such as Bogota and Salento but also the day-to-day urban excitement of this developing country. Once you enter, everything is functioning almost, as usual, meaning there are almost no restrictions on where to travel, where to eat, or where to stay.


  1. Chile

Chile is packed with stunning landscapes and outdoor spaces, ranging from volcanoes to beaches to glaciers to mountains to deserts to forests. Views in Chile will absolutely leave you stunned and give you the chance to reconnect with the natural world. The Inland provides a variety of adventure opportunities from Torres del Paine National Park or Altiplano lagoons of San Pedro de Atacama. One must visit Isla de Pascua, which we all know as the Easter Island where you can also go scuba diving.

Chile is a trekker’s paradise and is home to some of the best single and multi-day treks on the planet. One of the most well-known treks is the W Trek, which can be completed in five to seven days. Additionally, you must also visit Valle de la Luna (Valley of the moon) where you will see an incredible set of landscapes. It will make you feel as if you’re on another planet.


  1. Peru

Peru is one of South America’s most well-known destinations. The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu is the highlight of all Peruvian travels but Peru has so much more to offer.

Cusco, with its lively square, quirky museums, markets, and traditional performances, is exactly the type of destination you’ll want to linger in, and let’s not forget, it’s also a good place to adjust to the altitude!

The most popular tourist attractions of the capital city of Lima are Plaza de Armas, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the San Francisco church. One can also experience all that is Miraflores for a broader view of the city.


  1. Brazil

Brazil is famous for being home to one of the world’s top football teams, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, and the remarkable Iguazu Falls. It is an exciting world travel destination that will give you a lifetime of memories. Salvador, a beautiful old town that showcases 17th and 18th-century colonial architecture is a charming city to behold. Its rich culture and vibrant arts scene shine throughout and it is a lively place to be, especially during the carnival. Brazil is more than just great outdoor sports and views. It also offers some fantastic food and wine. Brazilian food is warm and homey – kind of like the food your mama makes. So, if you’re dreaming about Brazil, visit it and don’t delay warm moments and experiences in life. We recommend that you live the adventure you always dreamed of.


With vaccination slowly but definitely reaching most of the world in 2021, it is highly likely to be the ideal year to book a tour or holiday in any country in South America. We at TravelGooru can help you find good deals on tours and accommodation, but best of all, we will easily find you amazing hotels or best attractions with almost no one else around.

Also, we make it easy to cancel or reschedule a trip if a COVID-related difficulty arises. Begin planning your dream vacation with us at Travelgooru. Connect with us today to know more!

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