7 Tips for Your First Trip to Ireland

7 Tips for Your First Trip to Ireland

Ireland is a country with incredible scenery, delicious food, super friendly people, and lots of things to see and do so it’s no wonder that it is a dream tourist destination for so many people. Ireland is ideal for couples, families, and solo travelers, and of course those with Irish heritage. Ireland is an amazing country with a lot of culture and heritage, but it can also be daunting for the first-timer.

From local food to local language, packing tips to Pub etiquette, Galway to Dublin, and everything else, it’s best to know before visiting Ireland for the first time. This list will give you some pointers for your trip to Ireland so you know what to expect!


  1. Ireland has a wealth of ancient monuments, ruins, and landmarks that deserve exploration. Visit them all! There are many things Ireland is popular for, but some of the most notable are the striking natural landmarks and the stunning man-made monuments. Called the Emerald Island due to the green hue that covers it, Ireland is covered with famous castles, bustling cities, beautiful natural settings, ancient and recent monuments. To explain better, one such place is the Giant’s Causeway. Located in Northern Ireland, this is another UNESCO Heritage site in Emerald Ireland and is very popular for its weird-looking hexagonal rock columns. There are roughly 40,000 of these interlocking basalt columns, resulting from an ancient volcanic eruption. It is a truly unique place and a very enjoyable one to visit with family. The walk along the shore to the rocks is stunning. Being able to simply hop from one basalt column to the other, and contemplating this geological wonder is a remarkable experience.
  1. Remember that this is not Disney World: This place is quite real and can be quite strict on alcohol consumption (there are penalties if caught). Please try to please drink responsibly.
  2. Dublin and the surrounding areas are not Ireland. Ireland is the rest of the country, including the beautiful countryside, coastline, and cities that most tourists don’t know about (i.e., Galway). Spend your time exploring other parts of the country and you will be well rewarded!
  3. Driving in Ireland can be a bit hairy for newbies. If you haven’t driven a stick in a while, take it slowly and learn the best way to drive to avoid potential mishaps.
  4. Plan your trip ahead of time especially if you’re flying into Dublin. Make sure you know when the buses run and when they do not, as getting around can be difficult without them (and the taxis can be pricey).
  5. Expect hot weather in Ireland during the summer months. Bring sunscreen! The summer days grow longer and you can expect more daylight and stunning late crimson sunsets with moderate to warm temperatures. Here, summers are much drier and everyone seems happier; however, you can still expect rain and wind, so be prepared.
  6. Go for guided tours for specific activities


Sometimes while traveling to distant places tourists stay away from guided tours because they don’t know if it’s really important. In Ireland, we recommend taking guided tours as they are beneficial in order to go to places that are a bit out of the way, give you plenty of vital information and tips about the sights, and you only have to pay one cost. Guided tours offer diverse options at a variety of prices, which is definitely a benefit. But don’t always jump to something more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

Ireland is home to the friendliest people, quaint towns, breath-taking sceneries, and endless amounts of beer and once you experience, it, leaving can seem nearly impossible. We at TravelGooru, work by the motto to help you make your travel easy. We keep reading interesting posts about traveling and expand our horizons to meet your expectations.

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9 Stunning Places to Visit in South Korea in 2021

9 Stunning Places to Visit in South Korea in 2021

South Korea is becoming a rapidly attractive travel destination for tourists from across the globe. Rich with culture, history, and tasty cuisine, the East Asian nation is packed with beautiful scenery.  Museums and galleries? Check. World-class dining? Check. Nightlife that never stops? Best party places ever! The only question is: where to begin? Here is our guide to the most stunning towns and cities of South Korea.


  1. Seoul

South Korea’s capital is a whirlwind of action, a high-energy hub of 10 million people who fully embrace the work hard, play hard mentality. And since South Korea is small, with Seoul a mere four-hour train ride from even the farthest-flung city, it’s easy to go full vacation mood and explore the country at large. We recommend that you spend at least a week here so that you can really explore Seoul and also take a day trip or two. Every Seoul neighborhood has a different vibe. Itaewon, Hongdae, and Gangnam are some of the most popular neighborhoods, but Insadong, Jongno, and Dongdaemun have their own attractions around. Seoul is contemporary, prosperous, and full of cafes and pubs; but it also has many historic places to visit, like the Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung palaces, for admirers of traditional architecture.


  1. Damyang

This charming place is located towards the southern tip of South Korea and is a small country containing many small towns and villages. Tourists visit Damyang for its treasure of bamboo, including a bamboo theme park and a museum. Tourists use bamboo kitchen materials and other potential gifts, as well as taste unusual bamboo wine or ice cream. One can also explore the nearby hiking opportunities around the mountains of Chuwolsan and Byeongungsan.


  1. Yeongam Gurim Village

As well as being a historic South Korean village, this charming place is close to the Wolchulsan national Park. The place is abundant with many historical stories and features, offering plenty of cultural tourism resources. It includes 12 pavilions including Gukamsa Shrine and Hoesajeong Pavilion, stone walls, traditional houses, and old oak trees. The Wangin Cherry Blossom Festival and Chrysanthemum Festival are held here every year.


  1. Jinhae

Japan may be famous as being the iconic destination for seeing cherry blossoms, but destinations like Jinhae prove that South Korea is just as worthy of attention. This place isn’t a huge town, which makes the tourists visiting during its annual Jinhae Gunhangje Festival even more impressive. The best place within the city to see the cherry blossoms is by Gyeonghwa station, where there is a mile-long stretch of trees. The festival features art, cultural performances, parades and attracts more than 2 million tourists annually.


  1. Boseong

This small but picturesque county is the tea farming capital of South Korea. Tourists come here to see the traditional terraces farmlands dotted with local women handpicking tea leaves. The green tea found here is known for its exquisite quality, which has been developed over a 1600-year history. Along with these tea fields, the area is surrounded by an impressive mountainous landscape, with cedar trees that can reach a height of 20 m.


  1. Deokjeokdo

This small island is off the northwest coast of South Korea. The place is popular for its relaxing beaches and hiking routes. It is secluded but has a decent selection of guest houses, restaurants, and hotels. There are both sandy and pebble beaches and a stunning pine forest where tourists can enjoy a shady walk. While there are many islands for visitors to choose from around the country, this is a popular choice with those staying in Seoul, as it makes a perfect day trip from the city.


  1. Busan

Busan is a famous destination for tourists as it boasts a combination of vibrant beaches, city life, and historic buildings. It is the second-largest city in South Korea, placed on the south-eastern corner of the mainland. Haeundae Beach is famous, although it can get busy at times. Other great beaches are Songdo and Daedepo. The city is cosmopolitan, modern and fashionable, and is home to the world’s largest departmental stores, sophisticated cafes, and traditional markets.


  1. Jeju Island

This vibrant island, just 85 km off the coast, is one of the most beautiful places in South Korea that one must surely visit. Having been voted as one of the new seven wonders of nature, the pristine beauty of Jeju islands will take your breath away. Beautiful white sandy beaches encircled by pine forests, volcanic craters, lava caves, botanical gardens, and rich culture are some of the highlights of this natural paradise.


  1. Darangee Village

This small village in South Korea is home to a magnificent hillside slope full of more than a hundred rice terraces that look out over the nearby coast. As you can probably imagine the stunning scenery is an absolute dream for photographers. The area around the village is home to walking trails and panoramic viewpoints. So, you can appreciate this coastal spot from every angle.


With so many amazing experiences and sights to offer, we hope you’re excited and all set for your next vacation to South Korea in 2021/2022. Let Travelgooru’s expert trip curators help you plan your vacation to South Korea as we put together the ultimate holiday, you’re searching for based on your preferences while you sit back and relax.

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