7 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

7 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

When we think of Bulgaria, the only scene that comes to our mind is majestic mountains alongside golden beaches, historic towns, and working villages locked in age-old traditions. The country is rich in nature, history, and unforgettable memories and experiences. In most cases, Bulgaria is not really imagined as a must-visit and the outcome is that it is often overlooked in favor of its European neighbors. But, being an overlooked country makes it more favorable for one. To visit Bulgaria is to open yourself to many soul-stirring mountain ranges, and off-beat-track experiences.

Seven mountain ranges form the backbone of the nation with folkloric villages, glacial lakes, and forests hiding bears and wolves. If you like to travel like a local, head to some of the finest destinations in Bulgaria, according to the Bulgarians. Read on to see why you must visit Bulgaria and the gems that are waiting for you!

  1. Veliko Tarnovo

One of the finest places to visit in Europe, Veliko Tarnovo stands out for its breathtaking elegance. The town is placed on the banks of the yatra river, which offers a picture rescue backdrop for this historic Bulgarian settlement. When visiting the town, we at Travelgooru recommend walking on the Bishop’s Bridge. This is a very romantic place that was built in the late XVII century. Wine enthusiasts and history buffs are sure to always have a gala time here.

  1. Nessebar

Positioned in the eastern part of the country on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Nessebar is an ancient city from the Burgas province. Also known as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, the city is an ancient one that started as a Thracian settlement and later became a Greek colony of Mesembria. On visiting, you’ll be greeted by a romantic atmosphere with well-preserved churches, cobbled streets, ancient ruins, wooden houses, and beautiful beaches. These attractions have given Nessebar a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  1. Arbanasi

This is a small village located close to Veliko Tarnovo, on a hill. The village offers charming cobblestone streets and ancient houses surrounded by high revival style stone walls, in addition to stunning views of Tsarevets and Veliko Tarnovo. Locals recommend this town to be one of the most popular destinations in Bulgaria. We at Travelgooru recommend visiting the Nativity Church, which is one of the most popular attractions as it contains beautiful frescoes from the 17th century.

  1. Varna and the Black Sea Coast

Apart from its mountainous side, Bulgaria is also popular for its beaches on the Black Sea coast. A part of the 250-mile coastline is home to stunning sandy beaches. The sunny beach offers the most popular for all holidays to Bulgaria. Also, Varna is one of Bulgaria’s most famous coastal cities and the main gateway for those heading to the beaches of the Black Sea coast. This is a favorite of all the locals and is a port city charm complemented by its historic landmarks including the archaeological museum and the Roman baths.

  1. Burgas

Burgas is the fourth largest Bulgarian city that offers an industrial feel along with seaside feels. This is a port city and a famous holiday resort with stunning beaches and happening nightlife. Apart from cultural sights, exciting history, great shopping opportunities, and beautiful beaches, the place offers a good selection of cafes, restaurants, galleries, museums. At Travelgooru we recommend visiting the Sea Garden which is a beautiful public park with stunning sea views.

  1. Sofia

At first, Bulgaria’s largest city seems to be another bustling, urban capital, but there are layers of history to be discovered in the city. We at Travelgooru recommend visiting the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which was built in the memory of the slain Russian liberators who helped free Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. Hop on to the trams built in the Communist era to check out the many neighborhoods of the city.

  1. Plovdiv

Europe’s oldest inhabited city, Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s second-largest town and is home to a charming old town packed to the rafters with 19th-century colorful mansions that have been restored as galleries, museums, and guest houses. It has been turned into an open-air museum of Bulgarian culture. During the Bulgarian revival period, the town became one of the most important commercial centers, and many wealthy tradesmen and merchants built their houses here. The old town, with its colorful buildings and cobblestone streets, offers a very different feel.


Bulgaria observes a temperate continental climate and its southern parts are influenced by the Mediterranean stream. On the other hand, the climate of the eastern part of the country is affected by the Black Sea. One can find a lot of sunny days from May to October and winter makes the country ideal for a lot of winter sports. Winter sports is one of the most prominent Bulgarian things to do for adventure-seeking tourists.

From fabulous geological formations to cultural museums, across the length and breadth of Bulgaria, you’ll find charming, captivating, and awe-inspiring sights that simply shouldn’t be missed out on. If adventure travel is your lifestyle, then Bulgaria is well worth the visit. The above-listed iconic places to visit in Bulgaria might help you know where to begin when you travel next to the land of roses.

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