5 Essential Tips When Travelling to Finland

5 Essential Tips When Travelling to Finland

Traveling to a new place can be a whole event, especially when you don’t know anything about the place. It helps to have your own personal guide who can help you out. This is a guide on the basic tips and tricks to ensure you have a smooth trip to Finland. Anyone considering travel to Finland must always check the latest information from the local authorities regarding requirements for international passengers arriving in the country.

Passengers arriving in Finland are subject to health and safety measures. It is important to check with the finish border guard for the latest information. We have listed some tips that one must keep in mind while traveling to Finland:


  1. What vaccinations do I need?

There are no specific jabs that are required to Finland but it is recommended that you are up to date with your home country’s requirements. The medical facilities in Finland are amazing and very easily accessible so you do not have to worry about that. Due to COVID, it is better to check the guidelines pertaining to the vaccine before travel.


  1. Is tap water safe to drink in Finland?

This is not known to a lot of people but the tap water in Finland is ranked as some of the best water in the world so there is no need for you to waste your money or time by buying bottled water. Drinking tap water is a privilege that Finns get to enjoy on a regular basis. Finland’s tap water is among the highest quality in the world and is not only completely safe but a pleasure to consume. In Finland, tap water has been found to be significantly cleaner than bottled water. You can drink tap water everywhere you go. You can also fill your own bottles with refreshing and clean spring water for free, as many locals do.


  1. Is it normal to tip in Finland?

Tipping is a habit in Finland but it is not a hard and fast rule there. When, where, and how much is not standard. The service is included in the bill itself so it is the discretion of the customer to pay a little extra or not. Hotel staff is rarely tipped, except when a long-term guest leaves. Taxi drivers also do not expect anything but it does not hurt to round up the fare while paying. If you wish to give a tip, you can do so in cash or by allowing an extra charge on your card. It is always okay to leave coins. If you use your card to offer a tip, you can let the waiter know the price you want to pay. Furthermore, it has also become very famous that the card terminal itself asks you if you would like to give a tip. The idea is to make tipping easy for you if you would like to do it. However, always know that there is no pressure. You just need to select yes or no to continue.


  1. What souvenirs are good to shop for in Finland?

It would be a shame if you traveled all the way to Finland and did not go souvenir shopping for your friends and family back home. A famous and popular item is a couple of Marimekko fabrics which are typically known for their kooky patterns and bold colors. Another great item would be a little item of glassware from Iittala. This brand is famous for intricate craftsmanship and offers great pieces to make a statement in your living room. If you are looking for something a little more practical, you can get the traditional Lapp hat which is worn by a lot of people.


  1. Is it safe for a single woman to travel?

Finland is one of the leading countries in the world for gender equality and this is showcased in the everyday functioning of the place. It is incredibly safe for women to travel there. Nevertheless, women should take care while walking and traveling alone at night and keep an eye out for their food and beverage, not just at bars but anywhere in the world. One must use common sense, and be careful at night and avoid the desert and poorly lit streets. Apart from that one will have no safety problems in Finland.


Ultimately, Finland is very safe to visit, and its capital, Helsinki, is ranked ninth on the list of safest cities is in the world. Transportation in Finland is very reliable, even though the routes can be a bit dangerous during winters, and also, it is best to be careful in public transport, as it is the place where pickpockets operate. As for natural disasters, Finland is threatened by occasional flooding during winters, as well as snowstorms. However, Finland doesn’t have many natural disasters to worry about.

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