5 Best Places to Visit in Uruguay

5 Best Places to Visit in Uruguay

When you think of fabulous tropical destinations for your next vacation, trip, or getaway, places that probably pop into your mind are Brazil or Argentina. But what about Uruguay? This country may be small but that is by no means any measure of all the culture and beauty it has to offer. Stable, progressive, safe, and culturally bold, Uruguay offers visitors opportunities to experience every day ‘not made for tourists’ moments’, whether caught in a traffic jam on a dirt road to nowhere or strolling with locals along the beachfront. Curious? Let us show you why Uruguay would make the perfect destination for your next vacation. Here is a list of 5 places in Uruguay that will make your vacation something you will remember forever!



1. Colonia del Sacramento

This UNESCO-protected heritage site dating all the way back to the 17th century is truly a sight to behold. The ephemera and poignant ruins of the erstwhile colony, along with the charming cobbled streets are sure to take you back in time and give you a memory that you will cherish forever. It is an easy day trip via ferry from Buenos Aires, and we at Travelgooru recommend an overnight stay!



2. Punta del Este

Move over Saint-Tropez! Punta del Este is the new party destination! Its iconic cityscape stunning beaches and glamorous parties attract tourists from all over the world.  Frequented often by the rich, beautiful and flamboyant, it makes for the perfect destination for both, those who like to party and those who like to observe the upper crust elite in their natural habitat. The city is the most important center of international investment for luxury developments in Uruguay. Whether you prefer staying at a golfing resort, a popular casino hotel, countryside, or surrounded by artworks, this city has got you covered. The place is a perfect mix of natural and urban environments. If a trip around South America is on your bucket list, you cannot miss the coastal city that has it all.



3. Laguna Garzon

Not a fan of the fast life? Don’t worry, Uruguay has something for everyone! Just make your way down the coast of Punta del Este to the calm and serene Laguna Garzon. This scenic spot is the perfect place for bird-watching and appreciating nature in solitude. You can experience the peaceful beauty of Laguna Garzon and connect with nature! If that is not a priceless experience, we don’t know what is!



4. Montevideo

The capital of the nation of Uruguay, Montevideo is full of life and people. The hustle and bustle of the locals going about their day only add to the charm of this city’s vibrant culture and past. Montevideo is a fascinating and beautiful blend of the old and the new, the past and the present, boasting wonderful churches and mansions dating back to the 18th century, quaint cobbled streets, and the gorgeous Palacio Salvo with its curious and compelling mix of Art-deco and Gothic style architecture.



5. Tacuarembó

There is no way you can go to Uruguay and not visit Tacuarembo! Nestled at the foothills of the beautiful Cuchilla de Haedo, and the home of the beloved and legendary Tango sensation- Carol Gardel- Tacuarembo is a spectacular vision and a true testament to the Gaucho! In fact, a trip to this city mandates a visit to authentic cowboy raunch to experience the gaucho life in all its colorful and splendid glory! Cowboys, horses, and verdant avenues are sure to make this trip a truly unforgettable experience.


Uruguay is synonymous with a high quality of life, being one of the safest countries in Latin America. When going on a vacation the last thing you want is to be stressed, but sometimes you can’t help being suspicious when walking at night or getting anxious about falling asleep on the beach. This is not the case in Uruguay and many people go there specifically because it is such a laid-back and relaxing place.

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