10 Things that You Must Do In Serbia

10 Things that You Must Do In Serbia

Serbia is a lively combination of untainted landscapes, authentic history, and rare natural beauties. This Eastern European country has a rich and varied past, from the eclectic vibrancy of Belgrade to the calm spa towns of Sokobanja and Vrnjaka Banja, and still preserves a distinctly old-world flavor, though this does not make it an undeveloped backwater.

This country is packed with attractions that satisfy history lovers, partygoers, and those looking for adventurous locations. Even though the country is filled with both natural and historical spots for your eyes to feast upon, here are a few top spots that you must visit.


1. Devil’s Town

The peculiar geomorphological location of Devil’s Town, located on Mount Radan, is a top destination for those looking for a little Serbian mystery. Legend has it that the 200 natural stone sculptures that comprise this eerie town are actually a bunch of terrified wedding guests, located 700 meters above sea level and wedged between two ravines.


2. Belgrade

The colorful capital of Serbia offers the perfect mix of art, culture, and delicacies to feast on. The bold street art and the soothing spots such as the Belgrade Waterfront you will be able to witness something exciting happening in every corner of the city that is plopped between the Danube and the Sava rivers.


3. Drvengrad and Šargan Eight

Experience the scenic beauty Serbia has to offer with the Šargan Eight heritage railway. If the village appears a little like a movie set, that’s because it was designed to look like one. It began as a film set for local director Emir Kusturica’s film Life is a Miracle and has since evolved into an ethnic open-air museum with a focus on the arts.


4. Uvac Special Nature Reserve

Uvac Lake, Zlatar Lake, and Radoinja Lake come together to give you the ultimate experience of mother nature at its best. This reserve is protected mostly to reserve its lavish birdlife, especially the griffon vulture – the reserve’s treasured symbol. Not only can you enjoy the colorful and lively birdlife but can also explore the magnificent caves that line the crystal blue waters. The best way to explore is through boats.


5. Gamzigrad-Romuliana

This UNESCO World Heritage site is just south of the Danube river. There are stunning walls and temples to visit (for a nominal fee), as well as hot springs and even a tetrapylon, at this late Roman imperial palace and memorial complex (cubic Ancient Roman monument).


6. Sokobanja

Tucked between two mountains you will find Serbia’s most popular spa resort- Sokobanja. As you enjoy a breath of fresh, crisp air and admire the serene surroundings, let the cool water of Bovan lake, the largest waterfall in all of Serbia, let all your stress washdown. If you are looking for some adventures around the same, you can always opt for hiking and trekking trails along the river.


7. Vrnjačka Banja

Vrnjaka Banja exudes peacefulness and invites you to discover something magical around every bend in the trail, from the man-made lake to the fanciful waterfall. Before entering the large decorative Japanese Garden, take a stroll through lush green parks, cultural centers, and natural sulfur springs.


8. Tara National Park

Tara’s lush scenery and stunning ravines are the best features of Serbia’s spectacular crown. The stunning Drina River canyon, one of Serbia’s most beautiful streams, flows proudly through its forested slopes. And that’s not all that makes water babies happy. Tara’s two lakes, Peruac and Zaovine, are both great for swimming and kayaking.


9. Djerdap National Park

You can find surprising cultural riches all throughout the place. The park spreads from the glistening Golubac Fortress to the dam in Novi Sip, flanking the Danube. Climbers and hikers can enjoy the park’s untamed terrain and local cultural legacy.


10. Zlatibor

Zlatibor is a top destination for rural, sport, and health tourism, as well as organizing a variety of special events each year, thanks to its natural features. During the summer, there are festivals such as the Trumpet Festival and exhibitions of traditional folk art.


Serbia is vast with many small and large locations one can only dream of. They are serene, beautiful and give the visitors a chance to explore more of its lands and magnificent sights. If you know a location that should’ve been included in this list, please comment below. We are always open to learning more from our readers!

Top 10 Attractions You Must Visit in Tunisia

Top 10 Attractions You Must Visit in Tunisia

Tunisia, which is often thought of as only a beach vacation, has a plethora of unexpected tourist attractions and things to do for those who travel away from the sand.

This is North Africa condensed into a small package. In the towns, there are pastel-washed alleyways and bustling souk streets to discover; in the countryside, there are old ruins to discover; and the huge desert expanse of the Sahara to the south, with its sweeping dunes, rugged mountains, and secret, palm-tree-filled oases.

Tunisia was Rome’s breadbasket, and the Romans’ cultural legacies are more than enough motivation to pay a visit. However, the country contains some of the most exquisite examples of Islamic architecture in the region thanks to the history of Arab empires.

It’s time to head into the Sahara to taste the raw, empty beauty of the Sahara after craning your neck at Kairouan’s minarets and playing gladiator at El Djem. The golden hour at the sun-kissed beaches decked up naturally with beautiful palms is all the sights that are waiting for you to be seen.


1. El Djem Amphitheater

This remarkably well-preserved Roman relic is Tunisia’s top tourist attraction and is one of the best examples of amphitheater design still surviving in the world. The fortifications’ massive weight serves as a reminder of Rome’s once-dominant grasp on North Africa.
Imagine yourself walking across the huge steps of the area as the gladiators did and soak in its beauty, imaging the glorious battles that once took place in the same arena.


2. Djerba

If you are planning on getting tanned and relaxing to the lapping sounds of the waves, then this beach is the place for you to visit. The island of Djerba is a picturesque land of palms and whitewashed houses. The shopping the Houmt Souk is an attraction in itself.
Walk down to the sandy beach of Djerba with the best handicraft items the Houmt Souk’s market has to offer and relax where summer daydreams are made.

3. The National Bardo Museum

It is one of the top museums of North Africa with the world’s most largest and important pieces of mosaics. It’s a demonstration of the spectacular, exquisite creativity of the Roman and Byzantine eras, with artifacts hand-picked from Tunisia’s most important archaeological sites. If you are in the capital, this is a must-visit on your to-do list.

4. Grand Erg Oriental

The huge Sahara desert encompasses much of Tunisia’s interior, and the Grand Erg Oriental, an expanse of sand dunes, is the most magnificent part of the desert. For many people, this is an adventure playground where they can ride dune buggies and go on camel treks, but nothing beats sitting atop one of these massive sand dunes and watching the sunset over the Sahara.

5. Carthage

The mystique ruins of the grandam are now a part of Tunis’ suburb area and stand as a reminder that even the greatest cities could be brought down. This is not just a historical tourist spot but is also a UNESCO world heritage listicle which one should not miss out on.


6. Sidi Bou Said

The whitewashed lanes, wrought-iron window frames, and bright blue doors are the epitome of Tunisian village architecture, and the Mediterranean backdrop is just what makes this place a highly photogenic spot. So lay back and get lazy while you take a stroll on through the lanes of Sidi Bou Said.


7. Bulla Regia

For those who love a good jump into history, this is the most intriguing sight to see. The Bulla Regia is the villa built by the Roman inhabitants to cool of the harsh summers and have cool, livable houses. Even though they might not have their original look, but these well-preserved villas with large, beautiful mosaics are still something that you must visit.


8. Chott el Djerid

This spread-out salt pan is one of a kind desert where you get to see beautiful yet bizarre sights depending on the changing season. With shimmering mirages on the horizon and jigsaw puzzle pieces of blindingly white, cracked soil underfoot, these sights are seen during the summers.

During the winter, however, the basin partially fills with water, forming a strange lake in the middle of the desert plains.


9. Sousse Medina

Tucked away behind the builds of Ribat and Kasbah, the medina is waiting to be explored. Rimmed with whitewashed houses and a shopping paradise the quiet alleys of the medina is a place to go to enjoy the essence of the local feel


10. Hammamet

The soft, white sand beach with the Mediterranean as an added charm, this is a laid-back beach vacation, perfect for a sunbath. Enjoy stress-free walks by the medina and push away your worries to the serene sounds on the waves by Hammamet.

Tunisia is a land of diverse cultures and historical points that one can never forget. These are just the top 10 must-visit attractions that we recommend but feel free to explore the beautiful cities for local food, handicrafts, or just enjoy the scenic sights.

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