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7 Things You Need to Know to Plan a Trip Around the World

When you think of exploring different destinations across the globe, it can really sound fun and mind-boggling. The different views, tasting various cuisines, learning about new cultures and traditions, soaking up the history and art of that specific place, it all can be overwhelming, but the experience is worth it. But do you know what can be more overwhelming? Planning for the trip around the globe.
There are many factors that come in place while planning for a trip around the world. Factors such as the amount of time for traveling, your budget, and the places you want to visit are essential criteria you need to plan for.
Once you have fixed an approximate time period you will be setting aside for your travel and the budget, you can then focus on how to plan the trip so the time and the money you are shelling out doesn’t go to waste.
With that said, Travel Gooru is here to set your mind at ease by coming up with this list of 7 things that can help you plan your trip without wasting any of your resources.

1. Preparing an itinerary for your ‘around the world’ bucket list

Once you’ve compiled a list of ideal places for your trip, choose up to five that are absolute must-sees—these will form the foundation of your around-the-world itinerary. The rest of your itinerary will fall into place around those stops, depending on schedule, weather, and other factors.
As you plan for the destinations, also be sure to check in with the season, cost, and the travel forms that are the most suited for you. Planning in advance and booking for it can help save a lot of time and money which can be invested at the destination.

2. Picking the route around the destinations

Depending on your current location, you need to decide the direction in which you will be traveling in order to minimize the time for settling in and getting rid of the jetlag.
You also need to check the route fares and see which is the most feasible by both the cost and the time. Some transportation routes might be easier to get to the next location based on the location, availability, and the weather.

3. Research about festive activities of our priority places

When you have created a list of destinations you have planned on visiting; obviously, there will be one such place that you want to explore the most according to your likeness. If that is the case, make sure to research the place, the festivals, or the activities that the specific place is famous for, and then plan for your trip accordingly to get the best experience.
Most of these activities feature the rich culture or the traditions of that place or in honor of someone else’s. As they are mostly year-round, the dates for the same can be researched well in advance.

4. Cross-check your budget with the selected destination

While many places on your list may be budget-friendly, it’s always good to go prepared. Make sure to check the currency values and how much fits into your budget. Every landmark has price variations, and some may go above your budget.
If the destinations you have planned for have the option of advance booking, make sure to check it out so that you get to plan your budget accordingly and you don’t miss out on the quality experience.

5. Have all your documents in order

Traveling with your necessary papers and documents goes without saying. But when you are traveling to multiple cities and places, you may require to get your papers in order well in advance.
Major documents required for tourists while traveling can be found in the travel and tourism section of the countries’ domain. Apart from the major documents like visas and check-ins, you also need to be familiar with what destinations require permissions and how well you have to apply them in advance.

6. Get the right credit card

Traveling with less cash on you and just a credit card can sometimes be the most convenient way to travel. Before you do that, don’t forget to check if the card you plan on carrying is accepted in the places you are traveling to.
Some places might not accept the credit card of the bank you have, some may not accept credit cards altogether. Plan well in advance about how much cash you are to carry and where using your credit card would be most convenient.

7. Be ready to miss out on a few places

There can be no perfect plan or the perfect route that can help you see the sights you wished for. Due to changing weather, long time traveling, places that might be out of your budget, last-moment emergencies, and a pandemic, things may not always go your way.
So while we wish for you to complete your whole trip with ease and minimum mess-ups, we also want you to prepare yourself for missing out on a few spots.

So this was a list of 7 things to help you plan your ‘around the world’ trip with very few hassles. We hope it serves some use to you. If you have traveled across the globe already, feel free to mention some of your experiences or stories that may come in handy to our readers and future travelers.

Happy Traveling!