58 - 5 Underrated Destinations In The Philippines To Visit

5 Underrated Destinations In The Philippines To Visit

When someone utters the name Philippines, we instantly imagine clear blue waters, beautiful white sand beaches, and those dreamy sunsets. There is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
But with this blog, Travel Gooru brings you five underrated places that you need to visit the next time you find yourself vacationing in the Philippines.

Anda, Bohol- The untouched paradise

While Bohol remains the country’s top tourist destination, what you have been missing out on is the scenery and tranquility of the meandering seaside drive cannot be overstated.
Deep blue waters adorned with colorful bancas, fishermen casting their nets in the anticipation of a nice catch, can be seen to the right.
To the left, tiny attractive settlements are nestled between lush verdant hills and lime-green rice terraces. The drive itself is unique. Quinale Beach is a long expanse of beautiful white sand that meets the bright blue seas of the Gulf of Mexico.
It’s calm and pristine, and it’s mostly known only by locals. There are isolated coves and bays not far away from where you may rent a boat and go dolphin watching. Lamanoc Island provides a mystical and one-of-a-kind experience. A canoe will transport you across to the mythical island after a short walk on bridges through a mangrove forest.

Catandunes- Happy Island

With its windswept hills, rocky cliffs, and deep emerald oceans, the island province of Bicol, located east of Camarines Sur across the Maqueda Channel, is a great destination for nature enthusiasts. Binurong Point is a dramatic scenery of grassy stone slopes that plunge into the sea, reminiscent of a scene from Wuthering Heights.
The island’s perimeter is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, secret coves, and lagoons with crystal clear waters. Both Tuwad-Tuwadan Lagoon and Soboc Cove are worth visiting. Beautiful waterfalls like Solong Falls and Hicming Falls can be found further inland, nestled in the rainforest.

Zamboanga- The cultural pot

This underrated destination is quite unique for its richness in culture, history and tasty delights are some of the starting elements of this location. With the world-famous pink sand beaches, Zamboanga is also home to several indigenous tribes such as Balanguingui.
The local vernacular, Chavacano, is a combination of many languages and dialects that best represents Zamboanga’s Spanish past. It is reported to be 80 percent Spanish, with Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Portuguese, and Italian thrown in for good measure. Zamboanga has gained the title of Asia’s Latin City thanks to the numerous colonial buildings that dot the city.

Bacolod, Negros Occidental- A haven for your taste buds

There is something for everyone, from savory delights like finger-licking chicken inasal and cozy batchoy to sugary treats like napoleones. Visit some of the spectacular heritage mansions of the great plantation dons to have a peek at the glamorous days of the old. Great examples include Balay ni Tana Dicang, Daku Balay, and The Ruins.
The exciting MassKara Festival is also held in Bacolod. People celebrate and march in vivid, multicolored costumes in the streets every October. The city is exploding with color and is alive with music and dance. Those who want to combine a city visit with a trip to the beach might visit the neighboring islands of Sicogon (in northern Iloilo), Lakawon, or Danjugan.

Siquijor- The island of fire

It is said that this region has witnessed a massive earthquake along with a thunderous storm. It is then that this island rose mysteriously from the depths of the ocean. This island is known to be a safe haven for witches, shamans, and mystical creatures alike.
With its natural beauty of almost snow-white shores, it is a call to all those who’d enjoy serene biking around the island. Snorkeling can be done solely by jumping into the water, but experienced divers can explore a coral wall that stretches from Paliton Beach to Tubod Beach.

Waterfalls and lagoons hide within the lush greenery, showing themselves to anyone willing to venture into the heart of the island.

These places may have grown in popularity in just the recent years but still are underrated compared to the scenic destinations in The Philippines. With these places being a part of your next trip to The Phili, it can be said that these five places along with a few select others, make up for the perfect summer destination this year!
If you have already been to The Philippines and have visited some places that you feel should have been a part of this list, comment below and let the future travelers enjoy the beauty that you did.

Happy Travelling!