59 - 7 Secret Travel Destinations in France

7 Secret Travel Destinations in France

France is the most popular travel destination in the world, with Paris bagging the place as ‘most visited city in the world’. While every part of France is beautiful and scenic in its own unique way, larger masses usually plan to visit the same old places that have been repeated in travel lists for god knows how long.
Travel Gooru is here to help you plan an offbeat experience for your next trip to France. Worry not as these locations are equally beautiful and as these may not be as crowded as the hot spots of France, you can enjoy your time and wouldn’t have to wait to get that perfect click.

Clos Montmartre

This is indeed a hidden gem when compared to the famous Eiffel Tower. Clos Montmartre is an actual vineyard that is right in the middle of the French capital. Those who have actually been able to include this place in their itinerary have expressed that this is one location that should not be missed. So the next time you are in or around Paris, make sure to spend a delightful walk in this hidden vineyard!

Gorges du Verdon

This beautiful canyon is formed by the Verdon river. The deep blue water here is just too relaxing and appealing. Just by spending some time among the white limestones and blue waters in the backdrop, we assure you to have a very calm and relaxing visit.

Viaduc de Millau

An architectural paradise for those who bridge, the Viaduc de Millau is the tallest bridge in the world. Looking at this bridge in the photos and then looking at it in real life has a huge difference. The pictures don’t do the real structure any justice. Cruise down this bridge and enjoy the experience of driving on the world’s tallest bridge.


Etretat or The white cliffs of Etretat are along the Alabaster Coast of France. This 80-mile stretch of beautiful coastline with a height of 300 feet is something that you should experience at least once in your life. The beauty of this place is such that it has attracted many artists from the 20th century and continues to do so.

St Malo

This historic walled city was famous among the pirates in the olden days so pull out your pirate hats and visit this city to know more about its rich culture and maybe live the private’s way for some time. The tranquil streets of this city are lined with small eateries and cafes where you can enjoy a good glass of wine and a few pieces of cheese.


Impressionist painters such as Monet and Boudin enjoyed Honfleur, a Normandy harbor. They were inspired by the changing light and gorgeous quays, and even today, if you take a photo in the same area every day, you’ll notice that no two are alike. Visit the town’s vibrant market on Saturday and stock up on local cheese. A word of advice if you are to visit this picturesque town is to carry a blank canvas and paint your heart out. The panorama is just too beautiful and ever-changing.

La Camargue

The vast Rhone River splits south of Arles, France, on its final push for the Mediterranean, creating the Camargue, a triangle of wetlands, grasslands, dunes, and salt flats. Long-horned bulls and white horses gallop semi-free in this wide, marshy environment, flamingos fly overhead, and gardians—cowboys—work on their manades (ranches) in France’s version of the Wild West.

These were seven secret travel destinations that we feel you should include the next time you plan a trip to France. If this has sparked your interest in exploring places that are still underrated and hidden from the masses, make sure to check out other blogs.

Happy Traveling!