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5 Things to Do in Egypt for Your Next Trip

Throughout its history, Egypt has been one of the best destinations in the world. With its rich roots of diverse cultures, antiques, and various religious monuments, the mix of all this surely does increase its charm. Another reason why Egypt has always been on top of travel destinations is because of its surreal geographical location and the beautiful climate conditions it has to offer.

Vast deserts, magnificent coastlines, hundreds of kinds of aquatic life, mountains, and the enchanted River Nile all make for a fantastic journey. Not only does Egypt contain the gorgeous cities – Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza – but it also has a plethora of things to see, do, and shop for. Here are six things to do the next time you are in Egypt.

1. Scuba diving at Hurghada

The Egyptian Red Sea coast is known for Hurghada, which offers a variety of entertaining activities to do in Egypt in December. The breathtaking scenery, including coral reefs, crystal blue oceans, and sandy shoreline, makes this an ideal location for diving and snorkeling. The blue waters with rich coral life are one place where you invest your time and money for a new scuba dive is worth it!

2. Hot air balloon- Luxor

View Ancient Egypt’s wonders from a higher vantage point. Glide over the Pharaohs’ pyramids, monuments, and burial grounds, and explore one of history’s most storied times from a unique perspective that only a hot air balloon can provide. Luxor is a living museum, and a balloon journey there is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

3. Skydiving at the pyramids

If the concept of throwing yourself out of a plane gives you a rush, this is a step up: you can throw yourself out of the plane while looking down on a world wonder. While looking at the pyramids from the foot of it seems really mind-boggling, having an aerial look is something that you should try!

4. Rock climbing in Dahab

Rock climbing and bouldering in Dahab’s desert mountains may be for you if you enjoy being outside and working up a sweat in an extreme fashion. Rock climbing is self-explanatory, but don’t expect the simple indoor gym variety; we’re talking about actual crags and mountain faces here. The good news is that rock climbing courses for beginners, intermediates, and experts are available in Dahab, so there’s something for everyone.

5. Stargazing in the Sinai desert

In the solitude of the desert, get away from the crowded resorts and marvel at the sky’s stars. There are a variety of packages available, but the majority involve a camel ride from Sharm El Sheikh to the desert, as well as food and entertainment. An astronomer will also accompany you on your journey through the stars and planets.

6. Fish at Lake Nasser

The Nile perch is the world’s largest freshwater fish, and it lives in Lake Nasser. In this tranquil, distant region, you can also catch Tigerfish and Moonfish. If you’re searching for a peaceful area to unwind, this is the spot for you; you might even catch a prize fish!

So here are a few spots that we think you can include in your itinerary the next time you plan your trip to Egypt!

Happy Travelling!