Client Blogs - Hidden Gems You Must Visit at Least Once in New York

Hidden Gems You Must Visit at Least Once in New York

New York – and famous sights like the Brooklyn Bridge – attract a large number of visitors. Culture vultures are kept delighted by art galleries, history museums, and world-class Broadway plays, while shopaholics are teased by massive department shops, and world-trotting foodies are satisfied by restaurants. However, life in the Big Apple goes well beyond the tourist hotspots and well-known landmarks.

New York is a tourist’s paradise! What do you get when you mix millions of people, diverse cultures, stunning architecture, delectable cuisine, and world-class museums? Exploring this city is an absolute must. Travel Gooru brings you the top 7 hidden gems that you must visit at least once on your next trip to the big apple.

1. Overlook park

Not only does Overlook Park in Cohoes includes one of New York’s most beautiful waterfalls, but it also has lots of areas to explore or set up picnics with a view.
Falls View Park, located nearby, is a 192-foot-long pedestrian bridge that spans the School Street Power canal, offering stunning views and glimpses into Cohoes’ industrial past.

2. Sundown wild forest

Mountain ridges overlooking forest canopy and stunning sunsets are part of the appeal of this 30,100-acre park in the southeast Catskills, as is its name. Sundown Wild Forest, on the other hand, has a lot more to offer, from hiking paths to waterfalls and meandering trout streams.
Outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, mountain bikers, and those seeking lonely walks in the woods—and, of course, anyone who appreciates a beautiful sunset—all go to this spot.

3. Museum of ice cream

In a city full of well-known museums, there’s one that’s still off the beaten path — and it’s the best. The Museum of Ice Cream, dubbed “paradise” by sweet-toothed tourists, offers an interactive and lickable experience.
Spend the afternoon swimming in a sprinkled river, exploring the chocolate area, and sampling the huge ice cream sundae. Each summer, the museum pops up in a new place, and its email keeps you up to date on where it will be.

4. ‘Please don’t tell’ secret bar

During the Prohibition era, hidden bars rose to fame, and while there is no longer a need to hide, secret bars are finding their way back into the limelight. The entrance to Please Don’t Tell is hidden between 1st Avenue and Avenue A; only those who are “in the know” enter a phone box, pick up the phone, and buzz once.
If you’re allowed in, a door in the wall opens and you’re led into a tiny bar for a night of exquisite cocktails, delicious food, and, most importantly, cool secrecy.

5. Selkirk Shores State park

Selkirk Shores State Park has something for everyone, with 980 acres of Lake Ontario shoreline and a small boat launch with access to the nearby Salmon River. The lake’s beach attracts swimmers, but it’s also a popular sunset and bird-watching spot.
Visitors can go fishing in the lake or on the river, and can stay for a night or longer—campsites and cabins are available, making this a terrific way to see this hidden jewel amid one of New York’s biggest hidden gems, the Thousand Islands!

So if you are planning a trip to New York this year, make sure to check out these locations, and don’t forget to mention your experience in the comments section below for our readers to know and learn more!

Happy Traveling!