69 - 7 Hidden Gems in Spain that You Must Add to Your Bucket List

7 Hidden Gems in Spain that You Must Add to Your Bucket List

In 2019, over 82 million people visited Spain, making it the second-highest visited country in the world. With 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to know. Not just the UNSECO Sites but this country is littered with countless beaches, rich cultures and cuisines, and thousand more castles.

While most the tourists visit the famous cities such as Barcelona, and Madrid, this beautiful country has been highly underestimated for its unseen gems. Travel Gooru brings you the top 7 hidden gems that you might not be aware of but surely need to add to your bucket list the next time you plan a trip to Spain.

1. Alcalá del Júcar

This beautiful village is located on the rocky slope of the Jucar river. When we talk about its rich fertile land, unique location, and the location of the river, this really is a gem of a place. The small town is a beautiful site with a castle/fortress perched atop a massive rock, elegant white dwellings carved out of the rock, and a Roman bridge spanning the river below.
Aside from taking a stroll through the winding alleyways, one of the more intriguing sites to visit, is the Cave El Diablo, a makeshift museum/bar. You can tour different rooms and objects to get a sense of the history and everyday life in Alcalá del Júcar. Visit the 12th-century castle to cap off the day and take in the expansive views of the town and surroundings.

2. Babia

The Babia region, which includes the towns of Cabrilanes and San Emiliano, is situated in the northwest of Castilla y León and was designated a Biosphere Reserve in 2004. The Cantabrian Mountains, which divide Asturias from León and have peaks higher than 2,000 meters, including Pea Ubia at 2,417 meters, mark the reserve’s northern boundary.
This region is a paradise for ardent hikers and mountaineers thanks to its distinctive environment of snow-covered peaks, rock fields, wide valleys, and glacial lakes.

3. Carmona

Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla, a Moorish stronghold, is the most impressive structure in Carmona. The Prisoners’ Hall is currently all that is left of the palace that had existed inside the Alcázar. The stronghold itself is still worthwhile to see, and the Tower of Gold offers stunning views of Carmona.
Another must-see in Carmona is the Gothic church, Iglesia de Santa Mara de la Asunción. Although it doesn’t seem very spectacular from the outside, I’m sure you’ll be astonished once you go inside.

4. Cazorla

Cazorla is one of Andalucia’s most eye-catching communities. It is located within Sierra de Cazorla, a UNESCO biosphere reserve and the largest protected natural area in Spain. The community is encircled by olive groves and has a rough mountain backdrop.
The Upper Guadalquivir Museum of Arts and Popular Customs is housed in the Castle of la Yedra, sometimes referred to as the Ivy Castle, which towers over the whitewashed homes. Other notables are Las Cadenas Palace, Plaza de Santa Maria, and the Town Hall, which is housed in the stunning former Padres Mercedarios Convent built in the Renaissance style.

5. Cudillero

Cudillero is a historic fishing community located on the untamed Asturian coast, sandwiched between jagged hills and sandy bays. A small inlet is encircled by a semicircle of pastel-colored homes that fall down the slope. On top of the hill, there are many vantage spots from which to take in the breathtaking panoramas and Cudillero’s ancient old town.
The Chapel of Humilladero, the lighthouse, the fishermen’s taverns, the Plaza de la Marina, and Quinta de Selgas, a 19th-century mansion with a strong Italian and French architectural influence, are all noteworthy locations in Cudillero. I strongly advise taking a trek up to Cudillero’s lighthouse.
With these places on your list, Travel Gooru assures you that these locations will for sure create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So the next time you book your tickets to Spain, make sure to add these 5 places for the best experience!

Happy Traveling!