77 - 5 Things to Do in South Korea

5 Things to Do in South Korea

If you’re the kind of tourist who appreciates delectable cuisine, stunning architecture, fun festivals, and distinctive cultures (and who doesn’t?) South Korea is a fantastic place to travel. The list of things to do in South Korea is almost unlimited and is enriched with a rich cultural background that blends seamlessly with contemporary design, activities, and technology.

Rich in culture, history, and technology, Travel Gooru has brought you the top 5 things that you should do the next time your find yourself planning a trip to South Korea!

1. Get down with Karaoke

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, Korean karaoke. Bring your buddies together, hire a karaoke space, place a food and beverage order, and take the microphone! You are not required to wait in line or perform in front of a large group of strangers, unlike karaoke in the United States. Give a songbook to everyone and take charge of the evening.

2. Playing in the mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival

At least in Boryeong, the mud in Korea contributes to the experience of Korean beauty. This summer, experience K-Pop concerts, fireworks, and a tonne of mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival.
This mud is brought to playscapes on the Boryeong beach from the mud flats in Boryeong. This mud is utilized in a variety of silky-smooth, highly beneficial Korean mud beauty products. Naturally, both locals and visitors wait in line to roll around and have fun in the mud.

3. Busan in the summers

The second-largest city in South Korea is called Busan. The Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan encircle its location in the southeast of the nation. There are beaches wherever there are seas. Haeundae Beach in Busan is one of South Korea’s most well-known beaches.
Any time of year is a terrific time to visit Busan, but the warmer months, when there are more events and the beach season is at its height, are when the city really comes to life.

4. Sink in yourself in Korean Beauty

With so many Korean beauty alternatives available in South Korea, feel your very best. Visit a Korean salon to get your nails done (add some bling for the real Korean experience). Visit one of the many cosmetics stores in the nation to purchase skincare and makeup.
With some of the top plastic surgeons in the world, you could even try out plastic surgery. Or, you may take it easy with a quick and inexpensive process like laser hair removal in South Korea!

5. Indulge in the beautiful fireworks

What better way to celebrate than with fireworks, according to Koreans? In South Korea, there are numerous occasions throughout the year when fireworks displays are held, such as on New Year’s Eve or the last night of the Boryeong Mud Festival. The International Pyrotechnics Festival, for example, which is normally held in Busan and Seoul in the month of October each year, is one of the festivals that is completely dedicated to fireworks.

With these options and many more that fall under the mainstream of South Korean tourism, this place is one destination that you can’t miss out on! If you have any more things to add that you feel should have made it t this list, feel free to add them in the comments section below!

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76 - Top 5 Things to Do in Fiji

Top 5 Things to Do in Fiji

“Bula Vinakka!” is what you will hear when you travel to Fiji as a warm gesture. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, this is a tropical paradise for all beach lovers. From exotic white sand covered beached with sun-kissed skin, this place is one that you must visit!
The prospect of organizing a trip to Fiji can be overwhelming with its 322 islands to discover. How do you start? We advise setting up camp at one of Viti Levu’s opulent resorts and then organizing day trips by boat to some of the well-liked and more remote islands.


A thousand miles from everywhere, in the tropical paradise of Fiji, you’ll find waterfalls, rainforests, and white sand beaches. Here are some ideas for things to do in Fiji.

1. Rafting at The Upper Navua River

The Upper Navua River is among the most tranquil and stunning rafting adventures you can ever experience. Even though the class 3 and 4 rapids are gentle, the bumping up and down the river with your hilarious guides still gets your heart racing.
White water rafting is best done in Fiji if you’re afraid of it. The 26-kilometer journey passes through some of the most beautiful terrains you will ever see. Deep canyons encircled by lush jungle are home to waterfalls of all sizes.
A green tour is being offered here. Many Kava Ceremonies were held, and requests for permission to conduct whitewater rafting on the island were made to the village chiefs. All trips are handled by the locals, and all of the tour guides are residents.

2. Ziplining through luscious jungle

Zip lining is the top attraction along Fiji’s Pacific Coast, which is known as the adventure capital of the world. An afternoon-long canopy tour with 8 zip lines that soar over the jungle canopy is available from Zip Fiji. The lengthy, swift, and enjoyable lines are all three!
Ziplining is a green activity, like the majority of Fiji’s attractions. Instead of nails, ropes and harnesses are utilized to secure the metal platforms to the tree trunks.
When building zip lines, great care was taken to prevent disturbing the nearby plants. Flying over a virgin jungle canopy is an incredible experience.

3. The Oho Caves

Gilligan was stranded on a stunning paradise island populated by headhunters in Fiji, the home of the headhunter. A tour of the Oho Caves in Fiji can teach you a lot about the country’s history.
The first tribe in the region to renounce headhunting and accept Christianity was the mighty Navatua Tribe. After that, everything was different. When visiting Fiji, we heartily recommend participating in this excursion because the villagers and chiefs were so delighted to have us experience their community.

4. Swimming with the Manta Rays

There are so many islands that are just waiting to be explored, and one of the best parts of this experience is swimming with the Manta Rays. With that said, scuba diving is a very popular activity in Fiji with its crystal clear waters and mesmerizing coral reefs.
The right season for you to enjoy this experience is between May and October. During this time frame, snorkelers and scuba divers from across the globe find themselves in Fiji to experience this.

5. Spending some time in a traditional Fijian village

Take a boat down a remote river far from civilization and become fully immersed in Fijian culture. One of our favorite experiences in Fiji was stopping at Tuvu Village to partake in a Kava ritual with the locals. The afternoon is spent dancing, eating, and listening to music, and everyone is warm and hospitable.
Here you can enjoy a very authentic Kava Ceremony. Kava ceremonies happen at all resorts and around the island, but at a traditional village, it is done as it has been for centuries. Plus, the Kava mixture is potent. You’ll have a numb tongue for hours!

So the next time you find yourself at a tropical destination such as Fiji, Travel Gooru encourages you to not just enjoy the beach paradise but also experience these things. If you feel that you might have some other ideas and things to do in Fiji, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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