77 - 5 Things to Do in South Korea

5 Things to Do in South Korea

If you’re the kind of tourist who appreciates delectable cuisine, stunning architecture, fun festivals, and distinctive cultures (and who doesn’t?) South Korea is a fantastic place to travel. The list of things to do in South Korea is almost unlimited and is enriched with a rich cultural background that blends seamlessly with contemporary design, activities, and technology.

Rich in culture, history, and technology, Travel Gooru has brought you the top 5 things that you should do the next time your find yourself planning a trip to South Korea!

1. Get down with Karaoke

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, Korean karaoke. Bring your buddies together, hire a karaoke space, place a food and beverage order, and take the microphone! You are not required to wait in line or perform in front of a large group of strangers, unlike karaoke in the United States. Give a songbook to everyone and take charge of the evening.

2. Playing in the mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival

At least in Boryeong, the mud in Korea contributes to the experience of Korean beauty. This summer, experience K-Pop concerts, fireworks, and a tonne of mud at the Boryeong Mud Festival.
This mud is brought to playscapes on the Boryeong beach from the mud flats in Boryeong. This mud is utilized in a variety of silky-smooth, highly beneficial Korean mud beauty products. Naturally, both locals and visitors wait in line to roll around and have fun in the mud.

3. Busan in the summers

The second-largest city in South Korea is called Busan. The Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan encircle its location in the southeast of the nation. There are beaches wherever there are seas. Haeundae Beach in Busan is one of South Korea’s most well-known beaches.
Any time of year is a terrific time to visit Busan, but the warmer months, when there are more events and the beach season is at its height, are when the city really comes to life.

4. Sink in yourself in Korean Beauty

With so many Korean beauty alternatives available in South Korea, feel your very best. Visit a Korean salon to get your nails done (add some bling for the real Korean experience). Visit one of the many cosmetics stores in the nation to purchase skincare and makeup.
With some of the top plastic surgeons in the world, you could even try out plastic surgery. Or, you may take it easy with a quick and inexpensive process like laser hair removal in South Korea!

5. Indulge in the beautiful fireworks

What better way to celebrate than with fireworks, according to Koreans? In South Korea, there are numerous occasions throughout the year when fireworks displays are held, such as on New Year’s Eve or the last night of the Boryeong Mud Festival. The International Pyrotechnics Festival, for example, which is normally held in Busan and Seoul in the month of October each year, is one of the festivals that is completely dedicated to fireworks.

With these options and many more that fall under the mainstream of South Korean tourism, this place is one destination that you can’t miss out on! If you have any more things to add that you feel should have made it t this list, feel free to add them in the comments section below!

Happy Travelling!
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in China

7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in China

China was discovered through the writings of an adventurer more than 700 years ago and this large Asian country is regarding to be the perfect example of everything mysterious and exotic. Even after tremendous economic growth, this country has managed to retain its wonders and history. Thanks to its size, China is a limitless exploration location for visitors.

China has always opened its doors for tourism and has created the ideal vacation spots. Due to its rich culture and massive history, China’s vacation is the most favorable experience a tourist can expect to get. China is popular for its history and how it has protected and preserved it through its most popular museums. Every Chinese Museum is a hereditary treasure protecting the Chinese civilization. Remnants of the museums are the best evidence to tell us about the history of China. Some of the most famous museums which are a must-visit are the forbidden city, the National Museum of China, Potala Palace, and the Shanghai Museum. And many more. The history which China holds is so much more and bigger than these museums preserve and is truly a treasure trove of folk tales, legends, and myths.

Here is a list of 7 most visited tourists spots in China:


  1. The Great Wall of China

This Chinese monument is considered the most important one. It stretches more than 6,000 kilometers, passes through Hebei, Tientsin, Beijing, and these are also the locations of the best-preserved sections of the wall. The average height is 6-8 meters but the wall goes as high as 16 meters in some places as well.


  1. The Forbidden City and The Imperial Palace, Beijing

China’s largest and most important building, the Forbidden City (Zǐjìnchéng) is also known as the Imperial Palace. It is situated right in the middle of Beijing. It has multiple splendid palaces in one structure and holds immense value in Chinese history. This was the residence of the 24 Ming and Qing Emperors and their family members. Visiting the forbidden city is a must and with China’s rapid growth in the tourism industry, the place is going to get very crowded and filled with tourists in 2021 because of the very interesting history it holds. It is a captivating tour to walk through the forbidden city in Beijing. No commoner was ever allowed to step foot in the forbidden city, but now it welcomes many travelers each year.


  1. The Terracotta Army, Xi’an

This is yet another reason to visit China in 2021 as it is the most famous attraction of China after the great wall and one cannot leave the city without exploring these popular attractions. This is considered to be one of the most important archaeological finds in Chinese history. It is distributed over three large underground pits and was built to guard the First Emperor’s tomb. It includes more than 8000 life-sized warriors, 5520 horses, and more than 100 Chariots.


  1. The Summer Palace, Beijing

It is 15 kilometers from Beijing and it is set amid more than 700 acres of beautiful Parkland. The palace was built in 1153 and its lake was added in the 14th century. The main attractions include the magnificent Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, the throne; and the Great Theatre which was a 3-storey structure built in 1891 to satisfy the imperial families’ love of opera.


  1. Cruising the Li River, Guilin

The famous Li River is by the town of Guilin and for hundreds of years this place has attracted poets and artists alike and it is a view that is extremely beautiful up close. The best way to enjoy it is to take a cruise along the river, you can pick a tourist cruise ship or a small bamboo boat and the trip can last for a few hours or a few days.


  1. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Sichuan

The county’s top zoos hold some of the finest and most fascinating creatures but the best place to see them is in their natural habitat. Here you will have the chance to watch 80 pandas go about their daily routines, from foraging to playing in the park-like facility. Here you can get really close with some pandas and photograph them as well as the so-called red pandas which really look and act like raccoons.


  1. The Yangtze River and the Three Gorges

This important river is also the longest in the country and the third-longest in the world after the Amazon and the Nile. It is a major transportation route and a popular tourist spot. You can cruise through the river and view the historical attractions. The undeniable benefit of this attraction – the chance to watch it from the dams, coasts, and bridges of eight provinces. Strange as it may seem, one of the best views is visible from the observation deck of the hydroelectric power plant in Hubei. Here the river washes with its waters the rocky cliffs of the Three Gorges Dam: Quitan, Yu, and Silin. The dangerous shallows, roaring streams, and dramatically stunning landscapes, all this you can feel and see with your own eyes, becoming a part of the breath-taking adventure on the Yangtze River.


China has the most stunning mountains and very captivating landscapes and strikingly beautiful countryside. The yellow mountains, with their seas of clouds, and hot springs at the foot of the mountains are the main attraction for travelers. China is a must-visit country in 2021 as it holds so many captivating and beautiful sides, with the most hospitable people around the world who welcome you so warmly. The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest and it looks like China is definitely going to be the most visited country in 2021 and 2022 in the world undoubtedly.

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3 - 6 Tips to Travel Responsibly in Ladakh

6 Tips to Travel Responsibly in Ladakh

Ladakh is a victim of its own beauty. Every view there is breath-taking, the snow-capped peaks, the green valleys, and the desert slopes. The type of tourism in Ladakh has changed to suit all types. It caters to trekkers, bikers, and car drivers of sorts and makes sure everyone is included. The pressure of tourism has also increased pollution and depletion of resources and it comes down to us, the travelers, to maintain its beauty.


Here are some ways to ensure your trip has a positive impact:

1. Don’t Buy Bottled Water

There is no need to buy bottled water in Ladakh. Filtered water is equally safe to drink. Many hotels and guest houses will offer you this. You can easily fill up on filtered water in the town as well. You can invest in a Steripen which sterilizes the river water to make sure you have something to drink while trekking.


2. Stretch Your Legs and Lungs by Trekking

Trekking is one of the main reasons people visit Ladakh but these days the number of people interested in getting sweaty has fallen. Ladakh gives you the opportunity to view the sights which cannot be viewed otherwise. This also provides employment to the local guides and also ensures minimal damage is done on the trekking paths. There are various treks of different distances for you to explore. 


3. Give More Business to Simple Family-Run Hotels and Guest Houses

It is worrisome to think that up-market guest houses and hotels are getting more business than the local ones of Ladakh. One will obviously miss out on the Ladakhi culture by staying in high-end hotels as they cannot give the same experience and connection to the place. You learn so much simply by spending time with the locals which is an enriching adventure in itself.


4. Stay in Eco-Friendly Accommodations

One of the biggest challenges you will face in Ladakh is the lack of water. Most of the water comes from the glacier melt and in the high altitude, the desert land is pretty dry. There is hardly any rain so surviving becomes difficult during winters when everything is frozen. Water needs to be conserved by those living there. Be a part of that sustainable living and try to avoid overconsumption of water. Local guesthouses will also help you in becoming more aware and friendly about the same.


5. Share Transport

Another problem faced by Ladakhi is transport. There is a shortage of public transport and buses are the only option and those run only a few times a week as well. Visitors tend to hire private drivers which leads to a shortage of drivers and more cars with only 2 or 3 people sitting in them. You could share a taxi or book one driver for your whole trip, in fact, if you truly want to experience Ladakh, take a Bolero.


6. Buy Souvenirs Locally

There are a various gift and souvenir stores in Leh and they are packed with handicrafts. You can help the local business that is overtaken by big businesses and middlemen. You will find hand-knitted soft toys and lots of other beautiful items!


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2 - Skiing in Lech Zürs am Arlberg – The Darling Winter Slopes of Austria

Skiing in Lech Zürs am Arlberg – The Darling Winter Slopes of Austria

Lech Zürs is located close to the border with Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany. During the winter season, the place turns into a stunning wonderland with beautiful mountain views, delicious Austrian delicacies, and slopes that have played host to numerous ski adventures through the years. 


The Lech Zürs has a 200 km descent and is popular for its vast nature. Since 2013, the place has been connected to the one in Warth-Schrocken with the addition of a huge cable car circuit, which means that you can now easily ski across two major areas in one accessible resort. 


Skiing in Lech Zürs am Arlberg definitely means upping the bet. Vorarlberg’s position on the northern rim of Europe means fresh snow in abundance and the slopes present more variety and may often need a slightly more advanced skill set and confidence. 


For the beginners out there, the snow instructors in Lech Zürs am Arlberg will assist in various activities like snowshoe hiking, telemark skiing, off-piste skiing, accompanied ski touring, and heli-skiing. 


Be a Santa Claus for a day and have fun on an adorable sleigh 

That’s right, you can experience what it’s like to be a Santa Claus for a day! Instead of eight reindeers, you’ll be accompanied by a couple of enchanting horses across the snow-covered plains of Lech Zürs am Arlberg. 


There are other options too for a one-day trip or a round-trip ride. Among the places, you’ll get to visit while on the adventure are Alpele, Zug Church, Klosterle, or Auerhahn restaurant. 


The rest stops and mountains huts set a little up high are picturesque and retain an air of seclusion. It’s the top end of ultimate ski luxury and the resort makes sure to keep it that way. There’s something about the size and accessibility that keeps this delicate balance in strong check. The slopes of Lech Zürs am Arlberg are a network of dreamy power trails against a crisp blue sky. Also, down below the alpine village packs quite the buzz. 


Master the basic jumps at the Arlberg Ice Skating rinks 

Inside the Hotel Jagdhaus Monzabon, you’ll come by the first and only air-conditioned ice rink in Europe that covers nearly 300 square meters of artificial ice. On the other hand, there’s a natural ice-skating rink in Zurs, Skating Rink Zurs, which is open and functional all days of the week except Saturday. The rink also offers a range of skate sizes to give everyone a chance to enjoy the sport. In addition, you can play hockey or go alpine curling at the natural skating rink while enjoying hot drinks, music, and a heated hut. 


Bars in the village buzz with the same atmosphere up high, and in such a small village that is mixed with seasonal returnees, you can easily jump on board with the homely feel where everyone feels welcomed.


Want to book yourself a Skiing trip to Lech Zürs am Arlberg? Wondering how to go about booking tickets and making reservations? Never fear, Travel Gooru is here! Find all the travel information you need and compare prices for hotels, flights, and car rentals. For more articles on traveling, visit our travel blog now!

28 - 10 Destinations to Escape the Cold this Winter

10 Destinations to Escape the Cold this Winter

Wouldn’t it be the best if you could spend your Christmas and New Year under the sun in flip-flops and a skater dress or a swimsuit instead of being all decked up in fluffy and full sweaters? We all deserve an amazing vacation of the sun and beach and visiting during the winter would be the best time. Take advantage of your Christmas holidays to escape to one of these warm destinations to avoid the cold this winter. 


The weather in the Bahamas is always a green signal if you desire to escape the cold. Wear your flip-flops and enjoy nature in full swing. Though we recommend you not to visit between July and October as the hurricane season goes on in full swing. 


This is the best place to be if you desire to enjoy the heat of North America. We recommend that you must visit Marrakesh and Fez so that you can enjoy the souks and we are sure that the beauty of the medians would surprise you. 


Only January is wet and cold in Bali otherwise this destination is a heaven for vacation. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year by surfing on the West Coast. 


This is one destination which is far from the rains and cold and it is best to explore the city during Christmas and New Year. Get a picture with the tallest building in the world and immerse yourself in the luxury of the Arab Emirates. 


The best time to visit Thailand is Winters so that you can enjoy the night party life of Bangkok or even enjoy the great weather at the beaches like Koh Chang and Koh Lanta.


Seychelles is a large gigantic island with a stunning beach and the right place for you to be to escape the cold. The crystal-clear water with the sandy beaches, coral reef, and a swim during the blissful weather are sure to win your hearts.  


Hawaii is definitely the place to visit if you desire to go for an adventure and avoid the cold. You can divulge in trekking, hiking and lots of other thrilling activities. Visit Hawaii and enrich the local culture and easily escape the winters. 


This is a city of its own beauty where the weather is perfect to escape the cold and touch the summer love. Enrich the deep-sea fishing and do some scuba diving to embrace your soul in an ultimate manner. 


Jordan is one city that would be loved by those individuals who seek the sun, sea, and desert altogether. Make the most of it while visiting the popular city of Petra and the red desert of Wadi Rum. 

South Africa 

Explore Johannesburg and Cape Town, in the moderate weather along the southern coast of Africa. You will love nature and also get to experience the South African culture in full swing. 

To get more information or to get on board to go to these amazing destinations, connect with Travel Gooru where we have suitable flight offers for you so that you can easily live your dreams without burning your pocket.