27 - 10 Free or Cheap Things to Do in Chicago

10 Free or Cheap Things to Do in Chicago

There are so many attractions in Chicago that definitely need to be explored but are sure to involve expensive prices. You might have to spend on certain costly activities to enjoy the city for the first time, but luckily there are certain inexpensive activities that you can enjoy and can add to your itinerary. 

Chicago cultural center 

It is best to take advantage of the free art exhibits, music and dance performances at the Center every single day. They have free tours for the visitors and we would recommend that if you’re visiting the place make sure that you see the world’s largest Tiffany stained-glass dome in the Preston Bradley Hall. 

Explore the Lincoln Park Zoo

A stroll in the Lincoln Park Zoo is a quintessential Chicago experience. There are lions, gorillas, and tigers, and the experience there is overall engaging which for you would be completely worth it.    

Smart Museum of Art 

A tour of the Smart Museum of Art is another free thing that you can do. The University of Chicago Art Museum has more than 15,000 items to see and is mostly dedicated to European art, contemporary art, Asian art, and modern art and design. 

Stand at LaSalle St

This St. has become famous from numerous movies including The Dark Knight, Transformers and The Untouchables. This is a place where you should definitely go and get a picture clicked for those mesmerizing memories.  

Grab drinks at the Signature Lounge 

If you want to enjoy the beautiful Chicago skyline, pay a trip to the John Hancock Tower and visit the Signature Lounge which is just a floor above the observatory deck. This way you can enjoy your $8 bottle of chilled beer and a superb view. 

Try the Chicago-Style Hot Dog 

This Chicago variety is a must-have when visiting the city and is available at every neighborhood hot dog stand. They are basically buns with sausage and celery salt, sliced pickles and yellow mustard.  

Enjoy the views from the Navy Pier 

Entry to the Navy Pier is free where you just need to buy some tickets for the rides to enjoy. It isn’t really that expensive as you can enjoy numerous activities within $10. During the warmer weather, you can enjoy the fireworks visible from the pier. 

Rent a bike for 24 hours 

The first 30 minutes for the ride are free with a limit of nearly $9 for a 24-hour trip. It is best to ride a bike during the trip so that you can easily have an architectural tour, visit the city parks or even take in a game at the Wrigley Field. 

Go for a comedy show 

Chicago is famous for the comedy troupes there like Second City and the admission to these comedy shows is just $10. Visit Goldstar which is an online portal that enables you to fetch low priced tickets throughout the city. 

Make an Illinois resident your friend 

When in a new city, it is best to be friends with the people there to get to know the city better. An Illinois resident has free access to the Art Institute every Thursday night and you can take advantage of their zip code to save some money. 

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Travel Gooru Blogs 1 - How to Travel the World Living Out of a Backpack

How to Travel the World Living Out of a Backpack

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘travel light’ had probably never envisaged a person travelling, and the world no less, so light that they end up living out of a backpack. But no matter what anyone says, travelling the world out of a backpack is definitely a huge learning experience – one which takes a lot of courage. A lot of experienced backpackers recommend that everyone must have this experience at least once in their lifetime.

So, if you are looking for some adventure in your life which involves travelling the world living out of a backpack but have not the first clue as to how to go about it, then don’t worry since that is exactly what we are going to be talking about – how to travel the world living out of a backpack. So, read along and start jotting down the important points!


Prepare a List of Things

First things firsts, it is very important that you prepare a list of all the basic essentials which you will be needing to have a proper ‘living out of backpack’ experience. Typically, your list should include the following:

1. Getting yourself a bag!

The very first thing that your list should mention is getting yourself the right bag. Remember, when buying the right bag for backpacking, it needs to be the right combination of light yet sturdy.


2. Recognise all the gadgets you will need

Depending on where you are travelling, you must carry all the necessary gadgets. This may include the universal travel adaptor, locks for your luggage, etc.


3. Clothes and other items

When deciding what clothes to keep, your mantra should be ‘less is more.’ During this process, it is best to ask yourself the question ‘will I even look at it during my travels?’ if your answers range from no to maybe, then that article of clothing should not make your list.


Rules to follow when you live out of a backpack

1. Best to leave space

When travelling out of a backpack, it is highly recommended that your backpack isn’t full to the brim. It is best to travel light and leave space for all the things you may collect during your travels.


2. Remember to have a ‘day bag’

Always keep a small day bag with you handy, just in case you feel like exploring the town you are staying in without having the weight of your travel backpack weighing you down.


3. Be organised

This is the most important rule of backpacking around the world – be extremely organised. Your organisational skills will be the only things that will help you during your globetrotting travels.


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1 1 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget

Tips to Travel Japan On Budget

As a traveler, we all want to explore the world, but there are times when money becomes a barrier. Most of travelers think that Japan is an expensive country, and traveling there is nothing but a luxury. However, things are changing now. “The land of the rising sun” will no longer harm your pockets. So if you are on the verge of declining your tour to Japan because of excessive costs, then don’t.

Here we present you the top tips to travel to Japan on a budget.

Here we go!!!

Timing Can Save You

2 300x300 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget
Cheap Flights

Traveling in the peak season will cost you much more than any other time of the year. the accommodations and airfares will be costly as well during the peak season. So, travel during the off-peak season and will help you by saving a great amount of money.  On the other hand, the roads will be less crowded and that will create an opportunity for you to explore very bits of this country. Be mindful about the peak times and then pack your bags. However, try booking your tickets from Travel Gooru because it is easy and accessible to all.


Say No to Taxi

 3 1 300x192 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget

The common mistakes travelers make is by hiring taxis. In Japan, you will have buses and rail options to move from one place to another and they are so affordable. For instance, a taxi from the airport to the city center will cost around $200 whereas you can take a public bus and that will only cost you $35. The cost of rail is much lower than that of buses. So now you know what to choose and what not to.


Nothing Is Better Than Walking


6 240x300 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget

Have you ever wondered why do the Japanese have a long life span? The answer is very easy, they walk every time and everywhere. Japan is a walkable country and instead of wasting your money behind cars, buses and rails directly switch to walking. Moreover, you will be able to unveil every turn and corner of the country which is impossible from cars and other modes of transport.

Free Exploration

4 300x200 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget

Yes, there are some magnificent sights in Japan that you can explore for free. Exploring the Shinto shrine, public markets, contemporary architecture, and the parks will not even cost you a penny. Surprisingly these are just a few names whereas there are many alluring places waiting for you.


Grab and Go Meals

5 1 300x165 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget

Another tip is to get a takeaway meal rather than dining out in a restaurant. Food is expensive in Japan but if you grab your meal from a grocery shop then it will cost you way too less compared to anywhere else. You will get a box that contains sushi, noodles, and fresh fruits only just for $2.


Hostel Over Hotels

6 1 300x300 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget


Hostels are a better option when you are in Japan. Just for $19, you will get a hostel room with many amenities. Whereas, a hotel room will cost you more than $150 per night.  Therefore, don’t think twice while it comes to accommodation and book for yourself a room in a hostel. However, if you are still interested in booking hotels then Travel Gooru is at your rescue.


Don’t Use Mobile Data

7 300x200 - Tips to Travel Japan On Budget


Why do you need to buy expensive internet packages when can use free Wi-Fi everywhere and anywhere? You can find free Wi-Fi in the big cities of Japan and also from restaurants to shopping malls. However, if you don’t find Wi-Fi somewhere and you are lost then ask the people around you and they will never fail to help you.


Happy Traveling, Laura …

1 1 - Traveling Tips to Bali

Traveling Tips to Bali

Bali has always aced while giving thoughts about visiting any Southeast Asian country. I always knew it is a place that will grant me peace and tranquility.

However, the bonus point was that it is a very budget-friendly place to visit. As a travel newbie, I was certain that I can enjoy every moment in this sumptuous land without worrying about breaking my bank.

While I first decided to visit Bali, I had a certain plan and these plans will be the best traveling tips for you. Perhaps, this blog is all about the traveling tips to Bali.

I had searched for many traveling tips over the internet before starting the itinerary some worked like wonders and some were a complete fail. However, these tips listed below are my own experiences in Bali.


Traveling Tip #1

Crowds Are A Must

2 1 240x300 - Traveling Tips to Bali

If you think that Bali is all yours, then I would like to break your unrealistic bubble. Bali is one of the world most popular tourist destination.

Therefore, you should surely expect crowds in this corner of the planet. Bali is not an untouched paradise and you will be disturbed by traveler now and then.

But if you are desperately seeking for some alone time then head towards the secluded corners. Such as the central mountains or the north and west coasts.

Traveling Tip #2

Tons of Accommodations

3 1 209x300 - Traveling Tips to Bali

I always thought that I will surely have a hard time regarding accommodations in Bali. Perhaps, little did I know that it is so untrue. There are tons of accommodation in Bali.

However, the problem was that most of the accommodations were costly. It is very appropriate to state that the accommodation cost is pretty high in Bali apart from any other costs.

Whereas, I did not have to worry about it a lot because “Travel Gooru” is always by my side. It is an online platform that accumulates accommodations with amazing amenities with the best price for you. moreover, this was my savior.


Traveling Tip #3

Keep an Eye on Transportation

5 300x300 - Traveling Tips to Bali

On my itinerary, I thought about traveling by taxi so that I could communicate with the locals. But later I realized that it might rip off my pockets if not break my bank.

Taxis are expensive in Bali because there are many tourists and most of them opt to hire taxis. After hiring one en route to my accommodation, I thought that this cannot be the only way as it was costing me so much.

Then, I realized that Travel Gooru even provides rental cars as well and at amazing rates. Hence, without any second thought, I hired a rental car for the whole itinerary.


Traveling Tip #4

Respect Their Culture

6 300x200 - Traveling Tips to Bali

Religion is deeply rooted in the culture of Bali. Do not be surprised if you find out that the main roads are blocked due to any religious ceremony.

The most interesting part of my journey was that my driver pulled over a mid-trip to make blessings at a ceremony that was taking place by the side of a street.

It is truly the magic of this sumptuous island. However, I acquired a lot of knowledge from the locals about their culture which I assume I could not gain it from any online source.

Therefore, when you are in Bali dress in a modest way and respect their beliefs.


Traveling Tip #5

No Best Time to Visit

7 225x300 - Traveling Tips to Bali


If you are just waiting for the right time to visit Bali, then I would say that there is none. Bali is a place where you can visit around the year.

There is no best or worst time. However, travelers like to avoid the rainy season but according to my opinion, the rainy season even has its own beauty.

I visited Bali during the rainy season and as well as the so-called peak season. However, each season has its essence and you should experience both.

PRO TIP: Book your tickets with the help of Travel Gooru and stay carefree about peak and off-peak ticket fairs.


Happy Traveling, Laura …

1 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

I always knew that Singapore will not be easy on my pocket and yet I wanted to visit this glamourous land. It was hard for me to decide and plan the whole itinerary as I was a first-time traveler.


But once a traveler said it best that “traveling is to learn and unlearn things”. Hence, here my boring life ceased, and the new chapter of world tour began.


I am like any other traveler who loves to travel on very less cost. However, travelers like me need to go through a lot of resources and this is what I did during my first journey.


This blog is all about the budget-friendly approaches that I have applied to spend a wonderful time in Singapore. Perhaps, by the end of the blog, you will encounter an amazing tool that will help you to plan your budget-friendly itineraries. Stay with me till the end.


Budget Tip #1



2 300x200 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

The first thing that comes to our mind while heading toward a new land is about accommodation. I was even concern about this matter.


There were many accommodations that I found on the internet but all of them were very expensive.


However, I could not think of staying in a place where I will have to pay $100 for a night. Then, I came across “Travel Gooru”. It is an online platform that provides best deals on accommodations around the world.


Budget Tip #2



3 300x200 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

The next concern on my itinerary was about “budget-friendly place to eat”. The best advice that I can provide to any first-time traveler is that “street foods won’t hurt you”. Yes, you got me right.


If you are on budget travel to Singapore, then try out the street food stalls rather than going for any good-looking restaurant.


You will find the authentic taste of Singaporean cuisine in the stalls because the meals prepared in many expensive restaurants have a fusion taste to it.


Budget Tip #3


Getting Around

4 300x199 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

Many first-time travelers fall into the trap of extra transportation cost. The cab drivers in Singapore charge more form the tourist compared to locals.


I would have even fallen into the same trap if I didn’t find “Travel Gooru” at the right time. Along with amazing accommodation deals they even provide rental cars too.


With the help of the rental cars, you can save a lot of money and even head towards your desired tourist sight only with the help of a map.


Moreover, it is a win-win situation because it is budget-friendly and unlike any other transportation, you can move and plan according to your desires.


Budget Tip #4



5 300x200 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

Singapore is filled with shopping malls as far as your eyes can reach. But some malls are ridiculously expensive.


On my itinerary to Singapore, I wanted to buy things for my friends and family which would not rip off my pockets.


Perhaps, for that, I headed to the tourist market around Chinatown and Little India. I found amazing souvenirs from these spots. However, do not forget to haggle for the products that you want.


Budget Tip #5


Getting In And Out

6 300x300 - My First Budget-Friendly Travel to Singapore

The start and end of a journey are very vital. Most of us tend to spend most of your money behind the flight tickets but this isn’t the case anymore.


With the help of “Travel Gooru”, you can now avail amazing deals on air tickets. This amazing platform searched and compared various prices and then allowed me to save my money by providing an outstanding deal.



Traveling has no boundaries and it is something that you should always pursue. I was always skeptic about traveling to Singapore as it isn’t easiest on pockets.


But an online platform like Travel Gooru has always been a helping hand. Let money not stop you from dreaming and reaching too far away lands.


Happy Traveling, Laura …