St Maarten/ St Martin things to do

8 Unusual Things to do at St Maarten / St Martin

While St Maarten / St Martin is known for these white sand beaches, there are so many others things and activities this island in the Caribbean has to offer. If you are planning to travel here for your next holiday make sure to plan for at least 7 days. Only then will you be able to enjoy all the activities and explore the island.

Get the chance to explore two island communities inside a 37-square-mile area. St Maarten / St Martin’s spicy blend of Caribbean, French, and Dutch cultures mirrors the island’s physical diversity, which includes rainforest-like terrain, beautiful beaches, and incredible caves and fauna.

This combination of tropical beauty converges under the Caribbean sun to create the ideal setting for the most thrilling activities, allowing you to take home the best memento of all: amazing memories of fun, adrenaline, action, and quality time with yourself, your friends, and loved ones!


1. Boat racing with America’s Cup boat with the 12-Metre Challenge

Come aboard the winning boat from the 1987 America’s Cup, the Stars & Stripes, and experience the spirit of boat racing where every member is assigned a crew position.

You get to see and participate in the coordination that goes into making a boat like this take to the water.

As we sailed straight into a brief tropical storm, the wind shredding the sails and our boat carving slightly scary angles, this became even more apparent – and dramatic. The adrenaline rush and the thrill of racing in the same boat itself is an experience in itself.


2. Explore the hike at Guana Bay

The hike from Guana Bay to Pointe Blanche is one of the few places on the island where you’ll be surrounded by rough natural beauty and no one else, save for a few goats. Our first glimpse of a different kind of St. Maarten / St. Martin was a short trip over the hill to the southeastern tip of the island and Guana Bay.

Guana Bay is just a short drive over the hill which opens up to a whole different view. It is advised to have a local guide if you really want to know about the rich environmental history. These guides are also helpful to know more about nearby treks and their info.


3. Going up and above to Pic Paradis

Pic Paradis is the highest point on the island. At the height of 1,391ft, the elevated view you get of the whole island is just breath-taking. While you may enjoy the sun-kissed beached that St. Maarten / St. Martin offers, Pic Paradis is one destination that can be considered the underdog of St. Maarten / St. Martin tourism.

If you are planning to include Pic Paradis in your trip, you can rent a car and enjoy the scenic drive. Although, unless you have a four-wheel-drive rented, you will have to park your car until a certain point and walk to the top. The walk is relatively short but a little steep. So get ready to pump your legs!


4. Get baked with planes flying over Maho Bay beach

Maho Bay beach, like any other beach, is not famous for its sandy beach and a great view. Instead, at this beach, you get to watch planes land overhead. In the photos, it may seem unreal to see a plane fly so close, but it actually is true.

While you may stand on the beach and watch the jets land, Sunset Bar is a great place to photograph the planes without the jet noise. The flight schedule is updated daily on the surfboard outside the bar. Alternatively, you can look at the arrival schedule at SXM airport to see which flights will have the largest planes.


5. Head to “Heaven on earth”

A day trip to Shoal Bay, Anguilla is said to be “heaven on earth.” This is not an exaggerated term but the trust. Ask any local and you will be recommended the same. One of the advantages of visiting this beach is that you may not find it as crowed as the others beached in the Caribbean.

Shoal bay Beach will surely not let you down and is worth the one-day add-on. Its soft white sand feels like a pristine blanket that is laid down by the beach. The water is a sight to see. Its colors vary from shades of blue that seem almost artificial.


6. Rhino riding by the coast of St Martin

The unique thing about Rhino is that, no matter what your age, you can ride it. This hybrid jet ski is such that it will not be flipped and that is what makes the experience even more fun!

It may take a few minutes for you to get used to the controls and the bends according to the waters, but once that is done, just take off. The speed bends, and tricks that you can do with the Rhino are something you must experience once in your lifetime.


7. Cycle your way to Fort Amsterdam

The development has sure grown over the years, but with beautiful beaches and gorgeous views, St Maarten was also able to conserve some of its historical buildings such as Fort Amsterdam.

This fort was originally built by the Dutch, which was lost to the Spanish and was successfully defended to protect it from another Dutch invasion. Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch leader who lost the war (and his right leg), went on to become the mayor of New Amsterdam. In possibly the first of the worst Wall Street deals, he eventually traded New Amsterdam (now New York) to the British for the small island of Curacao.


8. Date with the sea turtles

The diving sites at Saba island are considered to be some of the best in the Caribbean. So make sure to spend a day out scuba diving with the sea turtles in the coral gardens. It may seem challenging to manage the transport and the logistics but if you are a fan of clean blue waters and the marine life, taking a day or two solely to explore this island would be worth it.

Saba Island not just consists of beautiful diving sites where you will be able to find rich marine life and gorgeous corals but they offer scenic coastal treks as well. You can travel to this island via ferries. The ride takes up to 1.5 hours and can sometimes get a little too rough.


We are sure you may have had various other spots in mind, but these are a few annual spots. Kind of like the underdog locations that are worth exploring the next time you plan your trip to St Maarten / St Martin.

Let us know in the comments section below if you would like to make an addition to this list or if you would like to share your experience with these locations. We would love to know about your experiences!

Happy Travelling!
7 Bahamas Travel Tips That Will Come In Handy To Travel Enthusiasts

7 Bahamas Travel Tips That Will Come In Handy To Travel Enthusiasts

Glistening streets and white beaches of Bahamas are always ready to welcome travellers from all around the world. The rich culture fills the atmosphere with excitement. Fascinating colonial architecture surrounds one with a sense of rich heritage of the city. The wonderfully inescapable theme of Bahamas immerses you in a world of beautiful beaches, seaplanes, speed boats and casino nights, all of which set the scene for enjoying the very best things to do in the Bahamas. If you’re in Bahamas, it doesn’t get better than the beach. The island nation’s pink and white-sand beaches are famous for their stunning looks, casual island vibes, and exciting sounds and sights. That makes the beaches of Bahamas the ideal spot to spend time with family.

Surrounded by the sparkling turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas are a collection of islands that have become world-famous for their stunning sights and tropical beauty. To visit one of these islands and experience the exceptional accommodation and surroundings is to treat yourself to a perfect vacation.

We have listed some travel tips that can come in handy for travel enthusiasts when travelling to the Bahamas:


1. No need to pay extra tips at restaurants

In restaurants in the Bahamas, 15% gratuity is already included in the main bill. You don’t need to give extra tip unless you are really very happy with the staff service or the food and want to be extra thankful to them. Always check to see if the service fee is included in your bill, otherwise, a 10 to 15% tip is customary.


2. Camp out on the beach to save some money

Camping along the beach coast will give you some amazing experiences like staring the night sky, stargazing, and even enjoying the bonfire. There are so many beaches in Bahamas that allow you to camp by the beach at a cost-effective rate. This is very affordable as compared to the hotel fees and also much more exciting and fulfilling.


3. Never take the unmarked taxis

Whether you need to get to your hotel from the airport or want to explore any place in the Bahamas, you should always avoid taxis that appear unlicensed. Never hop in any unlicensed taxi without negotiating a fare first. Most taxis in the Bahamas do not use meters, which can make the payment process tricky. Instead of getting yourself into a tricky situation with your taxi driver, make sure to negotiate a rate upfront, especially when you’re out of the town drinking and enjoying the night life. We recommend that you ask the front door staff at your hotel or the restaurant or the club you’re visiting, to arrange a licensed taxi for you.


4. Stick to the Grocery Store in the Bahamas

Buying basic snacks, especially bottled water, at most of the restaurants is exorbitantly expensive. Though it’s probably not the first thing you’ll want to do upon arrival, hitting up a local grocery store will help you save major bucks during the long run. You’ll find better prices at grocery stores, so just ask your licensed taxi driver to take you there on your way to the hotel or after you’ve checked in. If you stock up on a few cases of bottled water and snacks, you will be able to avoid shocking prices like $9 for a 1 L bottle of water.


5. Do not transact with beach vendors in the Bahamas

If you are planning to visit popular beaches, there’s a good chance you’ll have an encounter with beach vendors selling everything from jet ski rentals to water bottles or even illicit drugs. Before handing over your cash, consider these precautions. In the Bahamas water sports are not regulated, and some of the rental equipment might not be in proper working conditions. Most of the vendors also do not have the proper knowledge of training to come to your rescue if things go wrong out in the ocean. Illicit drugs, including cocaine, are also major no-no’s and you can get in serious trouble. If you are offered anything for sale or as a gift, it’s best not to accept it. If nothing else just see a polite ‘no thank you’ and start conversing about something else. Locals respect visitors who are kind and humble plus they consider joking and light teasing as a form of affection, so enjoy the humorous exchanges.


6. Make advance bookings for accommodations

When you are in the Bahamas, booking a hotel may cost you a lot of money. To avoid that, you can make discounted pre-bookings from various sites, like ours at This price includes basic hotel amenities like free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, television, etc. You can also go for couch surfing in which you can stay with locals who have extra beds and couches, get free accommodation and find yourself a local tour guide. The community is small and consists of 50 active hosts so make sure that you get your research done in advance.


7. Steal the best deals by traveling during off season

The climate of Bahamas is equable and does almost the same throughout the season. But there are a few months in which Bahamas experiences a massive inflow of visitors, much more than the average. As a result, prices of everything increases by a large scale. To cut down your expenses there, you can plan to go to the Bahamas during the off-season, which is from the end week of April to the second week of December.


With this list of handy travel tips while visiting the Bahamas, you now have a small base for an itinerary. The Bahamas is a land that will fill you with wonders at every turn and you must definitely go explore it. If you desire to have a great trip and make amazing memories in the Bahamas, connect with us at TravelGooru today. We help clients search for cheap hotels and rental cars at their vacation destination. We instantly compare prices and provide precise details to make it easy for our clients.

2 - Toronto City Highlights: Food, Festivals, Culture

Toronto City Highlights: Food, Festivals, Culture

It would be no exaggeration to say that Toronto is not only Canada’s biggest city, it is also the country’s beating heart, at least in all the ways that matter; be it the nation’s festivals, culture and most importantly, food, there is no better place to experience these things than in Toronto. The city is relatively easy to navigate, with many of the top attractions within walking distance of each other, and a subway to cover longer distances. On that note, here are some of Toronto city’s highlights:


1. Fun, Festivals and Celebrations

Toronto is always pulsing with life and it is a place where there is never a dull moment. No matter what your interests or inclinations are. Rest assured that Toronto will always have something for you, whether it’s Toronto International Film Festival for movie buffs, ComiCon for hardcore comic book fans, or Music Week for those who live for music, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city.


One of the most fascinating festivals in Toronto, Nuit Blanche, is an overnight event that gives art-forms life. The event highlights contemporary art across Toronto from sunset to sunrise. Artists from across the world fly to Toronto to transform the city into a magical palace of art. Artists and visitors take to the streets to not groove to tunes but watch the city turn into a colorful village fun with stunning art installations. 


2. Culture Central

With all the diversity in Toronto, it is no surprise that Toronto is, for all intents and purposes Culture Central, rich with traditions, history, and stories. You can check out the artistic creations of the country’s most diverse range of artists from various backgrounds and walks of life, from the Inuits to the Métis among many others at McMichael Canadian Art Collection and the amazing Art Gallery of Ontario.


The massive museums are stunning but set aside a few hours to seek out some of the quirkier collections. The Museum of Illusions on Front Street East is small but always packed with fun: you can put your head on a plate, see yourself in a mirror and run through a vortex tunnel that will leave you dizzy. 


This, of course, is just the beginning. Your Toronto experience would be incomplete without exploring and soaking in everything that is on offer at the little gelato places in Little Italy, all the exotic stores in Chinatown, and Portugal Village’s boisterous soccer screening bars.


3. Food and Feasting

With all the culture and diversity in Toronto, it is only natural that this city is home to food that is just as wonderfully diverse as the humans who inhabit it. You could check Koreatown’s karaoke bars or noraebang and their smashing kimchi canteens or experience Greektown’s famous cheese saganaki. This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also feast on Texan barbecue, yummy Chinese, Portuguese pastries, injera from Ethiopia, or even the city’s very own Haute French cuisine. The possibilities are endless. 


If you are visiting Toronto in the winters, head indoors to explore the network of underground walkways that connect entertainment, shopping, and attractions. In the summers, wander along the beautiful waterfront and enjoy the parks and beaches. 


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1 - How to Experience the Magic of Inis Mor

How to Experience the Magic of Inis Mor

When you think of Ireland, the places that come to mind are most probably all the major tourist attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and the Guinness Storehouse situated in Dublin. However, a hidden gem that is often overlooked by eager travelers and enthusiastic tourists is the magical isle of Inis Mor. Pronounced ‘Inishmore’, it is the largest of the Aran Islands and happens to be quite close to Galway. The charm of this island remains undiminished despite being sparsely populated, or perhaps because of it. If ever there was an opportunity for time travel, this is it, with the locals freely conversing in their rustic Irish Gaelic and using horse-drawn carriages as a regular mode of conveyance. 


Whether you’re taking the island by bicycle, foot, or pony and trap, there are plenty of sights to be explored, a warm welcome to be received and plenty of craic to be had. 


Visit the Seven Churches of Aran

The name is a bit of a misnomer as well as an exaggeration, seeing as there are, in actuality, only two churches in all. What is not an exaggeration, however, is the sheer breathtaking beauty of this ancient spiritual destination. In fact, it is actually more of a complex comprising of the old graveyards at Na Seacht d’Teampaill and church ruins. Dedicated to Saint Brecan, and located near the village of Eoghanacht, this site used to be one of the most beloved and popular monastic destinations for devotees all along Ireland’s West Coast.


Aran Bike Hire 

The most underrated and fashionable way to take in the picturesque of Inis Mor has got to be by cycling through the island, stopping at your leisure to soak up the peaceful attractiveness. Glide through the countryside and weave through the village with a bicycle from Aran Bike Hire. You can easily find a huge array of bikes for rent for a day or overnight. Whisk yourself out as far as Dun Aonghasa (the oldest of the island’s four large forts) and back to your accommodation to enjoy a calming pint after a busy day of adventure. Each rental comes with a complimentary island map, helmets and roadside assistance is required.  


When you come back after enjoying the amazing views and the breath-taking Dun Aonghasa, make sure to enjoy the views of Inis Mor on the walk back to your bicycle. There are some stunning little shops and a café near the bike park for you to peruse and refresh after crossing this amazing spot off your bucket list.  


Go Wool Shopping

Aran Islands’ woolen products are famous all around the world. Featuring one of a kind patterns and stitches particular to specific Irish clans, these wonderful warm fuzzies include everything from scarves and mittens to sweaters and cloaks. Honestly, what better way to carry back a little bit of Irish history with you? 


Go for A Hike

Sometimes the best way to really discover all the treasures a place has to offer is by wandering around or just taking a hike, quite literally. This is actually one of the best ways to truly experience Inis Mor in all its boundless beauty since the terrain on this island is not very rock and hence, actually quite perfect for walking. So, be sure to carry a pair of sensible walking shoes along! 


Check out The Dún Aonghasa

Probably the most famous and well-known tourist attraction in Inis Mor, Dun Aonghasa is a hill fort built really high up on the top of a cliff, presenting a phenomenal view of the entire island and the Atlantic Ocean. This prehistoric structure is believed to go as far back as 100 BC, which means that it has been around since the Bronze and Iron Ages. Wow! Now, isn’t that something?


Pay a Visit to The Worm Hole

This place is as interesting as its name suggests. The Worm Hole, as it has come to be fondly called, refers to a square-shaped depression that has been carved out in the rocky bottom part of a cliff. This spot has become extremely popular for cliff diving into the ocean. So, Inis Mor has a lot to offer adventure enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, extreme sports lovers, and adrenaline junkies as well. 


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4 - 12 Things You Must Do in Bali, Indonesia

12 Things You Must Do in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one destination that is on everyone’s bucket list. A three-week vacation to this place will give you the best experience with hidden gems and perfect combinations. Here is a list of 12 things you must do in Bali:

1. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces is a valley of rice fields or paddies. These are located north of Ubud and is an incredibly popular location especially during the early morning. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Bali.


2. Sekumpul Waterfalls

This is one of the true gems of Bali. It is a 40-minute hike down to the foot of the waterfall and it leads to a huge waterfall. It is so beautiful and magical that when the sun shines you will most definitely see a rainbow.


3. Diamond Beach

This is called ‘the most beautiful place in Bali’ and for good reason. It is a must-visit for it contains white sand, clear blue water, and palm trees at the foot of a limestone cliff. It is the perfect relaxing spot!


4. Gili Air

This is not in Bali but it has to be on your list nonetheless. The best part about this place is that it is car-less! White sand, blue water, and bikes are your company. You can spend time snorkeling with the turtles and explore this paradise!


5. Stay with a local family

The best way to learn about any place is by spending time with the locals. Stay with a Balinese family and get to know the island for real. Experience how they live their daily lives to be able to really respect paradise. You will surely miss the place and the people once you leave.


6. Sunrise in Munduk

You have to make sure to experience the sunrise in the Munduk region no matter what. Munduk is higher up in the region and is the perfect location to view the best sunrise.


7. Monkey Forest in Ubud

In the center of Ubud is a forest where monkeys run wild. The big rainforest gives for a beautiful walk and most locations have monkeys relaxing too. You can feed them to keep them calm as well. Not to worry, there is monkey police which will step in if things get annoying!


8. Kelingking Nusa Penida

This place might sound strange but it has some mind-blowing views. A 40-minute boat ride from the Sanur harbor will transport you to the most impressive views around Bali.


9. Kecak Fire Dance

 This is a famous dance performance in Bali. It is done by a group of 65+ humans who use vocals as instruments and strengthens the story told in the form of dance. Witness this dance at sunset on a clifftop amphitheater at Uluwatu Temple.


10. Become a Canguu Foodie

This is a food lovers paradise. Indonesian food, burgers, fusion, vegan, and the best coffee and cakes this place is the best to satisfy all your cravings. You might want to engage in some exercise or yoga but you will most probably be an all-time foodie in Bali.


11. Surfing

It does not matter if you are a first-time surfer or a skilled surfer, Bali is the best place to go surfing. Kuta is a spot for beginners and Canggu is for more experienced surfers. Grab a board, get an instructor and you are ready to go!


12. The 70-meter drop at Uluwatu Cliff

In the southern tip of Bali, the limestone cliff drops straight down into the ocean. It has a height of 70 meters and the sunset from this location is a must-see in Bali.


If you found this article to be interesting and what to plan your perfect vacation, visit us at We provide the best flight deals and the cheapest hotels for your getaway. Visit us today.