Travel Gooru Blogs - How to Fly Over Bagan in A Hot-Air Balloon

How to Fly Over Bagan in A Hot-Air Balloon

A quick search of Bagan and what it has to offer yields pictures and images of the exquisite sunrise with colorful hot-air balloons dotting the horizon, gliding over pagodas that have stood tall for millennia.


Are you having trouble with making up your mind as to whom to book? Worry not, we will help you decide whether or not it is worth it.


Is Ballooning over Bagan Everything that it is cracked up to be?

These days it is next to impossible to get an aerial view of Bagan as climbing the temples is not allowed anymore. Moreover, the drone laws are ambiguous at best as to whether or not operating drones are allowed. It is, however, best not to take any chances as it is generally frowned upon and their numerous signs prohibiting it. That leaves you with two choices, either to take in the view on the watchtower that is crowded on the best of days or to experience the heady magic that only gently gliding over the city in a hot-air balloon will allow you to enjoy. Not only will you get a bird’s eye of the city, but you will also have the unmatchable experience of floating over the temples and witnessing the glorious sunrise at dawn. The only thing that might discourage you from opting for this one-of-a-kind experience is the price. The 45-minute-long flights costs approximately $350 per head. Then again, you can’t really put a price on an experience such this one; it is priceless.


Booking Tips

Primarily, there are 3 companies that offer hot-air balloon rides over the city of Bagan. These are Golden Eagle, Oriental Ballooning and Balloons over Bagan. While all of them have glowing reviews and recommendations, and the ride and everything that is part of the experience is priced roughly the same, it is important to note that Balloons over Bagan’s hot-air balloons are almost always the last ones to take off. Another thing to keep in mind is that they only operate from early October to early April, which is the dry season. Also, make sure to book your hot-air balloon ride in advance, as it is an experience that is much sought after and tends to get booked out way before the last date mentioned.


The Hot-air Balloon Experience and What it Entails:

The hot-air balloon tour includes a pick-up at your hotel a little before dawn, around 5 a.m., and hot coffee or tea with cookies to nibble on, before take-off. Depending on whether you have chosen the cheaper option or the more expensive option, you will either be traveling with 11 people, excluding yourself or sharing the basket space with 7 other people. The duration of the ride is around 45 minutes and take-off occur just as the sun begins to appear on the horizon.


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28 - 10 Destinations to Escape the Cold this Winter

10 Destinations to Escape the Cold this Winter

Wouldn’t it be the best if you could spend your Christmas and New Year under the sun in flip-flops and a skater dress or a swimsuit instead of being all decked up in fluffy and full sweaters? We all deserve an amazing vacation of the sun and beach and visiting during the winter would be the best time. Take advantage of your Christmas holidays to escape to one of these warm destinations to avoid the cold this winter. 


The weather in the Bahamas is always a green signal if you desire to escape the cold. Wear your flip-flops and enjoy nature in full swing. Though we recommend you not to visit between July and October as the hurricane season goes on in full swing. 


This is the best place to be if you desire to enjoy the heat of North America. We recommend that you must visit Marrakesh and Fez so that you can enjoy the souks and we are sure that the beauty of the medians would surprise you. 


Only January is wet and cold in Bali otherwise this destination is a heaven for vacation. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year by surfing on the West Coast. 


This is one destination which is far from the rains and cold and it is best to explore the city during Christmas and New Year. Get a picture with the tallest building in the world and immerse yourself in the luxury of the Arab Emirates. 


The best time to visit Thailand is Winters so that you can enjoy the night party life of Bangkok or even enjoy the great weather at the beaches like Koh Chang and Koh Lanta.


Seychelles is a large gigantic island with a stunning beach and the right place for you to be to escape the cold. The crystal-clear water with the sandy beaches, coral reef, and a swim during the blissful weather are sure to win your hearts.  


Hawaii is definitely the place to visit if you desire to go for an adventure and avoid the cold. You can divulge in trekking, hiking and lots of other thrilling activities. Visit Hawaii and enrich the local culture and easily escape the winters. 


This is a city of its own beauty where the weather is perfect to escape the cold and touch the summer love. Enrich the deep-sea fishing and do some scuba diving to embrace your soul in an ultimate manner. 


Jordan is one city that would be loved by those individuals who seek the sun, sea, and desert altogether. Make the most of it while visiting the popular city of Petra and the red desert of Wadi Rum. 

South Africa 

Explore Johannesburg and Cape Town, in the moderate weather along the southern coast of Africa. You will love nature and also get to experience the South African culture in full swing. 

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Travel Gooru Blogs 1 - How to Travel the World Living Out of a Backpack

How to Travel the World Living Out of a Backpack

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘travel light’ had probably never envisaged a person travelling, and the world no less, so light that they end up living out of a backpack. But no matter what anyone says, travelling the world out of a backpack is definitely a huge learning experience – one which takes a lot of courage. A lot of experienced backpackers recommend that everyone must have this experience at least once in their lifetime.

So, if you are looking for some adventure in your life which involves travelling the world living out of a backpack but have not the first clue as to how to go about it, then don’t worry since that is exactly what we are going to be talking about – how to travel the world living out of a backpack. So, read along and start jotting down the important points!


Prepare a List of Things

First things firsts, it is very important that you prepare a list of all the basic essentials which you will be needing to have a proper ‘living out of backpack’ experience. Typically, your list should include the following:

1. Getting yourself a bag!

The very first thing that your list should mention is getting yourself the right bag. Remember, when buying the right bag for backpacking, it needs to be the right combination of light yet sturdy.


2. Recognise all the gadgets you will need

Depending on where you are travelling, you must carry all the necessary gadgets. This may include the universal travel adaptor, locks for your luggage, etc.


3. Clothes and other items

When deciding what clothes to keep, your mantra should be ‘less is more.’ During this process, it is best to ask yourself the question ‘will I even look at it during my travels?’ if your answers range from no to maybe, then that article of clothing should not make your list.


Rules to follow when you live out of a backpack

1. Best to leave space

When travelling out of a backpack, it is highly recommended that your backpack isn’t full to the brim. It is best to travel light and leave space for all the things you may collect during your travels.


2. Remember to have a ‘day bag’

Always keep a small day bag with you handy, just in case you feel like exploring the town you are staying in without having the weight of your travel backpack weighing you down.


3. Be organised

This is the most important rule of backpacking around the world – be extremely organised. Your organisational skills will be the only things that will help you during your globetrotting travels.


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Cheap Flights

Budget-Friendly Trip to Greece

Greece is a destination that always stays on the top of the traveler’s bucket list. This magnificent nation has 6000 islands, mesmerizing turquoise water, and the unique Greek Mediterranean cuisine. Apart from these Greek is even famous for intriguing archeological sites and wonderful infrastructure.

The list of wonders is very long and I can keep on mentioning till the end of the blog. But this blog is not about the reasons to visit Greece rather it is about how to visit Greece with a twist. There is a common misconception that Greece cost a fortune to explore. But is that so?

Trust me, it is a myth that Greece is a high-end destination. There isn’t anything like the high end when it comes to Greece. Moreover, you should think about your tours and plans rather than your pockets. Perhaps, if the beautiful country of wonders is your next destination, then follow the budget-friendly tips given below and save your pockets from getting ripped off.

Visit During the Offseason


2 1 300x300 - Budget-Friendly Trip to Greece
Cheap Flights

If you want to save some money on your airfares, food, transportation, and accommodation then off-season is the best time to visit. Greece is beautiful all year long, therefore, there won’t be a much of a difference if you visit during the off-peak season.

Summer is the peak season in Greece and during this time you will witness crowds everywhere. Hence, traveling in the offseason is a better option for wallets and even mind. However, you can attain complete satisfaction if you book your tickets by Travel Gooru because it is an online platform where you will find air tickets for the cheapest rate.

Search for Free Tours

 3 2 300x199 - Budget-Friendly Trip to Greece

Yes, you heard me right. You can find a free tour of Greece. If you plan on visiting Athens then there are a plethora of free walk tours available. You can explore the neo monuments and historical landmarks in Athens just by going on a walking tour.

Athens will offer you the pure form of history that is 3000-year-old. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Greece then spend a good amount of time in Athens and explore the city by walking.


Reach Out to The Less-Traveled Islands


4 1 240x300 - Budget-Friendly Trip to Greece

Greece is the synonym of vibrant islands. There are many islands in Greece and they are beautiful too. But just think out of the box and reach out for the islands that are less traveled.

Islands like Corfu and Milos are less traveled once but they are among the most beautiful once as well. However, you won’t find maddening crowds there. On the other hand, visiting these islands is even cost-efficient because fewer people head towards these islands.

Try Out Dining at Seaside


5 2 300x200 - Budget-Friendly Trip to Greece

Street foods are always easy on the pockets. Apart from that the street foods even provide the authentic taste of the cuisine. You can surely try out some very good posh restaurants but dining there every day of your itinerary won’t be a good option.

Many travelers state that they have enjoyed the street food in Greece compared to restaurants. According to them the chefs in the posh restaurants add some additional flavor to bring a variety.


Happy Traveling, Laura …

1 - Rome in Italy

Rome in Italy

Rome is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the face of the earth. You can even call this place a ginormous museum. Before visiting Rome, I have only read a few articles about the beauty and history of this city. But little did I know that this city will give me a plethora of experiences and memories.

Every step that I have taken on the roads of Rome had made me feel that I was breathing history and the Ancient Roman culture. Rome not only welcomes you with its beauty but even a huge crowd in every spot.


What you see in Rome today is the result of 3000 years of history. The exhilarating sights in Rome have different stories related to it. However, the history of this city is so dense that it will surely grasp the attention of any individual. This capital city of Italy was once known as the “caput mundi” which means the capital of the world and it was purely of that standard.


2 225x300 - Rome in Italy

In Rome, you will find the finest evidence of the golden age, such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. Moreover, the monuments speak a lot about the Catholic church. But as you travel to Rome and get occupied with other monuments, do not forget to visit the St. Peter’s Basilica. It is part of the ambition of Roman Renaissance Popes.

3 225x300 - Rome in Italy

The itinerary of Rome is like relishing the “dolce vita” lifestyle. It is full of art and culture everywhere. But the best advice is to roam and wander around the streets of this exuberant city as in every turn and corner you will find a new Roman experience. But the most beautiful time in Rome is during the evenings, this picturesque city becomes even more vibrant with people and music that lingers around the streets.


4 300x300 - Rome in Italy

The best time to visit Rome is June, July, and August. The summer season is the peak time as it is the ideal time for sightseeing, dining in the outdoor cafes and eating gelatos. But if you are a person who does not prefer crowded surrounding then it would be best to travel during spring.

Tourists visit Rome during spring but not in the same ratio as in the summers. No matter what the time is, if you are interested then you can head to Rome with the help of Travel Gooru.


5 300x300 - Rome in Italy

You will find both low end and high-end hotels in Rome. Therefore, the trip won’t be a hard thing to execute at all. The low-end hotels range from 24 USD to 60 USD per night. On the other hand, the high-end hotels range from 60 USD to 400 USD per night.

There are many other alternatives too. Such as you can book your accommodations with the help of Travel Gooru and travel in peace.  You can either book a hostel room or even go for a shared apartment as well.


6 240x300 - Rome in Italy

This gorgeous city in Italy is filled with inspiring art, mysterious ruins, and vibrant streets. It is not just a charismatic city but even a romantic one. This place has many faces and what you gain out of the city completely depends on you. If you are aiming for a tour that is adventurous, mystic, mysterious and romantic as well, then head to this gorgeous city named Rome.


Happy Traveling, Laura …