37 - 4 Must-Haves for Your Hiking Trip

4 Must-Haves for Your Hiking Trip

Hiking can be a really fun activity when you wish to unwind a little bit after overworking yourself at home. If you are feeling very overwhelmed by the day to day chores of your life and want to beat these blues by exploring nature’s many wonders, hiking can be a great activity. But at the same time, going into the wild requires you to be properly prepared. This is why we at TravelGooru have curated this detailed article for you to be well prepared when you head out into the wild. So here are the four essentials you need to keep in mind when you plan a trip to hike. 


1. Headlamps 

Now, this is one item that should top your priority list when planning for a hike. A headlamp will make sure that you are not lost in the great unknown. Sometimes unforeseen events may lead up to you getting lost into the place that you are hiking at, headlamps will make sure that you are never lost in such a case. Buy one with adjustable straps for more comfort and make sure they are in perfect working condition when you purchase them. 


2. Waterproof Binoculars 

When hiking you must always know where you are going and make sure that you are on track. A good companion to a map is binocular that will make sure that you can also find your way back to the path that you had to undertake. So, binoculars are a must. Now as we recommended for first aid kits, if your binoculars are waterproof it will just add to the utility of them. Therefore, if you are going to pack a pair, make sure they are waterproof. 


3. Emergency First Aid Kit 

Well, the terrain can be much different from what you are used to when you step out in the wide unknown. To that end, you must make sure that you are prepared for all the injuries that you might sustain in accordance with the threats that you can conceive. Make sure that you keep these supplies in a waterproof bag or a zip lock so that in case of humidity or rains you are protected.  


4. Multi-Sport Fitness watch 

Many people find that a multi-sport fitness watch is an excessive expenditure that will just burn a hole in the pocket. But we assure you that a multi-sport fitness watch will serve all your day to day purposes as well, apart from being very handy during hiking. Hiking trips as we mentioned before require you to navigate your way through the trail you pick. Therefore, you must make sure that you buy a new brightly colored watch that helps you during your hiking trip. Trust us; it will be a valuable item in your closet. 


We work by the motto to help you make your travel easy. We keep reading interesting posts about traveling and expand our horizons to meet your expectations. At TravelGooru we will help you with all the logistics that precede international travel. We search, compare, and save on your travel expense. If you wish to take a hiking trip anytime soon and are scared of the process you can simply contact us. We will make sure that your trip is one filled with pleasure bereft of the stress of planning.

Travel Gooru Blogs 1 - The Top 10 Travel Bloggers you should already be following

The Top 10 Travel Bloggers you should already be following

Becoming one of the most famous travel bloggers is not an easy task, as a travel blogger has to travel around the world to collect content for their writings, spiced up with their personal travel experiences. Travel blogging essentially involves traveling to the destination country or series of countries to have an insight into an exciting experience. This is then expressed in words and hosted on a blog site accompanied with good quality photographs.

Travel Blogging is driven by the strong wanderlust of the blogger. No academic requirements are there for becoming a travel blogger. Some of the most renowned travel bloggers have opted for this option as a career because of a lack of sufficient qualifications and lust for traveling and gathering experience. Once opted as an experiment to explore becomes a full-time passion for travel bloggers that glorifies their CV and bank balance. An essential aspect of travel blogging is that it is more informative for readers and less of personal experience sharing as the main aim is to influence people to come out and travel.

Listed below are the top 10 travel bloggers who have created a niche for themselves in the world of blogging over the period:-

1) Dan (https://www.danflyingsolo.com)

Dan, British by birth, is one of the most renowned travel bloggers of the world who is obsessed with exploring territories, meeting new people and clicking perfect pictures with his camera. He is known for traveling more than 1000 + (precisely, 1467 days between the year 2014 to 2018) days on the road to pursue his career as a travel blogger, chasing adventures and inspirations.

He has been engaged in every aspect related to travel; travel writer, creative director, designer, videographer and photographer, etc at his media company in Portugal. Dan works with Sky-scanner and lonely planet regularly and has amazed travelers with tons of his useful tips about traveling. His photographs are published in various magazines namely Beautiful Destination, Travel and Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Matador Network.

His travel blog is popular by the name of “Dan Flying Solo”.

2) Melissa Giroux (https://abrokenbackpack.com)

She is a Canadian travel blogger originally from Quebec. She started her journey around the world at the age of 25 and moved cross border countries to satiate her traveling and exploring lusts. On her way, she discovered Australia, UK, Southeast Asia, and various other countries. Her works are published on Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalogue and lot more.

Travel blog title “A Broken Backpack” truly justifies her solo female backpacker spirit and inspiration. You can catch her on Snapchat or YouTube where she uses her talent and hard work to travel sharing or hitchhiking

3) Gregory George (https://www.followsummer.com)

Originally from Canada, Gregory loves his weekend house in Saint Marys, Ontario. He is a world traveler whose travel blogs are designed to guide your exploration of the world. Besides being a traveler, he is a writer and blogger, co-founder and editor in chief of the “Followsummer.com” travel blog. He has been a former actor, current show singer and non-hipster foodie.

He has traveled across the world, starting in the summer of 2004. He visited 26 countries in 12 months with two suitcases, a camera and a computer bag. Traveling according to him is about pleasure, curiosity, and education.

4) Lili (https://www.lilistravelplans.com)

She is a Belgian woman known to be a kickass travel blogger. She had created a place for herself at the 25th rank of top travel blogger to follow in 2016. Her travel blog “Lili’s travel Plan” has no filters and she shares her true to life traveling experience with the people she meets on her way. She believes in telling stories behind the places through words and in her pictures. Her stories belong to people and emotions. She hardly cares about seeing famous sites.

5) Gloria (Aka Glo) (https://theblogabroad.com)

She is a native of Arizona and never afraid to express her opinion or raise her voice as a writer. She creates great content for readers. Her travel blog “The blog abroad” showcase her eye for perfection in words and photography. Her association with top travel photographers speaks for her passion and realism. Her writings have appeared in Huffington Post, Thought Catalogue and Matador Networks.

Her immaculate selfies have been a source of inspiration for selfie lovers and her pictures depict what life is. As a solo female traveler, her blogs inspired readers to jump out of their seats and book flights to the destination she propagates in her blogs.

6) Charles Mccool (https://www.mccooltravel.com)

Charles Michel has a travel blog “McCool Travel”. He shows travelers how we can increase their happiness while traveling and reduce stress on every trip. He has been in the business of traveling for the last 20 years.  His articles, book, classes, and talks are a source of inspiration for potential travelers. He has visited 50 states in the US, dozen cross border countries and five continents.

His “McCool Travel” blog has been designed to work with destinations and brands to promote fun and unique experience to willing audiences.

His achievements include #1 on Top 1000 + travel blogs (Rising Market Insight), #1on 5 terrific travel bloggers you should follow on Flipboard, #2 travel expert in the world (Klout) and a lot more.

His famous book is “Winning of the Airfare Game: Save Money and Stress on Every Flight”

7) Alyssa Ramos (https://mylifesamovie.com)

A Cuban American Florida native, Alyssa is 30 years old self-made travel blogger and social media influencer, traveling solo full time for the last few years. She is an adventure junky who always tends to push her limits and opts for challenges. She has traveled so far to 85 + countries, 7 continents and her favorite places include Antarctica, Iceland, Japan, etc.

She has featured on major press outlets like The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, The Mirror UK and a TV interview on Inside Edition. Her writings have appeared on various sites including Matador Network, Geo Chic Magazine. She has started a program called the wanderlust workers which is a travel saving and making program for people who are willing to work hard to travel. She has also started a charitable foundation called Heartsleeves.org to help bring items of need to the countries she travels. Her travel blog is “mylifeamovie.com”

8) Drew Binsky (https://drewbinsky.com)

Drew Goldberg, Drew Binsky (online alias) is an American travel blogger and vlogger who features his travel blogs on his YouTube channel and social media accounts.

By March 2020, he has visited 191 countries. He is a Guinness World Record Holder for most UNESCO World Heritage site visits in 24 hours. He grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. He started a travel blog in October 2015 by the name of “The Hungry partier” and later renamed Drew Binsky and begins documenting his travel on Instagram and Snapchat.

He has announced his upcoming documentary on his travels by the name of Border 197 in 2020. But due to the Breakout of COVID-19, his plans are on the hold.

He is a part of the GoPro family and writes for Elite Daily and The Huffington Post. He has worked with several brands and sponsors and is known as Snapchat genius who creates his travel shows through Snapchat.

9) Steph Be (https://www.travel-break.net)

She is an award-winning travel blogger who has more than 280000 followers. Her travel blog’s name is “Travel-break.net” which renders useful tips on taking the trip. She is an American Latina woman with a passion for meeting new people and exploring places. Stephanie Be has been globetrotting for more than 250 destinations. She has been writing for several media channels including The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Forbes, Matador Network and more.

She is a great photographer, a talented writer, and a content creator.

10) Stefan and Sebastian (https://nomadicboys.com)

One of the cutest gay couples, these are travel bloggers from Europe and are currently traveling Argentina. Taking the travel industry by storm, the boys’ mission is to promote gay couples to travel and step out of their comfort zone. The travel blog is by the name of “Nomadic Boys”. It provides an insight into the local gay life, gay scene, where to stay, unique things to do, how to stay and other practical tips while exploring the world. They have been traveling the world since 2014.


Follow these travel blogger’s tips next time you are planning a trip or read our latest blog posts.

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1) Being Adventurous
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2) Being a Travel Hacker
If you can travel via unpopular flight schedules such as opting for red-eye flights, flying in the early morning, or late evening, you can save greatly on your flight tickets in April or any other time, both nationally and internationally.

3) Being an Explorer
If you belong to that explorer genre and choose you’re departing and lending airports outside your regular main city airport, then you can find out money-saving flight tickets from our site easily.

4) Hitting the Right Chord
Being a bargain hunter always pays back. You can easily find cheap tickets in April if you are willing to wait till the company floats their last minute offers on flight tickets. But there is always the risk of laying a hand on best offers or giving up with the idea of traveling due to the unavailability of the tickets at the last moment.

5) Planning in Advance
Planning is always advantages whether you are finding cheap flight tickets or cracking exams. If you plan for your trip at least 30 days before your flying date, you have a lot of time to search for the opportunities, setting price alerts and making shifts in the traveling schedules.

6) Subscribing for the Airline Newsletters
If you subscribe to a prominent airline newsletter, you will be receiving regular news alert, and price drops on flight tickets through the airline directly. This will help you keep an eye on their weekly updates regarding last minute flight deals and upcoming offers and bonuses on flying tickets, for a whole month or cheapest flight month and dates, etc. Thereafter, you can get the booking done for your flying schedule when the price fits your budget.

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100% Price Transparency
The prices you see on our Travelgooru search engine are never affected by your searches. Usually a flight price changes after searching for a few times in your web browser. This is the function of AI. The cookies in your browser collect information and share it with airlines. As a result, the prices of the flight increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched. The reason behind this being the airline sites intend to scare you into booking the flight quickly before prices shoot up.

Almost all travel search/ flight search engines inflate flight costs to earn themselves a cut from the airlines. No one disagrees that some search engines, for instance, Expedia, consistently inflate airfare much higher than others flight prices. Thereby it is very necessary to be knowledgeable about which travel search engines offer you the best deals so that you don’t have to repent later for incurring greater traveling, accommodation/staying, and commuting cost. Invest time in finding the best travel search engines that do not inflate flight coat overly. Also, it is always advisable to search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode while checking for the lowest prices, whether you are to find cheap flights for April or anytime around the year.

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  • Flight Delay Compensation
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Cheap Ways to Travel in 2020

Deep inside, everybody is the lust to explore some of the unique and the best places in the world. But owing to financial, health, and other issues like language problems, traveling overseas becomes difficult. We can’t help you with the health issues (consult medical practitioners for the same). However, for the language issues, we have some respite from the best mobile apps. Through language conversion apps, you can resolve language barriers when you are flying overseas (they translate one language into the other with the blink of an eye).
Additionally, for cheap ways to travel in 2020, we can help you to fetch cheap flight tickets online so that you can book cheap flights for your international destinations.

Cheap Ways to Travel in 2020 - Cheap Ways to Travel in 2020
More is the Merrier
The icing on the cake is that besides booking cheap flight tickets from online flight search engines, you can also book cheaper accommodations like hotels, Vilas, bed and breakfast, budget hotels, shared accommodations, hostels, and much more from a single web page. Search engines fetch discounts on the bookings done via these sites.

In addition to this, get the booking done for car rentals at your destination through search engines at the discounted prices. This means you have a whole package available at your disposal at the click of a button, with multiple choices and options, to ensure that your traveling is cheap and within budget. Whether you are traveling internationally or domestic, now saving on traveling expenses is the right of every traveler.

Now, exploring the world would be easier and never before experienced, even for novices, as you would be saving a lot on your traveling expense if you follow our tips and tricks. Follow our blog suggestions for cheap ways to travel in 2020 and make your overseas traveling experience an outstanding one with a lot of leisure coming your way at considerably low prices.

Tips for the Cheaper Traveling Experience
Even if you have enough money, there is no harm in curtailing the unnecessary travel expense. And if you are on a budget traveling, you have to do the same with no exception. The bottom line is; you can afford to travel cheap following a few workable tricks.

And here we are listing the same for you.

Start with prioritizing what is important to you during your traveling and what all you can skip, staying within the budget.

If you have to travel cheaply, your experience would be the biggest asset.

  • Try staying in a hostel (if it appeals to you) because most of the time you would be spending on sightseeing.
  • Alternatively, you can also find a free place to stay surfing the internet as a lot of option exists which can avail you free couch, bed, or the space on the floor to sleep. After all, you are traveling to explore the world and just to sleep and eat. So, surf through your destination city.
  • While you are traveling, make sure not to leave your living space empty. Take advantage and list your space with Airbnb so that you can earn a good amount of money renting your vacant home. If you are lucky enough, you can cover your travel costs while you are away. Eventually, there are a lot more nomads in search of cheap or free accommodation on their traveling spree. What a wonderful idea to fund your traveling dream? I hope you won’t agree any less.
  • Make sure you invest proper time in searching budget airlines that fly to your destination so that you can lay hands on cheap flight tickets.
  • Check out for the best rental pickup and drop cars at the economical prices available at your destination. Now, you are saving on your commuting expenses too.
  • Try to pack light so that you don’t have to check for your bags. Moreover, you would be able to save on your flight freight if you are baggage is light enough.
  • Provide space for last-minute deals. Last minute deals are usually real-time money grosser (if you are not particular about your timing and destination). You can save money with the last minutes’ deals on hotel rooms, airfare, and rental cars. Numerous online portals flash discounted hotel rooms for the same day, next days, and following-week stay. Many search engines display flight deals for the upcoming week and the weekend.

P.S. – You have to be a risk-taker to fetch such discounts. There is no surety of winning in these scenarios.

  • You can save a lot on your food and drinking bill while you are traveling if you try to enjoy restaurant meals and drinks at lunchtime. This is because even most fancy restaurants offer reduced prices during lunch. You can go with the rule of eating breakfast like a king, lunch like rich and dinner like a poor. This rule surely works magically. Or you can try cooking yourself at your accommodation to save on your dining bills.

Booking Cheap Flights
Now they let us dive deeper into finding cheap ways to travel in 2020 by listing the tips on how to book cheap tickets online for international flights.

There are numerous flight search engines available that introduce travelers to the best flight booking experience.

Cheap flight tickets are a great help in making your traveling expenses fit in the budget.

Reasonable prices can be searched easily by travelers themselves with the help of advanced flight search engines. To have both the hands full, most of the search engines have a mobile app that maximizes the cost benefits. Using the app eases the booking process and makes keeping track more convenient.

Extra discount is available on international flight tickets via mobile apps.

Flight Search Engines- A Great Help
The basic aim of a flight search engine is to synchronize cheap flights information and ticket booking process at discounted prices for the benefits of travelers. That is why these search engines’ user interface is kept simpler so that traveling is merrier even for non-tech geeks.

Score Bigger Discounts on Your International Flights
International flight bookings are usually an expensive affair. And if you are ignorant about the right flight search engine, you will end up with huge bills on your flight tickets. The right search engine offers a few biggest discounts on flights without burning a big hole into your pocket.

Set an alert for the notification and unlock discounts and offers, which will flash on your desktop and mobile screen as soon as they are announced by the airlines.

Mobile apps of good travel search engines eliminate all the hustle and confusion with the travel agents. Now you would be updated with the latest coupons and offers floated by the airlines. So, you can easily schedule and reschedule your trip anytime according to your wishes.

See! Now flight ticket booking is economical than ever before. Technology bliss!

Even the booking process is so easy. It is continuously innovated to cut down the efforts.

User-friendly interface and easy flight comparison make booking child’s play and the payment much more convenient and secure.

The best budget options and customer support eases all the queries and doubts. Additionally, you can get the latest booking updates available on your mobile handset. All you have to do is download the app for the flight search engine you are using. It doubles your delight of cheap ways to travel in 2020.

Also, book cheap rental cars at your destination through these search engines.

Hurray, for all your traveling needs, you have pre-booking done at discounted prices!

You can book flight tickets through a travel search engine, Travelgooru.com, that instantly sought out international airlines as well as renowned international air passenger carriers. This is a search engine designed by I.T.I.T. professionals with many years of experience in this industry. It helps fetch you the best results instantly. And, your travel dream comes true with the least investment of time, effort, and money. This free global travel search engine provides its users with a one in all solution in order to find the best travel deals online in a very easy, efficient, fast, and secure way.

Benefits with This Search Engine
Compare prices from different websites on this single webpage and find tour travel deals at best and least prices. Now, cheap flights, hotels, car booking can be done saving anywhere up to 60% of your traveling cost.

There are no extra charges or hidden fees for getting your booking done through the portal.

“The price you see is exactly what you pay” is the motto here.

Searching and comparing deals from over 700 airline companies with one easy search, and you will lay your hands on best deals for flight booking.

Want Compensation For Your Flight Delays?
Make use of exceptional feature use on the search engine, AirHelp, that helps to know the exact compensation for flight delays that occurred to you in the last three years.

Now, calculate the claim for your flight delay, overbooked, or cancellation reasons. And ask for compensation from airlines responsible for the same. Just fill your date of departure and destination with the return date along with the number of passengers and search.

Whoa! You can make good your losses.

Explore simple yet effective tips for booking cheap flight tickets online that would work non-failing

Opting for the right flight search engine doesn’t guarantee cheap flight ticket booking to make your mission of cheap ways to travel in 2020, a great success story. Follow our suggestions to make sure that your search engine works in your utmost favor and get you the best prices for your flight booking:-

1) Search for the flights staying in incognito or private browsing mode as when you keep on searching for the same destination, and the flight prices tend to increase.

Role of A.I.A.I. in favor of airlines and ticket booking portals!

2) Make Sure the Flight Search Engine Is Best That Does Not Inflate Flight Costs
Do you know that the search engine takes cut from airlines on the bookings made through them? Yes, that is true, so invest proper time in finding out the best flight search engines for international flights such as kiwi.com, Momondo, airfare watchdogs and Skyscanner, etc. These search engines, with a few more options, display the best deals on flight tickets.

3) Try and Identify the Cheapest Days to Fly To Your Destination
Although various theories are available regarding the cheapest flying days, yet they are not appropriate and applicable to all flights. You have to be vigilant and keep an eye on the cheapest traveling days to your destination to save your hard-earned money.

4) Collect Your Flying Miles/Points To Fly Free
Renowned airlines offer travel rewards. You may invest in travel rewards credit cards and make the minimum spending as prescribed in the rule book. And nothing is going to stop you from landing with the major bonus points or rewards. Usually, these are sufficient to fetch your free flight ticket. Airline reward cards are a great asset when used wisely. Moreover, these credit cards can be used for everyday purchases, which will again add to your credit points.

5) Opt for Budget Airlines
You may save significantly opting for cheap air tickets rather than full-service counterparts. Undoubtedly, you have to compromise with some aspects such as a lesser leg room and no free drinks or food on-board.
But you can save through budget airlines only if you have a comprehensive list of these airlines in hand. Many of these airlines are plentiful, and there are a lot of fine prints that you must acknowledge before booking tickets with them.

6) Book Early
This is an age-old way to save on your flight tickets. Book at least 30 days before your flying date, and you can surely fly cheap to your destination, even in 2020.

A Roundup
If you are looking for cheap ways to travel in 2020, hope our suggestions that focus on the cheapest booking for flights possible, cheap hotel and rental car booking at your destination will provide you with an insight into the matter.

And you would know about the budget flying requirements and restrictions in a better mannerism.