2 - 10 Best Travel Hacks for Flying

10 Best Travel Hacks for Flying

Traveling is exciting, but getting through the airport can be a tedious experience. Do you find traveling and making travel arrangements stressful? Are you confused as to how to go about planning your journey? Never fear, Travel Gooru has got your back. With some strategic planning and adequate preparation, there are many ways to get through the airport quickly. Here are the 10 best travel hacks and tips to try the next time you travel by air.



The best way to travel is in twos or as a couple, if possible, because that way if you opt for the aisle and the window seat in a 3 seat configuration, it is highly likely that other people will forego the middle seat, which, in turn, will give you all the space and comfort possible, without having to share it with a random third person.



Let us be real for a second here, checking-in physically at the airport is nothing short of a nightmare, what with all the people and lines and queues that seem to go on forever, it can be quite exhausting. So, what do you do? Check-in online, of course! Web Check-in enables you to go straight to your gate without having to bother with checking-in at the check-in counter.



Another advantage of opting for web check-in is that you gain an edge over those who don’t check-in online in terms of picking the seats you want. Web check-in enables you to choose the seats you would like after consulting the seating plan made available online. Now, is that great or what?



Honestly, there are few things as dreary and draining as having to wait for your flight at the airport. So, if you have to wait, might as well make yourself comfortable. Getting a membership to an airport lounge not only gives you a respite from all the crowds and the commotion, but you also get a whole lot of other benefits such as Wi-Fi access, numerous power outlets to charge your devices, and complimentary snacks!



Air-travel can be extremely exhausting and uncomfortable, which is why you should do whatever you can to ensure even the slightest bit of comfort, and honestly, nothing screams ‘Comfort’ quite like a nice little care package of knick-knacks and snacks.



Getting hungry during travels is a very common phenomenon, but thankfully it is one you can avoid by ordering yourself a special meal. Don’t want to spend extra on airplane food? Don’t worry! Just make sure you pick a seat close to the front of the plane so that you are served first.



If you are someone who worries a lot about disturbing a stranger every time you need to go to the washroom, or being disturbed by some who needs to keep going in and out, it is best that you opt for the middle seat. 



A lot of airlines offer premium seats for a nominal fee. Premium seats give you more space and leg-room which is why we highly recommend that you do your homework before finalizing your seats. It could make all the difference in terms of how comfortable your journey turns out to be.



Luggage mix-ups are the absolute worst! The best way to stop such a problem from arising is by carrying luggage that is easily distinguishable. It will save you a lot of time and trouble.



We all know that plane fares fluctuate a lot, depending on the day and season which is why it is highly recommended that you set up a price alert on Travel Gooru. We are an online service that can help you keep track of airline fares and help you compare and choose the cheapest flight option available. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets with Travel Gooru and save big bucks on your next flight!

2 - Skiing in Lech Zürs am Arlberg – The Darling Winter Slopes of Austria

Skiing in Lech Zürs am Arlberg – The Darling Winter Slopes of Austria

Lech Zürs is located close to the border with Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany. During the winter season, the place turns into a stunning wonderland with beautiful mountain views, delicious Austrian delicacies, and slopes that have played host to numerous ski adventures through the years. 


The Lech Zürs has a 200 km descent and is popular for its vast nature. Since 2013, the place has been connected to the one in Warth-Schrocken with the addition of a huge cable car circuit, which means that you can now easily ski across two major areas in one accessible resort. 


Skiing in Lech Zürs am Arlberg definitely means upping the bet. Vorarlberg’s position on the northern rim of Europe means fresh snow in abundance and the slopes present more variety and may often need a slightly more advanced skill set and confidence. 


For the beginners out there, the snow instructors in Lech Zürs am Arlberg will assist in various activities like snowshoe hiking, telemark skiing, off-piste skiing, accompanied ski touring, and heli-skiing. 


Be a Santa Claus for a day and have fun on an adorable sleigh 

That’s right, you can experience what it’s like to be a Santa Claus for a day! Instead of eight reindeers, you’ll be accompanied by a couple of enchanting horses across the snow-covered plains of Lech Zürs am Arlberg. 


There are other options too for a one-day trip or a round-trip ride. Among the places, you’ll get to visit while on the adventure are Alpele, Zug Church, Klosterle, or Auerhahn restaurant. 


The rest stops and mountains huts set a little up high are picturesque and retain an air of seclusion. It’s the top end of ultimate ski luxury and the resort makes sure to keep it that way. There’s something about the size and accessibility that keeps this delicate balance in strong check. The slopes of Lech Zürs am Arlberg are a network of dreamy power trails against a crisp blue sky. Also, down below the alpine village packs quite the buzz. 


Master the basic jumps at the Arlberg Ice Skating rinks 

Inside the Hotel Jagdhaus Monzabon, you’ll come by the first and only air-conditioned ice rink in Europe that covers nearly 300 square meters of artificial ice. On the other hand, there’s a natural ice-skating rink in Zurs, Skating Rink Zurs, which is open and functional all days of the week except Saturday. The rink also offers a range of skate sizes to give everyone a chance to enjoy the sport. In addition, you can play hockey or go alpine curling at the natural skating rink while enjoying hot drinks, music, and a heated hut. 


Bars in the village buzz with the same atmosphere up high, and in such a small village that is mixed with seasonal returnees, you can easily jump on board with the homely feel where everyone feels welcomed.


Want to book yourself a Skiing trip to Lech Zürs am Arlberg? Wondering how to go about booking tickets and making reservations? Never fear, Travel Gooru is here! Find all the travel information you need and compare prices for hotels, flights, and car rentals. For more articles on traveling, visit our travel blog now!

38 - 10 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

10 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

If you are feeling quite overwhelmed by your day to day activities, we are here with an article that will help you plan your next vacation as a solo traveler. We at Travel Gooru have compiled a comprehensive list of ten best destinations when traveling solo. Keep reading as you are packing your bags for the next adventure. 


  1. New Zealand: This country is safe and interesting. There is a range of adventure activities in the southern part to choose from. The wine country is also to die for. 
  2. Portugal: This is a safe and affordable place to travel solo. With a lot of good hotels, you will feel right at home in this seaside town. The countryside is also mesmerizing.  
  3. Iceland: Iceland offers a range of tourist stops. From restaurants to galleries to the nightlife, this place is a go-to for all your needs. The night lights are another reason to visit this beautiful country.
  4. Sweden: If you are one of those who love biking and wish to see a splendid city on your bike, make sure you visit Sweden. In Sweden for just a little bit of money, you can rent a bike to tour the city. You also have the Nobel Prize Museum here amongst the various others that will take your breath away. 
  5. Malta: This is one of the best places to visit solo. With a population that is fluent in English, you won’t face a communication problem here. Small boats and tours to the Blue Hole is a must. Make sure you have the special fish delights of this area.
  6. Dominica: If you wish to spend your time out in the open in the great outdoors, you must choose Dominica. What makes this place special are the white sand beaches and the structures left from the colonial era that add to the beauty. 
  7. Ireland: If you want to indulge yourself on your solo trip into whiskey, green pastures, and folklore, you should visit Ireland.  With the city of Dublin and Galway serving as the Mecca for art and history, you will have a great time in this place. 
  8. Thailand: Thailand is known for its tourist friendliness. It’s lively, upbeat, and colorful. The beaches are also fantastic on top of the abundant rainforests. With yummy food, this is one of the best places to visit. 
  9. Singapore: This is one of the most popular places for travel. With so many beautiful temples and museums, you will have a great time in Singapore. The cultural aspect also makes it a go-to destination for many. 
  10. Costa Rica: Costa Rica offers a great experience in terms of natural beauty. You can take a hike or swoosh through zip lines. You will love to explore this wonderful place.  


Well, it can be daunting to step outside your comfort zone and plunge into the unknown. This is why we are here to assist you. At TravelGooru we will help you with all the logistics that precede international travel. We are here to make all your reservations, compare the costs of various flights and hotels to make sure that you get the best deal. We search, compare, and save on your travel expense. We were conceptualized by a team of experienced experts in the IT industry who have what it takes to go through the jargon of research that awaits anyone wishing to travel. Therefore, if you are planning to go for a solo trip, make sure you contact us now! 

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How To Use Coupon Code While Booking?
Usually, people surf travel search engines/sites for the air tickets information, but they usually don’t know how to look for the coupon codes that help to bring the lowest flight ticket fares to them. Moreover, they are confused about how to redeem the discount offered through these codes on these sites while making a booking.

All you have to do is make a booking and put/apply the coupon code provided online. And you will get the promised discount on your bookings. Coupon codes are available on the websites itself so, there is no need to look for them anywhere else (online).

Why Should Coupons Be Availed?

The advantage of using discount coupons is that you get rebates and awesome deals without any extra efforts or costs. Airline and travel sites bear the cost of the discount/s you avail when you book through the sites. You have to sit back and relax, saving on your bucks. The best travel booking sites ensure you save on every booking you made through them. This is done to promote the site and the airline amongst the travelers (either frequent or occasional). These discounts are perks to earn the loyalty of customers towards both- the site and the airline. With discounts as incentives, ticket buyers come back to the search engine to avail more discounts on their next travel trip.

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Promises Delivered By the Site
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Now let us explore a few more travel search sites (you make call them competitor sites), which can help you get discount coupons on travel packages and different online bookings done through them.

  • Booking.com – This is one of the most used travel websites on the internet, which is becoming popular for help booking all types of accommodations, be it apartments, resorts, Vilas, hostels, bed and breakfast options, guest house along with farms and boat kind of stuff too.
    Many other travel websites do not offer this variety of options. Few competitor sites for Booking.com that serve almost the same purpose include the names like Priceline, Travel Velocity, Expedia, Hotwire, and Orbitz.
  • Air BnB – This site can be used for the selection of places to stay during your multiday trips. Here your activities, meals, and stays are guided by local experts. Travelers can explore several accommodation options ranging from garden flats to luxurious hotel rooms.
  • Travelocity – This is one of the largest travel sites in the world. If you are not a frequent flyer and hence haven’t earned points/miles, Travelocity helps you fetch the best services, saving money on the overall cost of your trip. To believe the company’s data, people who combine even just their flight and hotel can save $525 on average. Isn’t it good enough!Make use of the mobile app of the site. It has a free app for Apple and Android handset users. The service from the site’s end is called Firewatcher. All you have to do is, fill in the information on the app about your destination. You will receive notifications regarding prices drop. The app monitors deals on desired locations for travelers’ benefit.
  • Airfarewatchdog – The site comes to the rescue of last-minute flyers. It is different from other travel sites as it monitors airline sites for sales and discounts they offer at the last minute before flying. The site employs real human resources that are continuously engaged in seeking out the best fares. You may refer to it as a personal travel shopper. The site performs the research work for you, and all you sit back and wait for the deals to rush in. To make your traveling experience money savior and if flying with the brand is not your call, Airfarewatchdog is all you should be hooked to for your airline booking requirements. Very possibly, you will end up with the “blooper” and “mea culpa” fares that result when an airline messes up.
  • Travel Advisor – You can use the services of Travel Advisor.com to book yourself flights and accommodation. The personal traveler reviews are an awesome aspect of the site through which you can select a better layout and get the real-life opinion on specific hotels, vacation destinations, and tour packages. This must-use resource (read reviews) and their upgraded mobile app helps travelers a lot.
    You can book on the best vacation packages, check out rental reviews, and get better deals using discount coupons of the site.
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  • HomeAway
    For your lodging needs, you can check out with HomeAway.com. This is a travel website that enables you to book vacation rentals properties anywhere in the world. This means you can save a lot of money by renting from property owners instead of booking with the hotel chains.
    Although the drawback is, several times, travelers come across bad experiences. So, please check reviews posted by users before choosing the accommodation.
    TravelZoo – This is a vacation package travel website that helps you to book everything from the single portal, including air tickets, accommodation, rental cars, packages, etc.
    This is a unique site in the sense that it has plenty of writers working with the site that keeps on researching the best new vacation packages deals. When you are not sure or confused with choosing your next travel destination, you can look for good and affordable ideas through this site. You can subscribe to the newsletter of the site, through which the site will send you ideas periodically and helps you stay updated.
  • Lonely planet – This is again a travel site that helps you book with flights, hotels, cars, and vacation packages. The site is famous for being the largest travel guide book publisher in the world.
    The guides from the site come in the form of books which you can purchase from the website itself. There are plenty of articles from professional writers in the books which would greatly assist you if you are an avid traveler.
    Viator – This is a TripAdvisor company. Both companies work collectively for travelers’ benefit. Through this website, you can book sightseeing tours, activities in which you can participate, and also the professional guides available with the tour organizing companies, all from the single webpage.
    Points.com – This is free to join service that allows travelers to manage their loyalty points/miles from all the different programs. Travelers earn points/miles using a variety of airlines and staying with different hotel chains. These points system is run by airlines and hotels under their loyalty programs. Sometimes it takes longer to earn enough of these points to get them redeemed for freebies. Here Point.com’s role begins. Using this site, you have the option of buying the few points/ miles so that you can make up for your short reward points. Also, you make sell/ trade-off these rewards, which you think are no longer useful for you. The site keeps on updating with new bonus points promotion for its clients’ benefits.

Now that we know where to book cheap flight tickets from (online sources), here are few tips for booking cheap flight tickets.

A Few Must-Follow Tips Are: –
Booking through a travel website is usually lucrative when you book your entire vacation that includes car, hotel, and airfare bookings. The travel/ vacation packages on offer on the sides can save a lot of your headache and money. But in case you want to book a single aspect of your trip, maybe a car only, just a hotel or air tickets, in such a scenario it is better to book directly with the specific hotel or the car rental company or the airline official website. The reason being, in such case prices, are different, and you can search better deals directly through the company’s websites as they offer coupon codes and promotions on their websites.

Make sure to compare airfare on the exact airline flight website to cross-check for the better deal that you are getting on the travel website. But usually, you will fetch better deals on travel websites.

The same could be the case with hotel booking and booking rental cars. Patch up of travel websites with the hotels and car rental companies make room for cost-effectiveness for travelers.

It is the usual belief that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book cheap flight tickets. The reason being airlines often announce economic flight price deals on Monday evenings. By Tuesday noon, other airlines in a rush to match up those deals reduce airfares. But in recent studies conducted tickets purchased on the weekend are priced lower on an average. So, the rule is – “If no deals are going on airline tickets, bought on the weekend. The day to fly makes a considerable difference.”

The first flight of the day usually referred to as red-eye flights or any flight that coincides with lunchtime or dinner, can fetch the best deals on air tickets. You can fly, paying less.

Club the tips with discount codes, and there you can fly for even lesser!

I hope the information provided will help you use travel search sites more precisely. To make your traveling more economical, budget-friendly, and better experience than before be inclined towards using the technology at your disposal.

Go and try these best and the most popular travel websites which you can surf easily on the internet and cover up all your location and travel needs through them.

30 - How to Travel the World Living Out of a Backpack

How to Travel the World Living Out of a Backpack

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘travel light’ had probably never envisaged a person travelling, and the world no less, so light that they end up living out of a backpack. But no matter what anyone says, travelling the world out of a backpack is definitely a huge learning experience – one which takes a lot of courage. A lot of experienced backpackers recommend that everyone must have this experience at least once in their lifetime.

So, if you are looking for some adventure in your life which involves travelling the world living out of a backpack but have not the first clue as to how to go about it, then don’t worry since that is exactly what we are going to be talking about – how to travel the world living out of a backpack. So, read along and start jotting down the important points!

Prepare a List of Things

First things firsts, it is very important that you prepare a list of all the basic essentials which you will be needing to have a proper ‘living out of backpack’ experience. Typically, your list should include the following:

  • Getting yourself a bag!

The very first thing that your list should mention is getting yourself the right bag. Remember, when buying the right bag for backpacking, it needs to be the right combination of light yet sturdy

  • Recognize all the gadgets you will need

Depending on where you are travelling, you must carry all the necessary gadgets. This may include the universal travel adaptor, locks for your luggage etc.

  • Clothes and other items 

When deciding what clothes to keep, your mantra should be ‘less is more.’ During this process, it is best to ask yourself the question ‘will I even look at it during my travels?’ if your answers range from no to maybe, then that article of clothing should not make your list.

Rules to follow when you live out of a backpack

  • Best to leave space

When travelling out of a backpack, it is highly recommended that your backpack isn’t full to the brim. It is best to travel light and leave space for all the things you may collect during your travels.

  • Remember to have a ‘day bag’

Always keep a small day bag with you handy, just in case you feel like exploring the town you are staying in without having the weight of your travel backpack weighing you down.

  • Be organized

This is the most important rule of backpacking around the world – be extremely organized. Your organization skills will be the only things that will help you during your globetrotting travels.

If you want access to reviews about all the places you can visit, the hotels you can stay in or the cars you can rent – all of which available at a budget friendly – then Travel Gooru has all this and much more! So, go check out Travel Gooru right away!