I think I have been overcharged

The prices you see on TravelGooru.com are taken directly from the supplier, e.g. an online travel agent, the hotel’s own site, or the airline’s site. We ask our suppliers to provide prices that include all mandatory fees and surcharges.

Once you are redirected to the supplier’s website to complete the booking, all information, including prices, are updated and displayed. It is always a good idea to double-check that all information, including the price, is correct before you confirm and pay for your booking. Sometimes, the final price may have changed depending on whether you have added different optional extras offered by the supplier, such as baggage or travel insurance.

Airlines and online travel agencies should always offer at least one free payment option, but they may charge additional fees for using others. As you always have at least one way to avoid these credit card fees, we do not include these fees in our prices that we display.

If you believe that you have been overcharged, we recommend you contact the supplier with whom you booked directly, as TravelGooru.com does not have access to your booking information.

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