What is included in the prices displayed on TravelGooru.com?

We do our best to include all mandatory fees and surcharges (fees that cannot be deselected) in the prices we display. Sometimes the travel suppliers do not communicate us all fees or there are technical issues creating inaccuracies in the prices displayed. Therefore, we advise you to always check the final price on the booking page. Our goal is to create as much transparency in prices as possible and we’re constantly working on making the prices more transparent.

We display overviews of some non-mandatory fees and surcharges which the different providers (hotel, airline or car rental company) add to their prices. These overviews are shown together with the specific provider and we aim to display a list of fees for each provider shown on our site.

If you have any questions regarding what is included in the price or not, please contact the airline or the online travel agency with whom you booked or are planning to book. If you find an error in our estimate of additional charges, we would love to hear it.

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