Where is my booking confirmation?

As a free global travel search engine, TravelGooru.com does not have any information about your booking details or your booking confirmation.

If you haven’t yet received a booking confirmation from the supplier you have made your booking with, we suggest you do the following:
Check your spam or trash email folders as sometimes unrecognized messages can end up here rather than in your inbox
If you still don’t find your confirmation email, you should contact the supplier with whom you booked, as only they have access to your booking information

If you are uncertain or can’t remember who you made your booking with, we suggest that you check your bank statement as this, in most cases, should have the name of the supplier next to the charge. You may also be able to find the supplier by checking your internet browser history for the day you made your booking. Alternatively, you can try recreating your search on TravelGooru.com to try and identify the supplier with whom you made your booking.

Please bear in mind that most tickets are issued within 24 hours. However, some suppliers may take longer, which is why checking with the supplier directly is the only option.

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